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2005978-1-905047-02-4Bronwen Stiene · Frans StieneThe Japanese Art of Reiki: A Practical Guide to Self-healing
  ''978-1-905047-03-1Lyn BirkbeckDivine Astrology: Enlisting the Aid of the Planetary Powers
  ''978-1-905047-04-8Nicholas HaggerThe Secret History of the West: The Influence of Secret Organisations on Western History from hte Renaissance to the 20th Century
2006978-1-905047-06-2David J. BoultonThe Trouble with God: Building the Republic of Heaven
2005978-1-905047-07-9Alan JacobsThe Ocean of Wisdom
2006978-1-905047-09-3Brian MountfordChristianity in 10 Minutes
2004978-1-905047-11-6John Clifford HensonGood as New: A Radical Retelling of the Scriptures
2005978-1-905047-14-7Peter GalgutHumming Your Way to Happiness: An Introduction to Tuva and Overtone Singing from Around the World
  ''978-1-905047-15-4Robert Van De WeyerMasters of Health: The Original Sources of Today's Alternatives Therapies
  ''978-1-905047-17-8Adrian B. SmithTomorrow's Faith: A New Framework of Christian Belief
2005978-1-905047-18-5Brian MountfordPerfect Freedom
2006978-1-905047-19-2Bronwen Stiene · Frans StieneReiki Techniques Card Deck: Heal Yourself Intuitively
2005978-1-905047-20-8Steve TaylorThe Fall: The Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of a New Era: 4
2006978-1-905047-21-5Aidan RankinThe Jain Path: Ancient Wisdom for the West
  ''978-1-905047-23-9Graeme K. TalboysWay of the Druid: Rebirth of an Ancient Religion
  ''978-1-905047-25-3June McLeodColours of the Soul: Transform Your Life Through Colour Therapy
2005978-1-905047-29-1Jonathan Clatworthy · David TaylorThe Windsor Report: A Liberal Response
  ''978-1-905047-31-4Jenny SmedleyPast Life Angels: Discovering Your Life's Master-plan
  ''978-1-905047-32-1Alan ButlerThe Virgin and the Pentacle: The Freemasonic Plot to Destroy the Church
2005978-1-905047-33-8Jude CurrivanWave, The: A Life Changing Journey into the Heart and Mind of the Cosmos
  ''978-1-905047-38-3Andrew Linzey · Richard KirkerGays and the Future of Anglicanism: Responses to the Windsor Report
  ''978-1-905047-40-6Judy H. HallCrystal Prescriptions: The A-Z guide to over 1,200 symptoms and their healing crystals
2006978-1-905047-41-3Andy TomlinsonHealing the Eternal Soul: Insights into Past Life Regression
2005978-1-905047-42-0A.J. RussellGod Calling: A Devotional Diary
2006978-1-905047-45-1Swami AbhayanandaThe Supreme Self
  ''978-1-905047-47-5Lawrence EllyardReiki Questions and Answers: 200 Questions and Answers for Beginners (Reiki Guide)
  ''978-1-905047-48-2Lawrence EllyardThe Ultimate Reiki Guide for Practitioners and Masters
2006978-1-905047-49-9John Clifford HensonOther Communions of Jesus
  ''978-1-905047-50-5Abayananda SwamiThe Wisdom of Vedanta
  ''978-1-905047-51-2Shaykh Fadhialla HaeriSon of Karbala: The Spiritual Journey of an Iraqi Muslim
  ''978-1-905047-54-3June-Elleni LaineThe Art of Being Psychic
  ''978-1-905047-60-4Trevor GreenfieldAn Introduction to Radical Theology
2007978-1-905047-61-1Dennis WaiteBack to the Truth: 5000 Years of Advaita
2006978-1-905047-62-8Angela PaineThe Healing Power of Celtic Plants: Healing Herbs of the Ancient Celts and Their Druid Medicine Men
2006978-1-905047-63-5Nicholas HaggerThe Light of Civilization
  ''978-1-905047-64-2Altazar RossiterDeveloping Spiritual Intelligence: The Power of You
  ''978-1-905047-65-9Stephen MitchellGod in the Bath: Relaxing in the Everywhere Presence of God
  ''978-1-905047-68-0Alan ButlerSheep: The Remarkable Story of the Humble Animal That Built the Modern World.
  ''978-1-905047-71-0Malcolm HollickThe Science of Oneness: A Worldview for the Twenty-First Century: A World View for Our Age That Synthesises Science and Spirituality
2006978-1-905047-74-1Paul WestranWhen Stars Collide: Why We Love, Who We Love and When We Love Them
  ''978-1-905047-75-8Adrian B. SmithThe Creative Christian: God and Us; Partners in Creation
  ''978-1-905047-76-5Paul WalkerI Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For: God for Agnostics
  ''978-1-905047-77-2Brian MountfordHappiness in 10 Minutes
  ''978-1-905047-81-9Timothy Freke · Peter GandyThe Laughing Jesus
2006978-1-905047-82-6Mike GeorgeDon't Get Mad Get Wise: Why No One Ever Makes You Angry!
  ''978-1-905047-83-3Jenny SmedleySouls Don't Lie: A True Story of Past Lives
  ''978-1-905047-85-7Steve GoochReiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion and Wisdom
2007978-1-905047-86-4Adam SmithSaturn, Fatal Attraction
2006978-1-905047-88-8Karen DarkeIf You Fall: It's a New Beginning
  ''978-1-905047-89-5Bronwen Stiene · Frans StieneA-Z of Reiki Pocketbook: Everything You Need to Know About Reiki
  ''978-1-905047-90-1John Pickering · Katie HallBeyond Photography: Encounters with Orbs, Angels and Light Forms
2006978-1-905047-92-5Alan Butler · John RitchieRosslyn Revealed: A Library in Stone
  ''978-1-905047-93-2Manjir Samanta-LaughtonPunk Science: Inside the Mind of God
2007978-1-905047-95-6Tess WardCeltic Wheel of the Year: Celtic and Christian Seasonal Prayers
  ''978-1-905047-97-0Sandy Bharat · Jael BharatA Global Guide to Interfaith: Reflections from Around the World