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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-905582-02-0John HopkinsGolf Wales
  ''978-1-905582-04-4David WilliamsAbout North Wales (About Wales Pocket) (About Wales Pocket S.)
  ''978-1-905582-05-1David WilliamsAbout Mid Wales (About Wales Pocket) (About Wales Pocket S.)
  ''978-1-905582-06-8   ''About South West Wales (About Wales Pocket) (About Wales Pocket S.)
  ''978-1-905582-07-5   ''About South East Wales (About Wales Pocket) (About Wales Pocket S.)
2008978-1-905582-10-5Davies GilliCeltic Cuisine: An illustrated book on traditional and contemporary Celtic recipes
2009978-1-905582-11-2Colin PressdeeFood Wales Eating Out Guide
2007978-1-905582-13-6Michael DaviesDiscovering Welsh Houses
2008978-1-905582-15-0Colin PressdeeFood Wales - a second helping
2008978-1-905582-16-7Andy DaviesCoastline Wales
2009978-1-905582-17-4Andy DaviesCoastline Wales
  ''978-1-905582-18-1   ''Coastline Wales
2011978-1-905582-19-8   ''Coast Wales (Pocket Wales)
2009978-1-905582-20-4Stephen AndertonDiscovering Welsh Gardens
2008978-1-905582-26-6Peter GillCastles of Wales (Pocket Wales)
  ''978-1-905582-28-0Rhodri OwenMountain Wales (Pocket Wales)
2010978-1-905582-33-4Judith OakleySeashore Safaris
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2011978-1-905582-47-1Colin PressdeeFood Wales Eating Out Guide: Colin Pressdee Selects and Reviews Over 200 of the Best Places to Eat in This Second Edition
2012978-1-905582-49-5Archie MilesHeritage Trees Wales
2011978-1-905582-51-8Gilli DaviesFlavours of Wales: Explore Traditional Welsh Produce and Cooking with Some of Wales' Best-loved Recipes
  ''978-1-905582-56-3Colin PressdeeLondon Oyster Guide
2012978-1-905582-75-4Archie MilesHeritage Trees Wales Calendar 2013