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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-905005-00-0E M ForsterThe Celestial Omnibus (Snowbooks Signature Series)
2006978-1-905005-02-4Edgar Allen PoeThe Goldbug (Signature Collection)
2004978-1-905005-04-8Jerome JeromeThe Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (Snowbooks Signature Series)
2005978-1-905005-05-5J.D. LandisLonging
  ''978-1-905005-06-2Robert FinnEx Machina (Adept Series)
2006978-1-905005-07-9Bob BreenFighting (Fighting Series)
2005978-1-905005-08-6Kat PomfretParadise Jazz
2007978-1-905005-11-6Sarah BryantThe Other Eden (Snowbooks Historical Fiction)
2006978-1-905005-12-3Sue Hepworth · Jane LinfootPlotting for Beginners: A novel for new beginnings
2005978-1-905005-14-7Sarah BryantCity of the Sun
2006978-1-905005-15-4Lisa CarverDrugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir
  ''978-1-905005-16-1Ian OliverFifty Plus Fitness (Snowbooks Fitness)
  ''978-1-905005-17-8Anna TorborgCrafter's Companion, The
  ''978-1-905005-18-5Bruce BendersonRomanian, The: Story of an Obsession
2006978-1-905005-19-2Jonathan SantloferThe Death Artist (Death Artists)
  ''978-1-905005-20-8A. StevensThe Edgier Waters: Five Years of 3am
  ''978-1-905005-21-5Ayun HallidayMama Lama Ding Dong: A Mother's Tales from the Trenches
  ''978-1-905005-22-2Sarah BryantThe Sand Daughter
  ''978-1-905005-23-9Peter Gordon · Dan Kieran · Paul HamiltonHow Very Interesting!: Peter Cook's Universe And All That Surrounds It
2006978-1-905005-24-6Marc McFannGround Fighting: A Comprehensive Guide to Throws, Holds, Chokes, Locks, Submissions and Escapes (Fighting Series)
2007978-1-905005-25-3Lisa MiscioneSmoke (Lydia Strong Series)
  ''978-1-905005-26-0Lisa MiscioneThe Darkness Gathers (Lydia Strong Series)
2006978-1-905005-27-7   ''Angel Fire (Lydia Strong Series)
2007978-1-905005-28-4   ''Twice (Lydia Strong Series)
  ''978-1-905005-29-1Linda CockburnLiving the Good Life: How one family changed their world from their own backyard
  ''978-1-905005-31-4Ian OliverPunch Your Way To Fitness: How to use focus pads and punchbags to achieve your best ever fitness level: v. 2 (Snowbooks Fitness)
2006978-1-905005-32-1Carol DavisShrouded
2007978-1-905005-33-8Carol DavisSob Story
2006978-1-905005-34-5Mark AmesGoing Postal: Rage, Murder & Rebellion in America: Rage, Murder and Rebellion in America
2007978-1-905005-35-2Steve AylettLint
  ''978-1-905005-37-6Bob BreenSparring
2007978-1-905005-39-0Sarah BowerThe Needle in the Blood
2006978-1-905005-41-3Carol DavisShrouded
2007978-1-905005-42-0Stewart HomeMemphis Underground
  ''978-1-905005-44-4Lisa HaynesNine Tenths
  ''978-1-905005-45-1Stacie LewisTaking the Plunge
  ''978-1-905005-46-8Noah CiceroThe Human War
  ''978-1-905005-47-5David WellingtonMonster Island: A Zombie Novel
2007978-1-905005-48-2David WellingtonMonster Nation: A Zombie Sequel
  ''978-1-905005-49-9   ''Monster Planet: A Zombie Novel
  ''978-1-905005-50-5Karen TintoriThe Book of Names
2006978-1-905005-52-9r. muirThe Miniature Man
2007978-1-905005-54-3Jonathan SantloferColour Blind
  ''978-1-905005-55-0   ''The Killing Art
  ''978-1-905005-57-4Robert FinnAdept (Adept Series)
2007978-1-905005-58-1Matthew De AbaituaRed Men, The (Snowbooks Fantasy Originals)
  ''978-1-905005-60-4Richard BallantineCity Cycling (Snowbooks Cycling)
  ''978-1-905005-61-1Michael McBrideFall, The: God's End
  ''978-1-905005-62-8Richard GwynDeep Hanging Out
2008978-1-905005-63-5Carol Anne DavisSob Story
  ''978-1-905005-64-2Robert FinnEx Machina (Adept Series)
2008978-1-905005-68-0Mike BurrowsBicycle Design: The Search for the Perfect Machine (Snowbooks Cycling)
  ''978-1-905005-69-7Robert FinnUnderlife (Adept Series)
  ''978-1-905005-73-4Sarah BryantCity of the Sun
  ''978-1-905005-76-5Michael McBrideBlizzard of Souls (God's End)
2008978-1-905005-77-2Michael McBrideTrail of Blood (God's End)
  ''978-1-905005-82-6Sarah BowerBook of Love
  ''978-1-905005-83-3Sue HepworthZuzu's Petals
  ''978-1-905005-84-0Thomas EmsonManeater (Snowbooks Werewolf)
  ''978-1-905005-88-8George MannThe Affinity Bridge
2008978-1-905005-89-5George MannAffinity Bridge, The (Newbury and Hobbes)
  ''978-1-905005-91-8Michael McBrideSpectral Crossings
2009978-1-905005-95-6Andrew SangerThe J-Word
  ''978-1-905005-97-0Paula BrackstonThe Book of Shadows
  ''978-1-905005-98-7Thomas EmsonSkarlet (Snowbooks Vampire)
  ''978-1-905005-99-4Fiona RobynBlue Handbag, The