New Gnosis Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-904519-01-0Peter WilbergHead, Heart & Hara: The Soul Centers Of West And East: The Soul Centres of West and East
  ''978-1-904519-02-7Peter WilbergDeep Socialism: A New Manifesto of Marxist Ethics and Economics
  ''978-1-904519-03-4   ''Heidegger, Medicine and 'Scientific Method': The unheeded heritage of the Zollikon Seminars
2004978-1-904519-04-1   ''The Qualia Revolution: From Quantum Physics to Cosmic Qualia Science
  ''978-1-904519-05-8   ''The Therapist as Listener: Martin Heidegger and the Missing Dimension of Counselling and Psychotherapy Training
2008978-1-904519-06-5   ''The Science Delusion - Why God is real and science is religious myth: 1
2003978-1-904519-07-2Peter WilbergFrom New Age to New Gnosis: On the Contemporary Significance of a New Gnostic Spirituality
2008978-1-904519-08-9   ''Heidegger, Phenomenology And Indian Thought
  ''978-1-904519-09-6Acharya Peter WilbergThe Awareness Principle: A Radical New Philosophy Of Life, Science And Religion - New Expanded Edition
  ''978-1-904519-10-2Peter WilbergThe Qualia Revolution: From Quantum Physics To Cosmic Qualia Science - 2Nd Edition
2009978-1-904519-12-6   ''The New Yoga - Tantra Reborn: The Sensuality and Sexuality of our immortal Soul Body: 1