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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-906122-01-0Chris MannThe Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon Flies
  ''978-1-906122-02-7Sean FrainWillie Irving: Terrierman, Huntsman and Lakelander
  ''978-1-906122-03-4Laurence CatlowThat Strange Alchemy: Pheasants, Trout and a Middle-Aged Man
  ''978-1-906122-04-1BbThe Naturalist's Bedside Book
  ''978-1-906122-05-8Roger PenwillThe Countryside Cartoon Joke Book
2009978-1-906122-06-5A.E. HousmanA Shropshire Lad
2009978-1-906122-07-2Catherine BuckleInnocent Victims: Rescuing the Stranded Animals of Zimbabwe's Farm Invasions
  ''978-1-906122-08-9Maynard DaviesManual of a Traditional Bacon Curer
  ''978-1-906122-09-6Hugh CranAnd Miles to go Before I Sleep
  ''978-1-906122-10-2Peter O'ReillyRivers of Ireland: A Flyfisher's Guide
  ''978-1-906122-11-9John CowanAdvice from a Gamekeeper
2010978-1-906122-12-6BB · Denys Watkins-PitchfordThe Best of BB
2010978-1-906122-18-8Julie Bruton-Seal · Matthew SealKitchen Medicine: Household Remedies for Common Ailments and Domestic Emergencies
  ''978-1-906122-19-5Bob BurrowsIt Happened in Shropshire
  ''978-1-906122-20-1Peter LapsleyPocket Guide to Matching the Hatch
  ''978-1-906122-21-8Leon LinksTying Flies with CDC: The Fisherman's Miracle Feather
  ''978-1-906122-22-5James WilliamsThe Otter
2010978-1-906122-23-2Sean FrainHunting in the Lake District
  ''978-1-906122-24-9Douglas ButlerWild Duck and Their Pursuit
  ''978-1-906122-25-6Roger EvansOver the Farmer's Gate
2011978-1-906122-27-0Tristan WoodHow to Watch a Bullfight
  ''978-1-906122-28-7Ian BarnettThe Airgun Hunter's Year: From Dawn to Dusk Throughout the Seasons
  ''978-1-906122-29-4Rodger McPhailThe Private Life of Adders
2011978-1-906122-32-4Tony BawsFishing with Harry: A Tale of Piscatorial Mayhem
  ''978-1-906122-34-8Michael BrownMoonlighting: Tales and Misadventures of a Working Life with Eels
  ''978-1-906122-35-5Conor FarringtonA Countryman's Creel: The Remarkable, the Heart-rending, the Intriguing, the Almost Unbelievable Short Stories
  ''978-1-906122-36-2Alexander SchwabMushrooming with Confidence
2012978-1-906122-38-6Dominic GarnettFlyfishing for Coarse Fish
  ''978-1-906122-39-3Malcolm GreenhalghIt Happened in Lancashire
2012978-1-906122-41-6Diggory HadokeThe British Boxlock Gun & Rifle
  ''978-1-906122-42-3Theo PikeTrout in Dirty Places: 50 Rivers to Fly-fish for Trout and Grayling in the UK's Town and City Centres
  ''978-1-906122-44-7David EdelstonHoof-beats Through My Heart: A Life Shared with Horses
  ''978-1-906122-45-4Chris MannThe Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon Flies
2013978-1-906122-49-2John Symonds · Philip MaherFlycasting Skills: for Beginner and Expert
2014978-1-906122-51-5Julie Bruton-Seal · Matthew SealThe Herbalist's Bible: John Parkinson's Lost Classic Rediscovered
2013978-1-906122-54-6Steve PalinA Murmuration of Starlings: The Collective Nouns of Animals and Birds
  ''978-1-906122-60-7John MasefieldRight Royal
2014978-1-906122-63-8John SymondsHow to Flyfish: From Newcomer to Improver
2015978-1-906122-96-6Jose SoutoVenison: The Game Larder
2015978-1-906122-97-3Hugh CranPromises to Keep: A British Vet in Africa
  ''978-1-906122-98-0Jill MasonThe Rabbit