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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-905887-00-2Graham TomlinThe Prodigal Spirit: The Trinity, the Church and the Future of the World
2013978-1-905887-01-9Ken CostaGod at Work: Living every day with purpose
2007978-1-905887-02-6Nicky Lee · Sila LeeReady for Marriage?
2011978-1-905887-07-1Alpha InternationalAlpha Course Guest Manual: Camouflage Desert Style
2019978-1-905887-09-5Nicky GumbelWhy Easter?
2010978-1-905887-19-4Nicky GumbelIs God a Delusion?: What is the Evidence?
2011978-1-905887-20-0Nicky Lee · Sila LeeThe Marriage Course: Guest Manual
  ''978-1-905887-22-4Alpha InternationalGod at Work Course Leaders' Guide
2008978-1-905887-27-9Nicky GumbelChallenging Lifestyle: Series 1 Guest Manual
2010978-1-905887-35-4Michael LloydCafe Theology
  ''978-1-905887-36-1Nicky Lee · Sila LeeThe Parenting Book
2009978-1-905887-39-2   ''The Marriage Book
2011978-1-905887-47-7   ''Marriage Preparation Course Guest Manual 2009
1994978-1-905887-78-1Nicky GumbelSearching Issues: The Seven Most Common Questions Raised On The Alpha Course
2011978-1-905887-79-8   ''A Life Worth Living (Alpha Course)
2010978-1-905887-82-8   ''Questions of Life (Alpha Course)
2010978-1-905887-83-5Nicky GumbelQuestions of Life: Alpha Course
  ''978-1-905887-84-2   ''The Jesus Lifestyle (Alpha Course)