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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905363-01-8Jessie Penn-Lewis · Evan RobertsWar on the Saints
  ''978-1-905363-02-5Rosalind FranklinThe Superstitious Bride: A Book of Wedding Lore
  ''978-1-905363-03-2Leslie BuswellAmbulance No. 10: A Driver's Letters from the French Front
  ''978-1-905363-05-6Pat BeauchampFanny Goes To War: An Englishwoman in the Fany Corps
  ''978-1-905363-07-0Bertha Whitridge SmithOnly a Dog: The True Story of a Dog's Devotion to His Master in World War One
2005978-1-905363-09-4Olive DentA V.A.D. in France
  ''978-1-905363-11-7Catherine BoothAggressive Christianity
  ''978-1-905363-12-4Samuel M ZwemerThe Moslem Christ: The Truth to Christ's Person & Mission can be shown to all those in Islam from their own Quran
  ''978-1-905363-13-1Anon · R.M. FranklinCaptain Loxley's Little Dog And Lassie The Life-saving Collie: Hero Dogs of the First World War Associated With The Sinking of H.M.S. Formidable
  ''978-1-905363-14-8Jack RohanRags: The Dog Who Went to War
2005978-1-905363-15-5Alfred O'RahillyThe Padre of Trench Street
  ''978-1-905363-16-2R. M. BallantyneDeep Down: A Tale of the Cornish Mines
  ''978-1-905363-17-9Roy R JohnsonThe Adventures of Quintus Propertius
  ''978-1-905363-19-3June Richardson LucasThe Children of France and the Red Cross
  ''978-1-905363-20-9Gene L JeffriesAlive in the Spirit: A Practical, Biblical Insight into the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
2005978-1-905363-22-3Florence Nightingale · AnonUna and Her Paupers: The Extraordinary Life of Nurse Agnes Elizabeth Jones
  ''978-1-905363-28-5Chris Scott · Tomas WoodbridgeLifting the Lid on Depression
  ''978-1-905363-29-2Glenn S HamiltonCome Together: Creation and Evolution Joined
  ''978-1-905363-33-9Andy ReeleyDubai Dream
  ''978-1-905363-49-0Eleanor McLeodPoems for Children to Enjoy - and Teachers Too!
2005978-1-905363-67-4Malcolm E BrownDrugs and Desire
  ''978-1-905363-75-9Saleena KarimSecular Jinnah: Munir's Big Hoax Exposed
  ''978-1-905363-78-0John ListerTurning the Tables: The Story of Extreme Championship Wrestling
  ''978-1-905363-86-5TurneramonThe Twins of Time and the Bridge of Time
  ''978-1-905363-88-9   ''The Twins of Time and the Golden Grotto
2005978-1-905363-89-6TurneramonThe Twins of Time: Book Three in the Trilogy of Nethertime
  ''978-1-905363-90-2   ''The Twins of Time and the Seven Seas of Time
  ''978-1-905363-91-9   ''Ka Ka Ranish and the Twins of Time
  ''978-1-905363-92-6   ''The Sacred Eyes of Time: Book One in the Trilogy of Nethertime
2005978-1-905363-93-3TurneramonThe Obelisk of Time: Book Two in the Trilogy of Nethertime