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2004978-1-904563-11-2Chris Steele-PerkinsEchoes
  ''978-1-904563-19-8Joan LiftinDrive-ins
2005978-1-904563-21-1Carrie Levy51 Months
2004978-1-904563-25-9Werner Bischof · Dieter BuchmannQuestions to My Father
  ''978-1-904563-29-7Bob Geldof · Jean-Francois LeroyiWITNESS
  ''978-1-904563-31-0Adam BroombergMr. Mkhize's Portrait and other stories from the new South Africa
  ''978-1-904563-32-7Klaus Zwangsleitner · Berlin PressBest Rejected Advertising (Best Rejected Advertising S.)
2004978-1-904563-33-4Klaus Zwangsleitner · Berlin PressOfficial Portraits
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2008978-1-904563-91-4Nicolas RighettiLove Me Turkmenistan