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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-904808-00-8Lewis CarrollEachtraí Eilíse i dTír na nIontas (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Irish)
  ''978-1-904808-01-5Lewis CarrollEachtraí Eilíse i dTír Na nIontas: (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Irish)
2006978-1-904808-06-0Nicholas J.A. WilliamsEnglish-Cornish Dictionary: Gerlyver Sawsnek-Kernowek
2008978-1-904808-12-1Hugh McGregor RossThirty Essays on the Gospel of Thomas
2007978-1-904808-13-8Lewis CarrollEachtraí Eilíse i dTír na nIontas (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Irish)
2008978-1-904808-15-2Jules VerneCuairt na Cruinne in Ochtó Lá (Around the World in Eighty Days in Irish)
  ''978-1-904808-16-9Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
  ''978-1-904808-17-6George FoxGeorge Fox: A Christian Mystic
  ''978-1-904808-18-3Mark ShoulsonThe Torah: Jewish and Samaritan versions compared
2009978-1-904808-19-0Lewis CarrollAlys in Pow an Anethow (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Cornish)
2009978-1-904808-20-6Lewis CarrollLa Aventuroj de Alicio en Mirlando (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Esperanto)
  ''978-1-904808-21-3Jules VerneAdro dhe'n Bÿs in Peswar Ugans Dëdh (Around the World in Eighty Days in Cornish)
  ''978-1-904808-22-0Craig WeatherhillA Concise Dictionary of Cornish Place-Names
  ''978-1-904808-24-4Harriette Taylor Treadwell · Margaret FreeKensa Lyver Redya
  ''978-1-904808-25-1Patricia A Moore · Jill Charlotte StanfordGetting Your Goat: The Gourmet Guide
2009978-1-904808-29-9Lewis CarrollLastall den Scáthán agus a bhFuair Eilís Ann Roimpi (Through the Looking-Glass in Irish)
  ''978-1-904808-30-5Craig WeatherhillJowal Lethesow: Whedhel a'n West a Gernow (The Lyonesse Stone in Cornish)
  ''978-1-904808-32-9Ray ChubbSkeul an Tavas: A coursebook in Standard Cornish
  ''978-1-904808-34-3Keith SheppardWonderland Revisited and the Games Alice Played There
2010978-1-904808-37-4Henry JennerHenry Jenner's Handbook of the Cornish Language
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2010978-1-904808-43-5Jon HannaWhat thou wilt: Traditional and Innovative trends in Post-Gardnerian Witchcraft
  ''978-1-904808-45-9Lewis CarrollAlice's Abenteuer im Wunderland: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in German
  ''978-1-904808-53-4John RaeNew Adventures of Alice: A Sequel to Lewis Carroll's Wonderland
  ''978-1-904808-62-6Lewis CarrollAlice ehr Eventüürn in't Wunnerland
2011978-1-904808-64-0   ''Ailice's Àventurs in Wunnerland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Scots)
  ''978-1-904808-69-5   ''Alicia in Terra Mirabili: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Latin
2011978-1-904808-71-8Roparz HemonBreton Grammar
  ''978-1-904808-78-7Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
  ''978-1-904808-80-0   ''Alice's Carrànts in Wunnerlan (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in Ulster Scots)
2012978-1-904808-90-9J. R. R. TolkienAn Hobad, nó Anonn agus Ar Ais Arís (The Hobbit in Irish)
  ''978-1-904808-98-5Alison Tannenbaum · Byron W. Sewell · Charlie LovettThe Haunting of the Snarkasbord: A Portmanteau Inspired by Lewis Carroll's the Hunting of the Snark