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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-905828-08-1Jed SmithLittle Book of English Rugby (Little Books)
  ''978-1-905828-14-2The Love Pack (Book & DVD Gift Pack)
  ''978-1-905828-17-3Philip RabyGrand Prix Driver by Driver
  ''978-1-905828-18-0Michael HeatleyFootball Book and DVD Gift Pack (Book & DVD Gift Pack)
2008978-1-905828-19-7Charlotte MorganLittle Book of Camper Van (Little Books)
2007978-1-905828-22-7Michael HeatleyLittle Book of Football (Little Books)
  ''978-1-905828-24-1Jon StroudLittle Book of TT (Little Books)
2007978-1-905828-26-5Andrew StraussThe Cricketers' Who's Who 2007
  ''978-1-905828-29-6Ian RobertsonSweet Chariot 2: The Complete Book of the Rugby World Cup 2007 (General Books)
  ''978-1-905828-37-1Paul MorganLittle Book of Rugby World Cup (Little Books)
2008978-1-905828-39-5John WilsonSixty Years A Fisherman: The Autobiography of John Wilson (Autobiography/Personalities)
  ''978-1-905828-46-3Andy HowellLittle Book of Welsh Rugby (Little Books)
  ''978-1-905828-50-0Graeme KentLittle Book of the Six Nations (Little Books)
2007978-1-905828-53-1Justin Langer · Steve HarmisonAshes Frontline: The Ashes War Diaries of Steve Harmison and Justin Langer (Autobiography/Personalities)
2007978-1-905828-59-3David CurnockThe Royal Air Force: The Memorabilia Collection (General Books)
  ''978-1-905828-60-9Clive GroomBritish Steam: The Memorabilia Collection
  ''978-1-905828-68-5David ClaytonDVD Book of Manchester City (DVD Books)
  ''978-1-905828-69-2Ian WelchDVD Book of Aston Villa (DVD Books)
  ''978-1-905828-70-8Ian Welch · Claire WelchDVD Book of Everton (DVD Books)
2007978-1-905828-72-2David CurnockCrooner Legends
2009978-1-905828-86-9   ''Little Book of Concorde 40th Anniversary (Little Books)
2007978-1-905828-87-6Philip RabyLittle Book of Aston Martin (Little Books)
  ''978-1-905828-88-3Jon StroudLittle Book of MG (Little Books)
  ''978-1-905828-90-6Claire Welch · Ian Welch · Mike HobbsLittle Book of Take That (Little Books)
  ''978-1-905828-93-7John Wilson1001 Top Angling Tips (Autobiography/Personalities)
  ''978-1-905828-94-4Ian WelchDVD Book Man Utd (DVD Books)
2007978-1-905828-95-1Michael Heatley · Ian WelchThe DVD Book of Arsenal
  ''978-1-905828-96-8Claire WelchLittle Book of Abba
  ''978-1-905828-97-5Michael HeatleyDVD Book of Liverpool (DVD Books)
2008978-1-905828-98-2Martin GodlemanDVD Book of West Ham (DVD Books)