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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-905410-00-2Stephen GilesYou're the Daddy: From Nappy Mess to Happiness in One Year the Art of Being a Great Dad
  ''978-1-905410-01-9Richard CrazeStop Smoking, Stay Cool: A Dedicated Smoker's Guide to Not Smoking
  ''978-1-905410-03-3Rosie StaalWhat Shall We Do with Mother?: How to Manage When Your Elderly Parent Is Dependent on You
  ''978-1-905410-04-0Jane BidderTidy Your Room: Getting Your Kids to Do the Things They Hate
2007978-1-905410-05-7Beverly DaviesHow to Help Your Autistic Spectrum Child: Practical Ways to Make Family Life Run More Smoothly
2006978-1-905410-06-4Annie VickerstaffHow Safe Is Your Baby ....?: The Facts Behind the Official Advice
  ''978-1-905410-07-1Roni JayBabies for Beginners
978-1-905410-08-8Roni JayBabies for Beginners
2006978-1-905410-09-5   ''The Cook's Pocket Bible: Every Culinary Rule of Thumb at Your Fingertips
2007978-1-905410-10-1Caroline CarrLiving with the Black Dog: How to Cope When Your Partner Is Depressed
2007978-1-905410-13-2JellyEllieHow Teenagers Think: An Insider's Guide to Living with a Teenager
  ''978-1-905410-15-6Laura Bloom · Richard Craze · Roni JayThe Wedding Diaries: How to Get Married in Style Without Breaking the Bank
  ''978-1-905410-17-0Phill WilliamsThe Insider's Guide to Being a Brilliant Grandparent
  ''978-1-905410-19-4Caroline DoughtyIf There's Anything I Can Do...: How to Help Someone Who Has Been Bereaved
  ''978-1-905410-20-0Jane BidderWhat Every Parent Should Know Before Their Child Goes to Secondary School
2007978-1-905410-22-4Rosie StaalEarning Money After You've Retired: Inspirational Ideas to Supplement Your Pension
  ''978-1-905410-24-8Paul Jenner · Christine SmithThe Outdoor Pocket Bible: Every Outdoor Rule of Thumb at Your Fingertips (Pocket Bibles)
2008978-1-905410-25-5Sandi MannSurviving the Terrible Teens: How to have a teenager and stay sane
  ''978-1-905410-26-2Antonia ChittyFamily Friendly Working: Inspiring ideas for making money when you have kids
  ''978-1-905410-27-9Emma GeorgeIt's Your Funeral: Inspiring ideas for a personal send-off
  ''978-1-905410-31-6Paul JennerThe Green Travel Guide: Your Passport to Responsible, Guilt-Free Travel
2008978-1-905410-32-3Hollie SmithCool, Calm Parent: How Not to Lose it With Your Kids
  ''978-1-905410-33-0Laura BloomThe Grown Up Gap Year Diaries: An Inspirational Account of How to Live Your Dreams and See the World
  ''978-1-905410-36-1Liat Hughes Joshi · Caroline CosgroveWhat to buy for your baby: Choosing the equipment that's right for you
  ''978-1-905410-37-8Caroline CarrHow Not to Worry: How to stop anxiety spoiling your life
  ''978-1-905410-40-8Stephen GilesFrom Lad to Dad: The ultimate guide to pregnancy for blokes
2008978-1-905410-41-5Stephen GilesYou're the Daddy: The ultimate guide to being a new Dad for blokes
2010978-1-905410-42-2Karen Bali5-a-day For Kids Made Easy: Quick and easy recipes and tips to feed your child more fruit and vegetables and convert fussy eaters: Sneaky Ways to Feed Your Children Healthy Food
2009978-1-905410-44-6Roni JayBabies for Beginners: Keeping your baby happy and healthy: How to Keep Your Baby Happy and Healthy
2008978-1-905410-46-0Paul Jenner · Christine SmithThe Traveller's Pocket Bible: Every travelling rule of thumb at your fingertips (Pocket Bibles)
  ''978-1-905410-47-7   ''Outdoor Pocket Bible: Every Outdoor Rule of Thumb at Your Fingertips (Pocket Bibles)
  ''978-1-905410-48-4Roni JayThe Cook's Pocket Bible: Every Culinary Rule of Thumb at Your Fingertips (Pocket Bibles)
  ''978-1-905410-49-1   ''The Gardener's Pocket Bible: Every Gardening Rule of Thumb at Your Fingertips (Pocket Bibles)
2009978-1-905410-52-1Hollie SmithDealing with Difficult Eaters: Stop mealtimes becoming a battleground with fussy children: How to Stop Mealtimes Turning into Battlegrounds
  ''978-1-905410-57-6Caroline CarrMenopause: The Guide for Real Women
2009978-1-905410-58-3Eleanor TurnerBaby Names 2010: Over 7,000 of this year's favourite names
  ''978-1-905410-59-0Jo WiltshireThe Baby Sleep Bible: Choosing What's Right for You and Your Baby
  ''978-1-905410-60-6Hollie SmithPregnancy for Modern Girls: The Naked Truth About Being Pregnant
  ''978-1-905410-61-3Caroline CarrLiving with Depression: How to cope when your partner is depressed
2018978-1-905410-62-0Mark WoodsPregnancy for Men: The whole nine months (PAPERBACK)
2010978-1-905410-63-7Holly Ivins10,000 Baby Names: How to choose the best name for your baby
  ''978-1-905410-68-2Eleanor TurnerBaby Names 2011: Over 7,000 of this year's favourite names
2011978-1-905410-69-9Rana ConwayWeaning Made Easy: All you Need to Know About Traditional Feeding and Baby-Led Weaning - get the Best of Both Worlds
2011978-1-905410-87-3Sarah EbnerThe Starting School Survival Guide: Everything you need to know when your child starts primary school
  ''978-1-905410-88-0Genevieve MortonBump & Grind: The A-Z Survival Guide for When You're Trying to Get Pregnant and Sick of Being Told to Relax!
  ''978-1-905410-90-3Eleanor TurnerBaby Names 2012
2012978-1-905410-91-0Mark WoodsBabies and Toddlers for Men: From Newborn to Nursery
2011978-1-905410-92-7Eleanor TurnerBaby Names 2012: Over 7,000 of this year's favourite names
  ''978-1-905410-93-4Joanna GirlingMy Pregnancy 2012: The Latest Research and Advice on Your Pregnancy and Birth