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2007978-1-905641-01-7William AdamsBase Metals
  ''978-1-905641-04-8Peter TempleThe Investor's Toolbox, 2nd Edition: How to Use Spread Betting, CFDs, Options, Warrants and Trackers to Boost Returns and Reduce Risk
2006978-1-905641-06-2Sally NicollBets and the City: Sally Nicoll's spread betting diary
  ''978-1-905641-08-6Stephen EckettThe UK Stock Market Almanac 2007
  ''978-1-905641-11-6Jonathan Davis · Anthony BoltonInvesting with Anthony Bolton: The anatomy of a stock market winner: The Anatomy of a Stock Market Phenomenon
2007978-1-905641-13-0Brian MarberMarber on Markets: How to make money from charts
  ''978-1-905641-14-7Nicolas SarkozyTestimony: The English Version of the Bestselling Temoignage
2007978-1-905641-16-1Wiz WhartonHow to Have a Baby on eBay: Your One Stop Shopping Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
  ''978-1-905641-17-8Chris DillowThe End of Politics: New Labour and the Folly of Managerialism
  ''978-1-905641-18-5Richard FarleighTaming the Lion: 100 Secret Strategies for Investing
  ''978-1-905641-19-2Grace Cheng7 Winning Strategies for Trading Forex: Real and Actionable Techniques for Profiting from the Currency Markets
  ''978-1-905641-21-5Michael KahnA Beginner's Guide to Charting Financial Markets: A practical introduction to technical analysis for investors
2007978-1-905641-22-2Philip Jenks · Stephen EckettThe Harriman Book Of Investing Rules: Collected wisdom from the world's top 150 investors: Invaluable Advice from 150 Master Investors (Harriman Rules)
  ''978-1-905641-23-9John PiperBinary Betting: An Introductory Guide to Making Money with Binary Bets
  ''978-1-905641-24-6Sam Griffiths-JonesThe Nurikabe Book: An Introduction with 101 Puzzle
  ''978-1-905641-26-0Adam SmithWealth of Nations
2009978-1-905641-27-7Conor FoleyInsider's Guide to Spread Betting: The Truth About Spread Betting and the Strategies That You Need to Succeed
2007978-1-905641-30-7Robert HarneisSegolene Royal: A Biography
  ''978-1-905641-31-4Iain Dale500 of the Most Witty, Acerbic and Erudite Things Ever Said About Politics
2007978-1-905641-32-1Iain Dale · Guido FawkesThe Big Red Book of New Labour Sleaze
  ''978-1-905641-33-8Nick InmanPolitipedia: A Compendium of Useful and Curious Facts About British Politics
2013978-1-905641-34-5Lionel ZetterThe Political Campaigning Handbook: Real life lessons from the front line
2007978-1-905641-38-3Robert PugheBay Q&A: 200 of the most asked questions about eBay.co.uk
  ''978-1-905641-40-6Luke JohnsonThe Maverick: Dispatches from an Unrepentant Capitalist
2010978-1-905641-41-3Paul V. AzzopardiBehavioural Technical Analysis: An introduction to behavioural finance and its role in technical analysis: A Practical Guide to Behavioural Finance and Its Uses in Explaining Technical Analysis
2008978-1-905641-42-0Edmund Tirbutt · Helen TirbuttBeat the Booze: A Comprehensive Guide to Combating Drink Problems in All Walks of Life
2009978-1-905641-43-7David James NormanCFDs: The Definitive Guide to Trading Contracts for Difference
2007978-1-905641-44-4Ross ClarkThe Road to Southend Pier: One Man's Struggle Against the Surveillance Society
  ''978-1-905641-45-1Rodney HobsonShares Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market
  ''978-1-905641-47-5Joe KolmanNaked Option
2007978-1-905641-48-2Matthew Elliott · Lee RotherhamThe Bumper Book of Government Waste 2008: Brown's Squandered Billions
  ''978-1-905641-49-9Stephen EckettThe UK Stock Market Almanac 2008: Seasonality Analysis and Studies of Market Anomalies to Give You an Edge in the Year Ahead
  ''978-1-905641-51-2Robbie BurnsThe Naked Trader: How Anyone Can Make Money Trading Shares
  ''978-1-905641-52-9Victor DeVilliers · Owen TaylorDeVilliers and Taylor on Point and Figure Charting
2008978-1-905641-53-6Hamish RawBinary Options: Fixed Odds Financial Bets
2007978-1-905641-54-3Philip Beresford · William D. RubinsteinThe Richest of the Rich: The Wealthiest 250 People in Britain Since 1066
2008978-1-905641-55-0Michael CoulsonAn Insider's Guide to the Mining Sector: How to Make Money from Gold and Mining Shares
2007978-1-905641-56-7Ross ClarkHow to Label a Goat: The Silly Rules and Regulations That Are Strangling Britain
  ''978-1-905641-57-4Russell NapierAnatomy of the Bear: Lessons from Wall Street's Four Great Bottoms
2007978-1-905641-59-8Theodore DalrympleJunk Medicine: Doctors, Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy
2008978-1-905641-60-4George BlakeyA History of the London Stock Market 1945-2007
2009978-1-905641-61-1Steve WardHigh Performance Trading: 35 Practical Strategies and Techniques To Enhance Your Trading Psychology and Performance
2008978-1-905641-63-5Greg GordonThe Progambler Good Tipster Guide
2007978-1-905641-64-2Iain DaleThe Little Book of Boris
2008978-1-905641-66-6Robin Griffiths · William HoustonWater: The Final Resource: How the Politics of Water Will Affect the World
  ''978-1-905641-67-3Francis GrovesCorporate Actions - A Concise Guide: An Introduction to Securities Events
  ''978-1-905641-68-0Emma JonesSpare Room Start Up: How to Start a Business from Home
  ''978-1-905641-69-7Lionel ZetterLobbying: The Art of Political Persuasion
2009978-1-905641-71-0John PiperBinary Trading: Profitable strategies for binary betting: An Advanced Guide to Making Money with Binary Bets
2008978-1-905641-72-7Shirley ClarksonBearly Believable: My Part in the Paddington Bear Story
  ''978-1-905641-73-4Gary FordSystems Trading for Spread Betting: An end-to-end guide for developing spread betting systems
2009978-1-905641-74-1Clive LambertCandlestick Charts: An introduction to using candlestick charts
2009978-1-905641-75-8Heinrich Weber · Stephan MeierThe Ultra High Net Worth Banker's Handbook
2008978-1-905641-77-2Nick Antill · Kenneth LeeCompany Valuation Under IFRS: Interpreting and Forecasting Accounts Using International Financial Reporting Standards
  ''978-1-905641-78-9Rodney HobsonSmall Companies, Big Profits: How to Make Money Investing in Small Companies
2009978-1-905641-79-6Emilio Tomasini · Urban JaekleTrading Systems: A new approach to system development and portfolio optimisation
2008978-1-905641-80-2Brian WaltersThe Fall of Northern Rock
  ''978-1-905641-82-6Michelle BaltazarThe Beginner's Guide to Financial Spread Betting: Step-by-step instructions and winning strategies
2009978-1-905641-84-0Malcolm Pryor7 Charting Tools for Spread Betting: A practical guide to making money from spread betting with technical analysis
2008978-1-905641-85-7George CooperThe Origin of Financial Crises: Central banks, credit bubbles and the efficient market fallacy
2009978-1-905641-90-1Malcolm PryorThe Fast Investor: Trading Techniques for Active Investors
2008978-1-905641-91-8Jim SlaterThe Zulu Principle: Making Extraordinary Profits from Ordinary Shares (Harriman Modern Classics)
2009978-1-905641-93-2David BennettDay Trading Grain Futures: A practical guide to trading for a living (Na)
  ''978-1-905641-94-9Peter HargreavesIn for a Penny: A Business Adventure
2008978-1-905641-95-6Stephen EckettHarriman's Money Miscellany
  ''978-1-905641-97-0Peter CooperOpportunity Dubai: Making a Fortune in the Middle East
2009978-1-905641-98-7Professor Graham RichardsSpin-outs: Creating Businesses from University Intellectual Property