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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-905266-00-5Phil Thompson · Ken RogersStand Up Pinocchio
2006978-1-905266-01-2Trinity Mirror Sport MediaA-Z Liverpool's Greatest Pictures (Football)
2005978-1-905266-02-9   ''The Liverpool FC Official Handbook 2006
  ''978-1-905266-05-0   ''Liverpool's Five Star Hero's: Official Story of the Kings of Europe (Trinity Mirror Sport Media)
  ''978-1-905266-06-7Sport MediaKop Annual 2006 (Annuals)
2007978-1-905266-07-4Trinity Mirror Sport MediaEverton's Peoples Club
2006978-1-905266-08-1   ''Everton's FA Cup 100 (Football)
  ''978-1-905266-10-4Chris McloughlinThe Kop Annual 2007
  ''978-1-905266-11-1Ged Rea · Dave BallLiverpool Year Book 2007
2006978-1-905266-13-5unknownThe Real Bill Shankly (Football)
  ''978-1-905266-14-2Phil Thompson · Ken RogersPhil Thompson Autobiography: Stand Up Pinocchio
  ''978-1-905266-15-9Keith John · Colin HarveyColin Harvey Everton Secrets
  ''978-1-905266-16-6Hyder JawadKeep Right on: Official Centenary History of St Andrews
  ''978-1-905266-18-0Duncan Ferguson Special
2007978-1-905266-19-7David Prentice · David FranceEverton Treasures
2007978-1-905266-20-3Ken RogersLiverpool's Hall of Fame
  ''978-1-905266-21-0Gavin BucklandStrange But Blue
  ''978-1-905266-22-7Peter CrillyTops of the Kops: The Complete Guide to Liverpool's Kits
  ''978-1-905266-26-5Paisley FamilyThe Real Bob Paisley
  ''978-1-905266-27-2Tony StoreyQE2 Farewell Queen Of The Seas 40th Anniversary
2007978-1-905266-28-9Rob BishopAston Villa - a Perfect 10
2008978-1-905266-29-6Neil BarnettChelsea - A Perfect 10
2007978-1-905266-31-9John GibsonNewcastle United - a Perfect 10
  ''978-1-905266-33-3Ged Rea · Dave BallLiverpool FC the Guide 2008
  ''978-1-905266-34-0Ken RogersEchoes of Liverpool
  ''978-1-905266-35-7Ken PyeDiscover Liverpool
  ''978-1-905266-36-4Joy Swift · Chris LiveseyThe Joy of Murder
2007978-1-905266-40-1Liverpool City CouncilOfficial 2008 Liverpool Capital of Culture Guide (Official Guide)
  ''978-1-905266-41-8Pete Price with Adrian ButlerPete Price: Namedropper
  ''978-1-905266-42-5Billy RobertsSpooky Liverpool: Tales from the Capital of Haunting
  ''978-1-905266-43-2Gavin BucklandEverton FC the Guide 2008
  ''978-1-905266-46-3Colin HuntLiverpool Then
2007978-1-905266-50-0Karen Gill · Ken RogersThe Real Bill Shankly
  ''978-1-905266-53-1John RobertsBill Shankly: The Forgotten Shankly Tapes
2008978-1-905266-56-2Mike ChappleThe Great Liverpool Pub Crawl
  ''978-1-905266-57-9Peter GrantTalk Like Scousers
  ''978-1-905266-58-6Ken PyeDiscover Liverpool
  ''978-1-905266-62-3John RobertsDixie Dean - the Forgotten Tapes
2008978-1-905266-65-4Ged Rea · Dave BallLiverpool FC - the Official Guide 2009
  ''978-1-905266-66-1Gavin BucklandEverton FC - the Official Guide 2009
  ''978-1-905266-67-8Tony WoolliscroftMe and My Friends - the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  ''978-1-905266-69-2Trinity Mirror Sport MediaThe Everton Football Club Family Album
  ''978-1-905266-70-8   ''The Liverpool Football Club Family Album
2008978-1-905266-71-5Ray PhysickLiverpools Boxing Venues
  ''978-1-905266-74-6Gavin BassieLiverpool's Finest: Heroes of the Fire Brigade: The History of the City's Fire Brigade
  ''978-1-905266-79-1David FranceDr. Everton's Magnificent Obsession
  ''978-1-905266-83-8Colin HuntLiverpool Life
  ''978-1-905266-86-9Trinity Mirror Sport MediaSteven Gerrard - My Captains Book Secrets Behind the Armband
2008978-1-905266-87-6Billy RobertsSpooky Liverpool 2
  ''978-1-905266-88-3Ian McNabbMerseybeast: A Musical Memoir
  ''978-1-905266-95-1Trinity MirrorQE2 - Britain Waves Goodbye
  ''978-1-905266-97-5Simon HughesFernando Torres: A Year in the Life