Imaginative Minds

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-904806-01-1Lyn DawesThinking Together: A Programme of Activities for Developing Speaking, Listening and Thinking Skills for Children Aged 8-11
1987978-1-904806-04-2Howard Sharron · Martha CoulterChanging Children's Minds: Feuerstein's Revolution in the Teaching of Intelligence
2002978-1-904806-05-9Sandi Rickerby · Sue LambettListening Skills: Early Years
1999978-1-904806-06-6   ''Listening Skills: Key Stage 1
2006978-1-904806-08-0   ''Listening Skills: Key Stage 2
1999978-1-904806-09-7   ''Maths Listening Skills: Key Stage 1
  ''978-1-904806-10-3   ''Maths Listening Skills: Key Stage 2
2008978-1-904806-17-2David Walton · Sylvia LancasterBeowolf the Dragonslayer: A Scheme for Teaching English at KS1 and 2 Based on "Dragonslayer" by Rosemary Sutcliff
  ''978-1-904806-20-2Jon KurtaExtra Helpings
  ''978-1-904806-27-1Alan ParrAsteroid X: A Mathematical Adventure for KS2
  ''978-1-904806-28-8Alan ParrS.A.N.T.A. C.L.A.U.S.: A Mathematical Adventure Game for KS2 (Maths Adventure Games)
2008978-1-904806-29-5Alan ParrBlackbeard's Treasure: A Mathematical Adventure for KS2 (Maths Adventure Games)
  ''978-1-904806-42-4Alan PeatThe Key Stage 1 Poetry Pack
2010978-1-904806-70-7Alan ParrThe Haunted School (Maths Adventure Games)
2010978-1-904806-71-4Alan ParrThe House on the Hill (Maths Adventure Games)
  ''978-1-904806-72-1   ''The Great Jewel Robbery (Maths Adventure Games)