Maverick House

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905379-01-9Julie O'tooleHeroin: A true story of drug addiction, hope and triumph....
2006978-1-905379-04-0Frances Smith · Erin McCaffertyIn Fear Of Her Life: The True Story of a Violent Marriage
  ''978-1-905379-05-7Michael MeeganSurprised By Joy: Out of the Darkness...Light; A Story of Hope in the Midst of Tragedy
  ''978-1-905379-08-8Kay DanesNightmare in Laos: The True Story of a Woman Imprisoned in a Communist Gulag
  ''978-1-905379-09-5Wolfgang EulitzThe General and I: The Untold Story of Martin Cahill's Hotdog Wars: The Untold Story Behind Martin Cahill's Hot Dog Wars
  ''978-1-905379-10-1Debbie SinghYou'll Never Walk Alone: A True Story about the 'Bangkok Hilton'
2006978-1-905379-14-9Colin BlaneyGrafters: The Inside Story of the Wide Awake Firm, Europe's Most Prolific Sneak Thieves
  ''978-1-905379-15-6Tony Barnes · Richard Elias · Peter WalshTarget Number One: The Rise and Fall of Curtis Warren, Europe's Biggest Drug Baron
  ''978-1-905379-18-7Zoltan Zinn-CollisFinal Witness: My Journey from the Holocaust to Ireland
  ''978-1-905379-19-4Eoin MurphyMunster Rugby: The Secret of Their Success
  ''978-1-905379-20-0Christine HolohanA Voice From The Grave: The Unseen Witness on the Jacqui Poole Murder Case: The Unseen Witness in the Jacqui Poole Murder Case
2006978-1-905379-24-8Philip ReidThe Cup: How the 2006 Ryder Cup was Won
2007978-1-905379-25-5Martin MaloneThe Lebanon Diaries: An Irish Soldier's Story
  ''978-1-905379-26-2Chavoret JaruboonThe Last Executioner: Memoirs of Thailand's Last Prison Executioner
2006978-1-905379-27-9Terry DonaldsonHell in Barbados: The True Story of a Man Imprisoned in Paradise
2011978-1-905379-30-9Declan PowerBeyond the Call of Duty: Heroism in the Irish Defence Forces
2007978-1-905379-32-3Susan AldousThe Angel of Bang Kwang Prison
  ''978-1-905379-37-8Thomas McShane · Dary MateraLoot: Inside the World of Stolen Art
  ''978-1-905379-38-5John MooneyThe Torso in the Canal: the Inside Story on Ireland's most Grotesque Killing
  ''978-1-905379-39-2Peter Thompson · Robert MacklinKill the Tiger: Operation Rimau and the Battle for Southeast Asia
2007978-1-905379-41-5Jenny FrielThe Suspect: The Story of Rachel O'Reilly's Murder
  ''978-1-905379-42-2Iain CornessFarang: Thailand through the eyes of an ex-pat
  ''978-1-905379-43-9Bua BoonmeeMiss Bangkok: Memoirs of a Thai Prostitute
  ''978-1-905379-45-3Don Cheadle with John PrendergastNOT ON OUR WATCH: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond
2008978-1-905379-47-7Terry DonaldsonHell in Barbados: The True Story of a Man Imprisoned in Paradise
  ''978-1-905379-48-4Pornchai SereemongkonpolLadyboys: The Secret World of Thailand's Third Gender
2008978-1-905379-50-7Ian BaxterThe Commandant: Rudolf Höss, the creator of Auschwitz
  ''978-1-905379-51-4Chai PinitBangkok Boy: The story of a stolen childhood
  ''978-1-905379-53-8O'Toole · JulieHeroin: A True Story of Drug Addiction, Hope and Triumph
2009978-1-905379-54-5Nelson RandConflict: Journeys through war and terror in Southeast Asia
2008978-1-905379-55-2Alain RobertWith Bare Hands: The Story of the Human Spider
2009978-1-905379-58-3Peter EdwardsVictorian Spy, The
  ''978-1-905379-60-6Barbara FraleTemplars, The
  ''978-1-905379-63-7Iain CornessFarang The Sequel: Another look at Thailand through the eyes of an ex-pat
2010978-1-905379-67-5Peter EdwardsInfiltrator, The
2010978-1-905379-71-2Chavoret JaruboonA Secret History of the Bangkok Hilton
2011978-1-905379-73-6Barbara FraleTemplars, The: The Shroud of Christ
  ''978-1-905379-83-5Chris ThrallEating Smoke: One Man's Descent into Drug Psychosis in Hong Kong's Triad Heartland