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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-904991-00-7Linda JonesCreating Wire and Beaded Jewelry: Over 35 Beautiful Projects Using Wire and Beads
  ''978-1-904991-01-4Tony CrispYour Dream Interpreter: Over 1,200 Symbols and Themes Revealed to Bring Clarity and Insight to Your Life
  ''978-1-904991-02-1Christina StruttCabbages and Roses: Vintage Chic using Romantic Fabrics and Fleamarket Finds
2014978-1-904991-04-5Liz DeanThe Art of Tarot - Box Set -INC 78 Tarot cards +64 page Booklet
2004978-1-904991-05-2Nina CampbellNina Campbell's Decorating Secrets: Easy Ways to Achieve the Professional Look
  ''978-1-904991-07-6Takumasa OnoThe Simple Art of Sumi-e: A Step-by-step Guide to Japanese Brush Painting
  ''978-1-904991-08-3Gail Abbott · Cate BurrenSo Simple Slipcovers (Creative Homeowner)
2004978-1-904991-09-0Gail Abbott · Cate BurrenSo Simple Window Style (Creative Homeowner)
  ''978-1-904991-10-6Ellen KharadeBags of Style: 25 Patchwork Purses, Totes and Bags (Creative Arts & Crafts)
  ''978-1-904991-11-3Flora RobertsCrazy Quilts in a Weekend: 25 Projects for the Home (Creative Arts & Crafts)
  ''978-1-904991-12-0Christina StruttCabbages and Roses: Vintage Crafts - 35 Charming Projects for the Home and Garden (Cabbages & Roses)
2005978-1-904991-14-4Henrietta Spencer-ChurchillBlenheim and the Churchill Family: A Personal Portrait
2004978-1-904991-15-1Hazel CourteneyDivine Intervention
  ''978-1-904991-16-8Susie GreenTalk to Your Cat: How to Communicate with Your Pet
2004978-1-904991-17-5Susie GreenTalk to Your Dog: How to Communicate with Your Pet
  ''978-1-904991-18-2Juliet PegrumAgeless Yoga: Gentle Workouts for Health and Fitness
  ''978-1-904991-20-5Kate HaxellSeed Bead Book: Over 35 Step-by-step Jewellery Projects
2010978-1-904991-22-9Melody GriffithsKnitting In No Time: 50 easy-knit bags, shawls, jackets and more for fast, fun style
2000978-1-904991-24-3Susie GreenAnimal Messages: Seek Inspiration from Your Animal Guides
2004978-1-904991-25-0   ''Animal Wisdom: Harness the Power and Wisdom of Animals to Liberate Your Spirit
  ''978-1-904991-26-7Lillian TooLillian Too's 168 Feng Shui Ways to a Calm and Happy Life
2006978-1-904991-29-8Qu Lei LeiTao of Sketching: The Complete Guide to Chinese Sketching Techniques
2005978-1-904991-33-5Qu Lei LeiThe Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphy: Create Your Own Chinese Characters and Symbols for Good Fortune and Prosperity
  ''978-1-904991-35-9Linda JonesMaking Colourful Wire & Beaded Jewellery: 35 Fabulous Designs
2005978-1-904991-37-3Hazel Courteney500 of the Most Important Health Tips You'll Ever Need: An A-Z of Alternative Health Hints to Help Over 200 Conditions
2007978-1-904991-41-0Melody GriffithsCrochet In No Time: 50 Modern Scarves, Wraps, Tops and More to Make on the Move
2006978-1-904991-43-4Christina StruttHome Made Vintage: Over 40 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects
2007978-1-904991-44-1Mary LambertInstant Feng Shui for the Home: 50 Fast Ways to Transform Your Home for Health, Wealth and Harmony
2006978-1-904991-46-5Chrissie DayWire Jewellery: Crocheted, Knitted, Twisted & Beaded: 35 Stunning Step-by-Step Projects: Crocheted, Knitted, Twisted and Beaded - 35 Stunning Step-by-step Projects
  ''978-1-904991-49-6Deborah Schneebeli-MorrellBig Bead Jewellery: 35 Beautiful Easy-to-Make Projects
  ''978-1-904991-50-2Gabriella SellorsCharmed: 50 Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings to Make and Give
  ''978-1-904991-51-9Joel LevyBoost Your IQ: Your Brain's Personal Trainer - 150 Ways to Reach Peak Performance
  ''978-1-904991-52-6William YeowardPERFECT TABLES: Tabletop Secrets, Settings and Centrepieces for Delicious Dining
2006978-1-904991-53-3William Yeoward · Ray MainPerfect Tables: Tabletop Secrets, Settings, and Ceterpieces for Delicious Dining
2007978-1-904991-55-7Linda JonesWire and Bead Celtic Jewellery: 35 Quick and Stylish Projects
2013978-1-904991-56-4   ''Wire & Bead Celtic Jewelry
2007978-1-904991-58-8Katie ColeEmbellish Your T-Shirt: 50 Ways to Create Your Own Style: 50 Ways to Create Your Own Style, Includes 35 Step-by Step Projects
  ''978-1-904991-60-1Barbara OliveThe Flower Healer: Flower-essence Medicine for Healing
  ''978-1-904991-62-5Philip PermuttThe Crystal Healer: Crystal Prescriptions That Will Change Your Life Forever
  ''978-1-904991-63-2Philip PermuttThe Crystal Healer: Crystal prescriptions that will change your life forever
  ''978-1-904991-64-9Melody Griffiths201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects and Ideas
2013978-1-904991-65-6   ''201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Projects & Ideas
2007978-1-904991-66-3Deborah Schneebeli-MorrellBead & Button, Ribbon & Felt Jewellery: 35 Sewing-Box Treasures to Make and Give
2007978-1-904991-82-3Iain ZaczekThe Book of Irish Names
  ''978-1-904991-83-0Iain ZaczekThe Book of Scottish Names
2015978-1-904991-84-7Susie GreenAnimal Messages: Seek Inspiration from Your Animal Guides
2007978-1-904991-85-4Chrissie DayFelt Style: 35 Fashionable Accessories to Create and Wear
  ''978-1-904991-86-1Qu Lei LeiComplete Guide to Chinese Calligraphy: Discover the Five Major Scripts to Create Classic Characters and Beautiful Projects
  ''978-1-904991-87-8   ''The Complete Guide to Chinese Calligraphy: Discover the Five Major Scripts to Create Classic Characters and Beautiful Projects
  ''978-1-904991-88-5Liz Bauwens · Alexandra CampbellSimply Country: Creating Comfortable Style for Cottage Living
2007978-1-904991-89-2Liz Bauwens · Alexandra CampbellEasy Cottage Style: Comfortable Interiors for Country Living
  ''978-1-904991-92-2Chrissie DayQuick Crochet: 35 Fast, Fun Projects to Make in a Weekend
  ''978-1-904991-94-6Lillian Too168 Feng Shui Ways to Energize Your Life
2007978-1-904991-95-3Lillian TooLillian Too's 168 Feng Shui Ways to Energize Your Life
  ''978-1-904991-96-0Stephanie HoppenWhite on White: Creating Elegant Rooms with Shades of White
  ''978-1-904991-97-7Kate HaxellMy Knitting Journal
  ''978-1-904991-98-4Nina Campbell · Alexandra ParsonsElements of Design: Elegant Wisdom That Works for Every Room in Your Home
  ''978-1-904991-99-1Kate HaxellMy Beading Journal