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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-904853-02-2Freda WarringtonA Blackbird in Twilight: Bk. 4: The Fourth Book in the Blackbird Series
2004978-1-904853-03-9Michael CobleyIron Mosaic: A Collection of Short Stories
  ''978-1-904853-07-7Taylor EllwoodPop Culture Magick: An Exploration of Modern Magick
2005978-1-904853-09-1Storm ConstantineGrimoire Dehara - Kaimana: Book One (Wraeththu Mythos S.)
2004978-1-904853-10-7Ian WatsonWhores of Babylon
2005978-1-904853-16-9Nick FarrellGathering the Magic: Creating 21st Century Esoteric Groups
  ''978-1-904853-17-6Storm Constantine · Gabriel Strange · Lydia WoodWraeththu From Enchantment to Fulfilment: Core Rule Book (Wraeththu Chronicles)
  ''978-1-904853-18-3Michael MoorcockJerry Cornell's Comic Capers
  ''978-1-904853-19-0David BarnettHinterland
2007978-1-904853-20-6Storm ConstantineScenting Hallowed Blood
2005978-1-904853-21-3Craig HerbertsonSchool: The Seventh Silence
2005978-1-904853-23-7Phil EmeryNecromantra
2008978-1-904853-24-4Storm ConstantineStealing Sacred Fire
2005978-1-904853-25-1Philip WardPytho
  ''978-1-904853-26-8Taylor EllwoodSpace/Time Magic
  ''978-1-904853-27-5Storm ConstantineThe Hienama (Wraeththu Mythos)
  ''978-1-904853-28-2Victoria CopusStorm Constantine's Wraeththu Mythos 'Terzah's Sons' (Wraeththu Mythos S.)
2006978-1-904853-29-9Storm ConstantineThe Wraeththu Chronicles
  ''978-1-904853-32-9   ''Mythanima
2006978-1-904853-33-6Storm ConstantineStalking Tender Prey
2007978-1-904853-37-4   ''The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit (Wraeththu Chronicles)
  ''978-1-904853-40-4   ''The Bewitchments of Love and Hate (Wraeththu Chronicles)
2008978-1-904853-41-1   ''Student of Kyme (Wraeththu Mythos)
2007978-1-904853-42-8Eric Brown · Keith BrookeParallax View
  ''978-1-904853-43-5Fiona McGavinThe Fourth Cleansing (Dream and a Lie)
  ''978-1-904853-44-2Storm ConstantineThe Fulfilments of Fate and Desire (Wraeththu Chronicles)
  ''978-1-904853-49-7David BarnettAngelglass
2008978-1-904853-50-3Freda WarringtonA Blackbird in Silver Darkness (Blackbird S.)
2009978-1-904853-55-8Freda WarringtonA Blackbird in Amber Twilight
2008978-1-904853-57-2Storm ConstantineMythophidia: A Collection of Stories
2010978-1-904853-58-9   ''Mytholumina
2009978-1-904853-59-6   ''Mythangelus
  ''978-1-904853-61-9   ''Burying the Shadow
2008978-1-904853-62-6   ''The Hienama: A Story of the Sulh
2009978-1-904853-68-8Keith MillerThe Book on Fire
2010978-1-904853-69-5Storm ConstantineThe Thorn Boy and Other Tales of Dark Desire
  ''978-1-904853-73-2Storm Constantine · Wendy DarlingParagenesis: Stories from the Dawn of Wraeththu