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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-904590-00-2Boff WhalleyFootnote*
  ''978-1-904590-01-9Trevor HoyleRule of Night
  ''978-1-904590-02-6Hunter DaviesThe Fan
  ''978-1-904590-03-3"Crass"Love Songs Crass
2006978-1-904590-04-0Christopher BarkerThe Arms of the Infinite
2004978-1-904590-05-7Ray GoslingSum Total
2005978-1-904590-08-8Barry HinesThe Price of Coal
  ''978-1-904590-09-5Barry HinesLooks and Smiles
2005978-1-904590-10-1Clancy SigalZone of the Interior
  ''978-1-904590-12-5Fred EyreKicked into Touch (plus Extra Time)
  ''978-1-904590-13-2Hunter DaviesMean with Money
2006978-1-904590-14-9   ''The Second Half
2007978-1-904590-17-0Mark HodkinsonBelieve in the Sign
2008978-1-904590-18-7Simon ArmitageThe Not Dead
2009978-1-904590-20-0Mark HodkinsonThe Last Mad Surge of Youth
  ''978-1-904590-21-7Ian McMillan · Martyn WhileyThe Richard Matthewman Stories
  ''978-1-904590-22-4Barry HinesThis Artistic Life
2010978-1-904590-23-1Kenneth SlawenskiJ. D. Salinger: A Life Raised High
2010978-1-904590-24-8Stuart MurdochThe Celestial Cafe
  ''978-1-904590-25-5Trevor HoyleDown the Figure 7
  ''978-1-904590-27-9Catherine SmythWeirdo. Mosher. Freak: (If Only They'd Stopped at Name Calling)
  ''978-1-904590-28-6Mark HodkinsonSpotland: The Sun Also Rises - And Other Football Stories
2012978-1-904590-29-3Simon ArmitageBlack Roses: the Killing of Sophie Lancaster