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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-904871-03-3Peter KingTraditional Cattle Breeds: And How to Keep Them
  ''978-1-904871-05-7Rosamund YoungThe Secret Life of the Farm
  ''978-1-904871-07-1Derek ScrimgeourThe Shepherd's Pup
2005978-1-904871-09-5Derek ScrimgeourA Hill Shepherd Trains His Border Collies
  ''978-1-904871-10-1Carol HarrisA Guide to Traditional Pig Keeping
2007978-1-904871-11-8Rosamund YoungThe Secret Life of Cows
2005978-1-904871-12-5Paul PeacockA Good Life: John Seymour and His Self-Sufficiency Legacy
2006978-1-904871-13-2Paul PeacockJack Hargreaves: A Portrait
  ''978-1-904871-15-6Jayne NevilleThe Polytunnel Companion
2006978-1-904871-17-0Paul PeacockThe Sausage Book
2007978-1-904871-18-7Janice Houghton-WallaceNot Just for Christmas
2008978-1-904871-19-4Sue KendrickShowing Sheep: For Pleasure or Profit
2007978-1-904871-22-4Jane Upton · Dennis SodenAn Introduction to Keeping Sheep
  ''978-1-904871-23-1Paul PeacockThe Smoking and Curing Book
  ''978-1-904871-24-8   ''Cheese Making Book, The
2008978-1-904871-25-5Rory ClarkStyle and Manors
  ''978-1-904871-26-2Paul PeacockThe Pocket Book of Wild Food
2009978-1-904871-27-9   ''The Urban Farmer's Handbook - Living the Good Life in the City
2007978-1-904871-28-6   ''How to Butcher Livestock and Game
  ''978-1-904871-29-3Carol HarrisA Guide to Traditional Pig Keeping
2008978-1-904871-30-9Rosamund YoungFirst Buy a Field - The Realists Guide to Self-sufficiency
2008978-1-904871-32-3Joe JacobsBuild It!: DIY Projects for Farmers, Smallholders and Gardeners
  ''978-1-904871-37-8Andrew LeaCraft Cider Making
  ''978-1-904871-38-5Paul PeacockPrecycle!
  ''978-1-904871-39-2Peter KingAn Introduction to Keeping Cattle
  ''978-1-904871-40-8Derek ScrimgeourTalking Sheepdogs: Training Your Working Border Collie
2009978-1-904871-42-2Mike WoolnoughRaising Chickens
2009978-1-904871-43-9Joe JacobsBuild It!.... with Pallets
2017978-1-904871-44-6Paul PeacockThe Sausage Book
2009978-1-904871-51-4Russell LyonThe Smallholder's Guide to Animal Ailments
2004978-1-904871-52-1The Shepherd's Pup [DVD]
2009978-1-904871-55-2Piper TerrettThe Frugal Life: How to Spend Less and Live More
  ''978-1-904871-57-6Mike WoolnoughAny Fool Can Be A Middle Age Downshifter
  ''978-1-904871-59-0Anne HughesThe Diary of a Farmer's Wife - 1796 -1797
  ''978-1-904871-60-6Carol HarrisA Guide to Traditional Pig Keeping
  ''978-1-904871-61-3Paul PeacockThe Smoking and Curing Book - 2nd Edition
2009978-1-904871-62-0Brian TuckerMaking Country Wines, Ales and Cordials
  ''978-1-904871-64-4Tim TyneThe Sheep Book for Smallholders
2010978-1-904871-69-9Craig HughesUrban Beekeeping
  ''978-1-904871-70-5Mike WoolnoughWorms and Wormeries
  ''978-1-904871-71-2James RobertsonAny Fool Can Be A Pig Farmer
  ''978-1-904871-72-9James RobertsonAny Fool Can Be A Dairy Farmer
2010978-1-904871-74-3John ButterworthWoodburning: The Greener Way to Fuel Your Home
  ''978-1-904871-77-4Jane Upton and Denis SodenAn Introduction to Keeping Sheep
  ''978-1-904871-80-4Diana PeacockSoap Craft
  ''978-1-904871-82-8Jayne NevilleThe A-Z of Companion Planting
978-1-904871-97-2Building and using Your Clay Oven
2010978-1-904871-98-9Andrew G.H. LeaCraft Cider Making
  ''978-1-904871-99-6Arnold WilesThe Chicken Lover's Cartoon Book