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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905449-00-2Leo MoynihanChelsea's Cult Heroes: Stamford Bridge's 20 Greatest Icons
2006978-1-905449-01-9Jeremy WilsonSouthampton's Cult Heroes: Saints' 20 Greatest Icons
  ''978-1-905449-02-6Simon WrightWest Brom's Cult Heroes: The Baggies' 20 Greatest Icons (Cult Heroes S.)
  ''978-1-905449-03-3Dylan YoungerNewcastle's Cult Heroes: The Toon's 20 Greatest Icons (Cult Heroes S.)
  ''978-1-905449-04-0Pat SymesPortsmouth's Cult Heroes: Pompey's 20 Greatest Icons (Cult Heroes S.)
2007978-1-905449-05-7David ClaytonManchester City's Cult Heroes
  ''978-1-905449-06-4David McVayForest's Cult Heroes
2007978-1-905449-07-1Paul SmithRangers' Cult Heroes
2008978-1-905449-08-8David PotterCeltic's Cult Heroes
2007978-1-905449-09-5Paul HarrisonCarlisle's Cult Heroes
  ''978-1-905449-19-4Graham CooksonAshes to Dust: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  ''978-1-905449-20-0Ruth GrahamThe Break Up Bible
  ''978-1-905449-21-7Ruth GrahamThe Crap Family Christmas Bible: The Mean-spirited Little Stocking Filler You Can't Be Without
  ''978-1-905449-22-4   ''The Foodies and Scoffers Bible: A Smorgasbord of Tasty Trivia from Around the World
2007978-1-905449-23-1Ruth GrahamThe Putdowns and Insults Bible: Bitchy Barbs and Wicked Wit for Every Occasion
  ''978-1-905449-30-9Eric MidwinterParish to Planet: How Football Came to Rule the World
  ''978-1-905449-31-6Steve MenaryOutcasts! The Lands That FIFA Forgot
  ''978-1-905449-33-0Marcus Hahnemann · Pat SymesMarcus Hahnemann's Premiership Diary
  ''978-1-905449-34-7Steve LarkinDoing the Wainwrights: 214 Fells, Four Seasons and A Caravan
2006978-1-905449-40-8Gillian OrrellNew Boots in New Zealand: Nine Great Walks, Three Islands and One Tramping Virgin
2007978-1-905449-42-2Shaun UdalShaun Udal - My Turn to Spin: The Incredible Story of a Cult Cricketer
2007978-1-905449-43-9David TossellGrovel! The Story and Legacy of the Summer of 1976
  ''978-1-905449-44-6Andrew SearleThe 2006/7 Ashes in Pictures
  ''978-1-905449-45-3Paul SmithWasted?: The Incredible True Story of Cricket's First Rock 'n' Roll Star
2006978-1-905449-46-0Paul ParkerPaul Parker: Tackles Like a Ferret: Manchester United Cover
  ''978-1-905449-47-7Paul Parker · Pat SymesPaul Parker: Tackles Like a Ferret (England Edition): England Cover
  ''978-1-905449-48-4Jo ElliottI'm Celibate Get Me Out of Here: The Memoirs of an Internet Dater
2006978-1-905449-49-1Peter MorfootBurksey: The Autobiography of a Football God
2005978-1-905449-50-7Leo MoynihanMatch of My Life Liverpool: Twelve Stars Relive Their Favourite Games
  ''978-1-905449-51-4Michael HeatleyMatch of My Life Fulham: Twelve Stars Relive Their Favourite Games
2006978-1-905449-52-1Louis MassarellaMatch of My Life England World Cup: Fourteen Stars Relive the Agony and the Ecstasy
  ''978-1-905449-53-8David SafferMatch of My Life - FA Cup Finals 1953-1969: Seventeen Stars Relive Their Greatest Victories
  ''978-1-905449-54-5David SafferMatch of My Life - Leeds: Fourteen Stars Relive Their Favourite Games
2007978-1-905449-55-2Simon LoweMatch of My Life - Stoke City: Sixteen Stars Relive Their Greatest Games
2006978-1-905449-57-6Ben LyttletonMatch of My Life European Cup Finals: Sixteen Stars Relive Their Glory Nights
2007978-1-905449-58-3Matt AllenMatch of My Life - Spurs: Thirteen Stars Relive Their Greatest Games
  ''978-1-905449-59-0Ivan PontingMatch of My Life - Manchester United: Fifteen Stars Relive Their Favourite Games (Match of My Life)
2006978-1-905449-60-6Rob MasonMatch of My Life Sunderland: Twelve Stars Relive Their Favourite Games
2007978-1-905449-61-3Simon LoweMatch of My Life - West Ham: Twelve Stars Relive Their Favourite Games
2006978-1-905449-62-0Nick JohnsonMatch of My Life - Sheffield United: Twelve Stars Relive Their Favourite Games
2006978-1-905449-63-7Sam PilgerMatch of My Life The Ashes
2008978-1-905449-65-1Neil MoxleyMatch of My Life - Aston Villa
2007978-1-905449-66-8David KuzioMatch of My Life - Wigan Warriors: Thirteen Stars Relive Their Favourite Games
  ''978-1-905449-68-2Nick JohnsonMatch of My Life Derby County
2008978-1-905449-69-9Phil CaplanMatch of My Life Leeds Rhinos: Thirteen Stars Relive Their Favourite Games
2007978-1-905449-70-5Andrew Searle · Danny PugsleyLeague Cricket Yearbook 2007 - North West Edition
  ''978-1-905449-71-2Andrew Searle · Danny PugsleyLeague Cricket Yearbook 2007 - North East Edition
  ''978-1-905449-72-9   ''League Cricket Yearbook 2007 - Midlands Edition
2008978-1-905449-73-6Andy Hayhurst · Andrew SearleLeague Cricket Yearbook 2008 - North West Edition 2008
2007978-1-905449-77-4Harry Harris · Martin JolMartin Jol: The Inside Story
2008978-1-905449-78-1Bill Foulkes · Ivan PontingBill Foulkes: United in Triumph and Tragedy
  ''978-1-905449-79-8Douglas BeattieThe Rivals Game: Inside the British Derby
2008978-1-905449-80-4Neil DunkinAnfield of Dreams: A Kopite's Odyssey
  ''978-1-905449-81-1David BlattManchester United Ruined My Wife
  ''978-1-905449-82-8Ivan PontingThe Book of Football Obituaries
  ''978-1-905449-88-0Martyn HindleyCrash Bang Wallop: Twenty20 - A History of the Brief Game
2006978-1-905449-90-3Harry HarrisHarry Harris' World Cup Diary: The Incredible Story of the 2006 World Cup
  ''978-1-905449-91-0   ''Hold the Back Page: Football's Tabloid Tales
2007978-1-905449-93-4   ''The Vodafone Champions League Yearbook
2008978-1-905449-98-9George MillerThis is the Way to Amarillo: A Musical Odyssey Across the USA (Know the Score)
2008978-1-905449-99-6David JenkinsThe Four Letter Countries: The Zany Adventures of the Alphabet Traveller