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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905444-00-7Keven ShevelsThe Trailrunners Guide to Hamsterley Forest
  ''978-1-905444-01-4   ''The Cross Fell Experiance
  ''978-1-905444-02-1Stuart FergusonMountain Marathon Preparation
  ''978-1-905444-03-8Keven ShevelsDownhill Techniques for Off-road Runners
  ''978-1-905444-04-5   ''Bashing the Badger
2006978-1-905444-06-9   ''Going Ape
2006978-1-905444-08-3Keven ShevelsTrailrunners Guide to Darlington
  ''978-1-905444-09-0Stuart FergusonLong and Ultra Distance Off-Road Running
  ''978-1-905444-11-3Lynne ShevelsHob Hole
  ''978-1-905444-12-0Keven ShevelsAn Introduction to Trail and Fell Running
  ''978-1-905444-13-7   ''Uphill Techniques for Off-Road Runners
2007978-1-905444-16-8Lynne ShevelsHamsterley Forest: Hamsterley Forest Bk. 1 (Durham Walker)
2007978-1-905444-17-5Geoff HollandThe Cheviot Hills (Northumberland Walker)
  ''978-1-905444-18-2Ed ColesThe Barningham Trail
2008978-1-905444-19-9Keven ShevelsDurham Walker: Ancient Stones Bk. 3
2007978-1-905444-22-9Keven Shevels · Stuart FergusonNavigation for Off-road Runners
2010978-1-905444-24-3Keven ShevelsMid-Teesdale Walks
2009978-1-905444-27-4Geoff HollandThe Hills of Upper Coquetdale: Northumberland Walker 4
  ''978-1-905444-29-8Keven ShevelsWalks from Stanhope: Durham Walker 6
2010978-1-905444-30-4Keven ShevelsThe Hills of Upper Swaledale
  ''978-1-905444-31-1Lynne ShevelsHamsterley Forest
  ''978-1-905444-32-8Keven ShevelsAncient Stones
  ''978-1-905444-33-5Geoff HollandThe Cheviot Hills (Northumberland Walker)
  ''978-1-905444-34-2   ''Walks from Wooler (Northumberland Walker)
2010978-1-905444-35-9Peter McEwenWalks from Kirknewton
  ''978-1-905444-36-6Geoff HollandThe Hills of Upper Coquetdale
  ''978-1-905444-37-3Stuart Ferguson · Keven ShevelsNavigation for Off-road Runners
  ''978-1-905444-38-0Keven ShevelsDownhill Techniques for Off-road Runners
  ''978-1-905444-39-7Nick BrownWalks in 1066 Country
2010978-1-905444-40-3Keven ShevelsAn Introduction to Trail and Fell Running
  ''978-1-905444-41-0   ''Uphill Techniques for Off-Road Runners
  ''978-1-905444-42-7Jim KellyA Mountain Runners Guide to Snowdonia
2011978-1-905444-43-4Keven ShevelsWalks Around Gunnerside (Walking North East)
  ''978-1-905444-44-1Stuart FergusonTerrain Training for Offroad Runners
  ''978-1-905444-45-8Nick BrownThe 1066 Country Walk
2011978-1-905444-46-5Keven ShevelsWalks from Stanhope
  ''978-1-905444-47-2Geoff HollandWalks on the Wild Side: The Cheviot Hills
  ''978-1-905444-48-9Ken BunnWalks Around Rothbury and Coquetdale
  ''978-1-905444-49-6Stuart Ferguson · Keven ShevelsThe Mountain Marathon Book
  ''978-1-905444-50-2Jim Kelly · Julia KellyA Trail Runner's Guide to North Wales
2012978-1-905444-51-9Geoff HollandWalks from Wooler
2012978-1-905444-52-6Keven ShevelsWalks Around Reeth & Upper Swaledale (Walking North East)
  ''978-1-905444-53-3   ''Walking in Weardale (Walking North East)
2013978-1-905444-54-0   ''Walking the Hills of Upper Swaledale
  ''978-1-905444-55-7Kenneth BunnWalks in Hadrian's Wall Country
  ''978-1-905444-56-4Keven ShevelsWalking Around Osmotherley and the Cleveland Hills (Walking North East)
2014978-1-905444-57-1Keven ShevelsWalking in Teesdale (Walking North East)
2013978-1-905444-58-8Steve GarrillThe North West Way: A 13 Day Walk from Preston to Carlisle
2014978-1-905444-59-5Keven ShevelsWalking Around Helmsley and Ryedale (Walking North East)
2015978-1-905444-60-1   ''Walking in the Hambleton Hills (Walking North East)
  ''978-1-905444-61-8   ''Walking in the Allendales (Walking North East)
  ''978-1-905444-62-5Sam FergusonWalking in Dorset's Past
  ''978-1-905444-64-9Keven ShevelsWalking in Weardale: Book 2 (Walking North East)
  ''978-1-905444-67-0   ''Walking in the Simonside Hills (Walking North East)