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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905074-06-8Richard KnotelDie Eiserne Zeit vor Hundert Jahren 1806-1813
  ''978-1-905074-08-2John WallaceScottish Swords and Dirks: An Illustrated Reference Guide to Scottish Edged Weapons
  ''978-1-905074-11-2Sydnam PoyntzA True Relation of These German Warres 1624-1636: The Thirty Years' War Memoirs of Sydnam Poyntz
  ''978-1-905074-12-9The Soldier's Manual of Rifle Firing, at Various Distances
  ''978-1-905074-16-7Charles MorlandLetters from Egypt and Spain by Lt Col Charles Morland 12th & 9th Lt Dragoons
2005978-1-905074-17-4Charles FfoulkesEuropean Arms and Armour in the University of Oxford: Principally in the Ashmolean and Pitt-Rivers Museums
2006978-1-905074-29-7Brevet CampbellStanding Orders as Given Our and Enforced by the Late Major General Robert Craufurd for the Use of the Light Division During the Years 1809, 10, and 11
  ''978-1-905074-33-4Hippolyte BellangeThe Napoleonic Uniforms of Hippolyte Bellange: 50 Colour Plates Reproduced from Their Hand-coloured Originals
  ''978-1-905074-34-1Archibald CampbellHighland Dress, Arms and Ornament
2007978-1-905074-46-4Thomas PlayfordA Lifeguardsman in Spain, France and at Waterloo: The Memoirs of Sergeant-Major Thomas Playford 2nd Lifeguards 1810-1830
  ''978-1-905074-55-6John HibbertWaterloo Letters: The 1815 Letters of Lieutenant John Hibbert, 1st Dragoon Guards
  ''978-1-905074-59-4Peter FaceyThe Diary of a Veteran: The Diary of Sergeant Peter Facey, 28th (North Gloucester) Regiment of Foot 1803-1819
2007978-1-905074-60-0George Henry DanseyThe Letters of Captain George Henry Dansey 88th Foot, 1804-1814
  ''978-1-905074-64-8Charles GrantThe War Game
2008978-1-905074-84-6Charles Stewart GrantThe War Game Companion
  ''978-1-905074-86-0Captain James NaylorThe Waterloo Diary of Captain James Naylor, 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards 1815-1816
2009978-1-905074-95-2Duncan NobleThe Rapier: History and Use of a Fearsome Weapon