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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-906015-00-8Tommy RobinsonMIG Crew. The Story of Luton's MIG Crew As Told From the Sharp End of Football's Frontline
  ''978-1-906015-01-5Steve Cowens · Anthony CronshawDivide of the Steel City: Blade Versus Owl
  ''978-1-906015-04-6Martin KerrHome Fans Only!: The Away Supporters Pub Guide
  ''978-1-906015-05-3Clifford Stott · Geoff PearsonFootball ''Hooliganism'', Policing and the War on the ''English Disease''
  ''978-1-906015-06-0Brian BeltonScottish International Football Miscellany
2007978-1-906015-07-7Brian BeltonLewis Hamilton: A Dream Comes True
  ''978-1-906015-08-4John O'KaneCeltic Soccer Crew: What the Hell do we Care (Pennant Books Ltd)
  ''978-1-906015-09-1Charlie MagriChampagne Charlie
  ''978-1-906015-10-7Colin Stagg · Ted HyndsPariah: Colin Stagg
  ''978-1-906015-11-4Brian Belton""BROWN OUT"": The Biography of West Ham Chairmen, Terence Brown
2007978-1-906015-12-1Cass Pennant and Andy Nicholls30 YEARS OF HURT: A History of England's Hooligan Army
  ''978-1-906015-13-8Richard La RuinaThe Natural Art of Seduction: Secrets of Success With Women
2008978-1-906015-14-5Clarkson · WensleyBilly Hill: Godfather of London
  ''978-1-906015-15-2Brian BeltonTeddy Baldock: The Pride of Poplar: 1
  ''978-1-906015-17-6Carol Anne DavisYouthful Prey: Child Predators Who Kill: 1
2009978-1-906015-19-0Terry SmithBlaggers Inc. - Britain s Biggest Armed Robberies: 1
  ''978-1-906015-20-6Jon Cole · Benjamin ColeMartyrdom: Radicalisation and Terrorist Violence among British Muslims: 1
2009978-1-906015-21-3Laurence Alison · Marie EyreKiller in The Shadows: The Monstrous Crimes of Robert Napper: 1
2008978-1-906015-23-7Brian BeltonThe Queens Park Rangers Miscellany: 1
  ''978-1-906015-24-4   ''Birth of the Blues - Chelsea, the First Decade: 1
  ''978-1-906015-25-1   ''Anfield Rising - Liverpool: the First Decade - from Lancashire League to League Champions: 1
2010978-1-906015-26-8   ''Red Dawn - Manchester United, in the beginning: From Newton Heath: 1
2008978-1-906015-27-5   ''The First Gunners - Arsenal, From Plumstead to Highbury: 1
978-1-906015-29-9Men Who Make Chemistry
2008978-1-906015-30-5Francesca Amber SawyerWag Don't Wannabe - The smart girl's guide to dating a footballer
  ''978-1-906015-34-3Giles Vickers-JonesThe Best Day Of My Life - True Stories to Inspire, Move and Entertain: True Stories to Inspire, Move and Entertain - Told by a Cross-section of the UK's Celebrities and Courageous Everyday People
2009978-1-906015-37-4Carol Anne DavisParents Who Kill: Murderers of Newborn, Pre-Teen and Teenage Children
  ''978-1-906015-38-1Ian HoughPerry Boys Abroad: The Ones Who Got Away
2009978-1-906015-40-4Garry Bushell1001 Reasons Why Eastenders is Pony!
  ''978-1-906015-41-1Tommy RobinsonMIG Crew
  ''978-1-906015-43-5Wensley ClarksonBilly Hill: Godfather of London
  ''978-1-906015-44-2Steve Pitts39 Days of Gazza
  ''978-1-906015-46-6Andy Fordham · Humfrey HunterAndy Fordham - The Viking
2009978-1-906015-48-0Garry BushellThe Book of Outrageous TV Goofs (Book of Outrageous ...)
  ''978-1-906015-49-7Laurence Alison and Marie EyreKiller in the Shadows: The Monstrous Crimes of Robert Napper
2010978-1-906015-52-7Gary ToddWorkouts from Boxing's Greatest Champs II: 2
  ''978-1-906015-53-4Annis Abraham Jnr.Diary of the Real Soul Crew - The Complete Chronicles
  ''978-1-906015-54-1Maria CostelloMaria Costello - Queen of Bikers
  ''978-1-906015-68-8Andy Fordham · Humfrey HunterAndy Fordham - The Viking
2010978-1-906015-99-2Kezia Noble15 Steps to Becoming a Master Seducer