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2004978-1-904668-00-8Angus KonstamHistorical Atlas of the Crusades (Historical Atlas S.)
2003978-1-904668-01-5Angus KonstamHistorical Atlas of the Celtic World
2004978-1-904668-02-2Karen FarringtonHistorical Atlas of Empires: From 4000 BC to the 21st Century
2003978-1-904668-03-9Jean KellawayThe History of Torture and Execution: From Early Civilization Through Medieval Times to the Present
2004978-1-904668-04-6Angus KonstamHistorical Atlas of the Napoleonic Era
2008978-1-904668-05-3Nick ConstableAtlas of Archaeology: The Past Unearthed and Brought Back to Life (Historical Atlas S.)
2007978-1-904668-06-0Angus KonstamThe History of Shipwrecks
2005978-1-904668-07-7Angus Konstam · David CordinglyThe History of Pirates
2006978-1-904668-08-4Angus KonstamHistorical Atlas of Exploration 1492-1600 (Historical Atlas S.)
2007978-1-904668-10-7   ''Historical Atlas of Medieval Europe
2008978-1-904668-11-4Norman Bancroft-HuntHistorical Atlas of Ancient America: Olmec, Toltec, Maya, Aztec
2004978-1-904668-12-1Angus KonstamHistorical Atlas of the Viking World
2006978-1-904668-13-8Karen FarringtonHistorical Atlas of Religions
2005978-1-904668-14-5   ''Historical Atlas of the Holy Lands
  ''978-1-904668-15-2Tim FurnissThe History of Space Exploration: And Its Future...
2006978-1-904668-16-9Angus KonstamHistorical Atlas of Ancient Greece
2004978-1-904668-17-6David NicolleHistorical Atlas of the Rise of Islam
2008978-1-904668-18-3Mark S. AsherAtlas of the Renaissance (Historical Atlas)
  ''978-1-904668-19-0David NicolleAtlas of Ancient Mesopotamia: 5th Millennium BC - 7th Century AD (Historical Atlas)
2005978-1-904668-40-4Angus KonstamGifts of Ancient Rome Poster (Historical Atlas S.)
2003978-1-904668-41-1W. H. Bartlett · J. Stirling CoyneThe Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland
2004978-1-904668-46-6Lorraine JohnsonHow to Restore and Repair Practically Everything
  ''978-1-904668-48-0Anthony Osmond-EvansIndia the Beautiful
  ''978-1-904668-49-7Anthony Osmond- EvansChina, the Beautiful
2004978-1-904668-52-7Colin ShearingGregorian Chants: An Illustrated History of Religious Chanting
2005978-1-904668-53-4Maria Mantovani · Renzo BarsottiTown Mouse and Country Mouse (Classic Fairy Tales)
  ''978-1-904668-54-1Maria Mantovani · Renzo BarsottiPinocchio (Classic Fairy Tales)
  ''978-1-904668-59-6Hans Christian AndersenThumbelina (Classic Fairy Tales)
  ''978-1-904668-67-1Charles AllenMaharajas: Resonance from the Past
  ''978-1-904668-77-0Gerry BaileyGreat Inventors: Locomotives, Bi-planes, Helicopters, Dynamos... the Science, the Models and You! (Crafty Inventions S.)
2005978-1-904668-80-0Felicia LawColour: A First Poem Book About Colour (Patchwork First Poem Books)
  ''978-1-904668-81-7Felicia LawSize: A First Poem Book About Size (Patchwork First Poem Books)
  ''978-1-904668-83-1   ''Family: A First Poem Book About Family (Patchwork First Poem Books)
  ''978-1-904668-84-8   ''Feelings: A First Poem Book About Feelings (Patchwork First Poem Books)
2005978-1-904668-86-2Felicia LawPicture Dictionary: A First See-and-Say Book (Patchwork First Poem Books)
  ''978-1-904668-87-9   ''Alphabet: A First ABC Book (Patchwork First Poem Books)
2004978-1-904668-89-3Vandana BhandariCostume, Textiles & Jewellery of India
2005978-1-904668-92-3Dr DaljeetThe Sikh Heritage
  ''978-1-904668-97-8Enid BlytonBright Light Enid Blyton Bedtime Stories