SeaSquirt Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-905470-00-6David HughesJimJAZZ Mouse and the W W W (Eco and Technology) (Eco and Technology S.)
2005978-1-905470-03-7David HughesJimJAZZ Mouse and Thomas Tuba (Woodwind and Brass) (Woodwind and Brass S.)
  ''978-1-905470-07-5   ''JimJAZZ Mouse and Barney Banjo (Strings and Piano) (Strings and Piano S.)
2007978-1-905470-08-2   ''JimJAZZ Mouse and Debbie Double Bass (Strings and Piano) (Strings and Piano S.)
2005978-1-905470-09-9   ''JimJAZZ Mouse and Brianna Piano (Strings and Piano) (Strings and Piano S.)
  ''978-1-905470-10-5   ''JimJAZZ Mouse and Veronica Violin (Strings and Piano) (Strings and Piano S.)
2007978-1-905470-18-1David Pierce HughesThe One Tree
  ''978-1-905470-20-4David Pierce HughesThe One Sea: Voices from the Deep
2011978-1-905470-30-3David Hughes · Gill DaviesArduous Arthur's Christmas
  ''978-1-905470-32-7David Hughes · Gill DaviesArduous Arthur: A Knight in Shining 'Jamas