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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-904764-01-4Ernest Mathijs · Harry KümelThe Cinema of the Low Countries (24 Frames)
  ''978-1-904764-02-1John MercerMelodrama: Genre, Style and Sensibility (Short Cuts)
  ''978-1-904764-03-8Janet Mccabe · Terri MurrayFeminist Film Studies: Writing the Woman into Cinema (Short Cuts)
2005978-1-904764-04-5Anita BiressiReality TV: Realism and Revelation
  ''978-1-904764-06-9Leo EnticknapMoving Image Technology - from Zoetrope to Digital
2004978-1-904764-08-3Phil PowrieThe Trouble with Men: Masculinities in European and Hollywood Cinema
  ''978-1-904764-10-6Garry WatsonThe Cinema of Mike Leigh: A Sense of the Real
2004978-1-904764-11-3Justin Bowyer · Jinhee ChoiThe Cinema of Japan and Korea (Twenty-Four Frames)
  ''978-1-904764-12-0Justin Bowyer · Jinhee ChoiThe Cinema of Japan and Korea (24 Frames)
  ''978-1-904764-13-7Caroline HancockGet Your Film Funded: UK Film Finance Guide 2004
2005978-1-904764-14-4Ian ConrichThe Cinema of John Carpenter: The Technique of Terror
  ''978-1-904764-16-8Graeme HarperSigns of Life: Medicine and Cinema
2009978-1-904764-20-5Peter Hames · István SzabóThe Cinema of Central Europe (24 Frames)
2005978-1-904764-22-9Tytti Soila · Jacob NeiiendamThe Cinema of Scandinavia
  ''978-1-904764-24-3Andrew KlevanFilm Performance- from Achievement to Appreciation (Short Cuts S.)
2005978-1-904764-25-0Holly WillisNew Digital Cinema- Reinventing the Moving Image
2004978-1-904764-26-7Paul CoatesThe Red and the White: The Cinema of people's Poland
2005978-1-904764-27-4Paul CoatesThe Red and the White - The Cinema of People's Poland
2006978-1-904764-30-4Will BrookerThe Blade Runner Experience- The Legacy of A Science Fiction Classic
2005978-1-904764-31-1Will BrookerThe Blade Runner Experience- The Legacy of A Science Fiction Classic
2006978-1-904764-32-8Stacy GillisThe "Matrix" Trilogy: Cyberpunk Reloaded
2005978-1-904764-33-5Stacy GillisThe "Matrix" Trilogy: Cyberpunk Reloaded
  ''978-1-904764-37-3Susan SmithThe Musical: Race, Gender and Performance (Short Cuts)
  ''978-1-904764-38-0Brian McFarlane · Roy Ward BakerThe Cinema of Britain and Ireland (24 Frames)
  ''978-1-904764-40-3Milly WilliamsonThe Lure of the Vampire: Gender, Fiction and Fandom from Bram Stoker to Buffy
  ''978-1-904764-42-7Peter HamesThe Czechoslovak New Wave
2005978-1-904764-44-1Alberto Mira · Román GubernThe Cinema of Spain and Portugal
2006978-1-904764-46-5Phil Powrie · Michel MarieThe Cinema of France (24 Frames)
  ''978-1-904764-48-9Mark ShielItalian Neorealism- Rebuilding the Cinematic City
  ''978-1-904764-49-6Rob Mcinnes · Timothy SharyTeen Movies- American Youth on Screen
  ''978-1-904764-50-2Mark BouldFilm Noir: From Berlin to Sin City (Short Cuts (Wallflower))
2005978-1-904764-51-9Toby HaggithHolocaust and the Moving Image
  ''978-1-904764-52-6Toby HaggithThe Holocaust and the Moving Image
2006978-1-904764-54-0Guy WestwellWar Cinema: Hollywood on the Front Line (Short Cuts)
2006978-1-904764-55-7John OrrHitchcock and 20th Century Cinema
2005978-1-904764-57-1John Gibbs · Deborah Thomas · Ian Garwood · Douglas PyeClose-Up 01 - Filmmakers' Choices / The Pop Song in Film / Reading Buffy
2006978-1-904764-58-8Peter KrämerThe New Hollywood: From Bonnie and Clyde to Star Wars (Short Cuts (Wallflower))
  ''978-1-904764-59-5Paul WardDocumentary- the Margins of Reality
  ''978-1-904764-60-1Jerry White · Atom EgoyanThe Cinema of Canada (24 Frames)
  ''978-1-904764-62-5Stephanie Dennison · Song Hwee LimRemapping World Cinema: Identity, Culture and Politics in Film
  ''978-1-904764-64-9Ewout Van Der KnaapUncovering the Holocaust: The International Reception of Night and Fog
2006978-1-904764-65-6Ewout Van Der KnaapUncovering the Holocaust - The International Reception of Night and Fog
  ''978-1-904764-67-0Ewa Mazierska · Laura RascaroliCrossing New Europe: Postmodern Travel and the European Road Movie
  ''978-1-904764-69-4Geetha RamanathanFeminist Auteurs: Reading Women's Films
2007978-1-904764-71-7Lester D. FriedmanFires Were Started: British Cinema and Thatcherism
2006978-1-904764-73-1Tanya KrzywinskaSex and the Cinema
  ''978-1-904764-75-5John OrrThe Cinema of Roman Polanski: Dark Spaces of the World (Directors' Cuts)
2007978-1-904764-77-9James MorrisonThe Cinema of Todd Haynes: All That Heaven Allows (Directors' Cuts)
  ''978-1-904764-79-3Barry Keith GrantFilm Genre: From Iconography to Ideology (Short Cuts)
2006978-1-904764-80-9Dina IordanovaThe Cinema of the Balkans (24 Frames)
2006978-1-904764-82-3Ernest Mathijs"Lord of the Rings": Popular Culture in Global Context
  ''978-1-904764-84-7Daniel FramptonFilmosophy
  ''978-1-904764-86-1Graeme Harper · Rob StoneThe Unsilvered Screen: Surrealism on Film
2007978-1-904764-88-5Nigel MorrisThe Cinema of Steven Spielberg: Empire of Light (Directors' Cuts)
  ''978-1-904764-92-2Tamara FalicovThe Cinematic Tango: Contemporary Argentine Film
  ''978-1-904764-94-6Terri GinsbergHolocaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ideology
2007978-1-904764-95-3Terri GinsbergHolocaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ideology
  ''978-1-904764-96-0Geoff MayerThe Cinema of Australia and New Zealand (24 Frames)
  ''978-1-904764-98-4Birgit Beumers · Sergei BodrovThe Cinema of Russia and The Former Soviet Union (24 Frames)