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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905460-00-7Kenneth Grahame · Michel PlessixWind in the Willows, The Vol.1: The Wild Wood
  ''978-1-905460-01-4Kenneth Grahame · Michel PlessixThe Wind in the Willows: v. 2: Badger, Toad and the Motorcar
  ''978-1-905460-02-1   ''The Wind in the Willows: v. 3: The Great Escape
  ''978-1-905460-03-8   ''The Wind in the Willows: v. 4: Panic at Toad Hall (Classic Tales)
  ''978-1-905460-04-5"Derib" · "Job"Yakari and Great Eagle: v. 1
2005978-1-905460-05-2Erica Jeffrey · JobYakari and the White Buffalo
  ''978-1-905460-06-9Turk · De GrootClifton Vol.1: My Dear Wilkinson (Clifton S.)
  ''978-1-905460-07-6Turk · De GrootClifton Vol.2: The Laughing Thief: v. 2
2017978-1-905460-08-3De GrootClifton Vol.3: 7 Days to Die: v. 3
2006978-1-905460-09-0JobYakari and the Beavers: v. 3
  ''978-1-905460-10-6Olivier Cadic · Francois GheysensQueen Margot Vol.1: The Age of Innocence: The Age of Innocence v. 1
  ''978-1-905460-11-3GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.1 Billy the Kid (Lucky Luke Adventure)
2006978-1-905460-12-0GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.2: Ghost Town: 02 (Lucky Luke Adventure)
  ''978-1-905460-13-7   ''Lucky Luke Vol.3: Dalton City (Lucky Luke Adventure)
  ''978-1-905460-14-4   ''Jesse James (Lucky Luke Adventure S.)
2011978-1-905460-15-1ZidrouDucoboo Vol.1: King Of The Dunces
2006978-1-905460-16-8Derib · Erica JeffreyYakari Vol.4: Yakari and the Grizzly: 04
2007978-1-905460-17-5Morris · GoscinnyIn the Shadow of the Derricks: v. 5 (Lucky Luke Adventure S.)
  ''978-1-905460-18-2GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.6: Ma Dalton: v. 6 (Lucky Luke Adventure)
  ''978-1-905460-19-9Olivier Cadic · Francois GheysensQueen Margot: Bloody Wedding v. 2
2007978-1-905460-21-2Edgar P. JacobsThe Adventures of Blake and Mortimer: The Yellow "M" v. 1 (Adventures of Blake & Mortimer)
  ''978-1-905460-22-9B. Asso · J. RideauBiggles Recounts: Falklands War
  ''978-1-905460-23-6Jean Van Hamme · RosinskiThorgal Vol.1: Child of the Stars
  ''978-1-905460-24-3Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.7: Barbed Wire on the Prairie (Lucky Luke Adventure S.)
  ''978-1-905460-25-0Morris · GoscinnyCalamity Jane (Lucky Luke Adventure)
2007978-1-905460-26-7ZidrouDucoboo Vol.2: In the Corner!: v. 2
  ''978-1-905460-27-4JobYAKARI AND THE STRANGER: 05
2008978-1-905460-29-8JobYakari in the Land of Wolves
2007978-1-905460-30-4De GrootClifton-black Moon: v. 4 (Clifton)
2017978-1-905460-31-1Van HammeThorgal Vol.2: The Three Elders of Aran: 02
2007978-1-905460-32-8Roger LeloupYoko Tsuno Vol.1: On the Edge of Life: 01
2017978-1-905460-33-5Beka · PoupardRugger Boys, The Vol.1: Why Are We Here Again?
2007978-1-905460-35-9De GieterPAPYRUS: THE REVENGE OF RAMSES: 01
  ''978-1-905460-36-6Follet · DuchateauFascinating Madame Tussaud, The (Expresso Collection)
  ''978-1-905460-37-3Edgar P. JacobsBLAKE & MORTIMER: THE MYSTERY OF THE GREAT PYRAMID VOL.1: Mystery of the Great Pyramid Pt. 1 (Adventures of Blake & Mortimer)
2008978-1-905460-38-0   ''Blake & Mortimer Vol.3: The Mystery of the Great Pyramid: Mystery of the Great Pyramid Pt. 2 (Adventures of Blake & Mortimer)
  ''978-1-905460-39-7B. AssoBiggles Recounts: Battle of Britain
  ''978-1-905460-40-3Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol. 9: The Wagon Train (Lucky Luke Adventure)
2008978-1-905460-41-0Olivier Cadic · Francois Gheysens · DerenneQueen Margot Vol.3: Endangered Love: Endangered Love v. 3
  ''978-1-905460-43-4Roger LeloupYoko Tsuno Vol.2: The Time Spiral
  ''978-1-905460-44-1Beka · PoupardThe Rugger Boys Volume Two: We'll Win With Big Class and Huge Style
  ''978-1-905460-45-8Jean van HammeThorgal: Beyond the Shadows
  ''978-1-905460-46-5Rene GoscinnyIznogoud Vol.1: The Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud
2008978-1-905460-48-9Jean van HammeLargo Winch Vol.1: The Heir: Heir v. 1
  ''978-1-905460-49-6Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.10: Tortillas for the Daltons (Lucky Luke Adventure S.)
  ''978-1-905460-50-2Lucien De Gieter · Luke SpearPapyrus Vol.2: Imhotep's Transformation
  ''978-1-905460-51-9DesbergIR$ Vol.1: Taxing Trails
  ''978-1-905460-52-6De GrootClifton Vol.5: Jade
2008978-1-905460-53-3Fabien VehlmannGreen Manor Vol.1: Assassins and Gentlemen: Assassins and Gentlemen v. 1
  ''978-1-905460-54-0F. BergeseBiggles Vol.1: Spitfire Parade
  ''978-1-905460-55-7Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.11: Western Circus (Lucky Luke Adventure)
  ''978-1-905460-56-4Roger LeloupYoko Tsuno Vol.3: The Prey and the Ghost
  ''978-1-905460-57-1LeoAldebaran Vol.1: The Catastrophe
2008978-1-905460-58-8Jean van HammeLargo Winch Vol.2: Takeover Bid: Takeover Bid v. 2
  ''978-1-905460-59-5RenardAlpha Vol.1: The Exchange: 01 (Alpha (Cinebook))
  ''978-1-905460-60-1Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.12: The Rivals of Painful Gulch (Lucky Luke Adventure)
  ''978-1-905460-61-8   ''Iznogoud Vol.2: The Caliph's Vacation (Adventures of the Grand Vizier Iznogoud)
  ''978-1-905460-62-5DesbergScorpion, The Vol.1: The Devil's Mark (Scorpion (Cinebook))
2008978-1-905460-63-2Jean van HammeBlake & Mortimer Vol.4: The Francis Blake Affair: 04
  ''978-1-905460-64-9Fabien VehlmanGreen Manor Vol.2: The Inconvenience of Being Dead: Inconvenience of Being Dead v. 2
  ''978-1-905460-65-6Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.13: The Tenderfoot (Lucky Luke Adventures)
  ''978-1-905460-66-3   ''Lucky Luke Vol.14: The Dashing White Cowboy (Lucky Luke Adventures)
  ''978-1-905460-67-0Jean van HammeThorgal Vol.4: The Archers (Thorgal (Cinebook))
2008978-1-905460-68-7CauvinCedric Vol.1: High-Risk Class
  ''978-1-905460-70-0LeoAldebaran Vol.2: The Group
  ''978-1-905460-71-7CauvinBluecoats, The Vol.1: Robertsonville Prison
  ''978-1-905460-72-4Jean van HammeLady S Vol.1: Here's to Suzie!
2009978-1-905460-74-8DesbergIR$ Vol. 2: Blue Ice
  ''978-1-905460-75-5Jean Van HammeBlake & Mortimer Vol. 5: The Strange Encounter
2009978-1-905460-76-2Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.15: The Daltons in the Blizzard (Lucky Luke Adventure)
  ''978-1-905460-78-6Jean Van HammeLargo Winch Vol.3: Dutch Connection: Dutch Connection v. 3
  ''978-1-905460-79-3Rene GoscinnyIznogoud Vol.3: Iznogoud and the Day of Misrule: 03
  ''978-1-905460-80-9Jean van HammeThorgal Vol.5: The Land of Qa
  ''978-1-905460-81-6AlcantePandora Box Vol.1: Pride: Pride v. 1 (Pandora's Box)
2009978-1-905460-82-3Cauvin · LambilBluecoats, The Vol.2: The Navy Blues
  ''978-1-905460-83-0Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.16: The Black Hills (Lucky Luke Adventures)
  ''978-1-905460-84-7Lucien De GieterPapyrus Vol.3: Tutankhamun
  ''978-1-905460-85-4Francis BergeseBuck Danny Vol. 1: Night of the Serpent
  ''978-1-905460-86-1MythicAlpha Vol. 2: Wolves' Wages
2009978-1-905460-87-8Bob de GrootClifton Vol.6: Kidnapping: 06
  ''978-1-905460-89-2Sylvain RunbergOrbital Vol.1: Scars
  ''978-1-905460-90-8Stephen DesbergScorpion, The Vol.2: The Devil in the Vatican (Scorpion (Cinebook))
  ''978-1-905460-91-5Jean RobaBilly & Buddy Vol.1: Remember This, Billy?
  ''978-1-905460-92-2Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.17: Apache Canyon (Lucky Luke Adventures)
2009978-1-905460-93-9LeoAldebaran Vol.3: The Creature: 03
  ''978-1-905460-94-6Roger LeloupYoko Tsuno Vol.4: Daughter of the Wind: 04
  ''978-1-905460-95-3Sylvain RunbergOrbital Vol.2: Ruptures: 02
  ''978-1-905460-96-0Jean-Claude BartollInsiders Vol.1: Chechen Guerilla (Insiders (Cinebook))
  ''978-1-905460-97-7Edgar P. JacobsBlake & Mortimer Vol.6: SOS Meteors (Adventures of Blake & Mortimer)
2009978-1-905460-98-4Rene GoscinnyLucky Luke Vol.18: The Escort (Lucky Luke Adventure)
  ''978-1-905460-99-1Jean Van HammeLargo Winch Vol.4: The Hour of the Tiger