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2003978-1-904468-00-4David BirdNo Trump Contracts: Essential Bridge Plays
  ''978-1-904468-01-1Brian SeniorSuit Contracts: Essential Bridge Plays
  ''978-1-904468-02-8Philip J. Carter · Ken Russell400 IQ Puzzles: Boost Your Brain Power
  ''978-1-904468-03-5Philip J. Carter · Ken Russell200 Word Puzzles: Boost Your Brain Power
  ''978-1-904468-06-6Andrew KinsmanPoker on the Internet
2004978-1-904468-07-3Stewart ReubenHow Good is Your Pot Limit Omaha?
2004978-1-904468-08-0Stewart ReubenHow Good is Your Pot Limit Hold'Em?
2003978-1-904468-09-7Sally BrockDefensive Plays
2004978-1-904468-10-3Philip J. Carter · KEN RUSSELLHow to Solve IQ Puzzles: Boost Your Brain Power
  ''978-1-904468-13-4Angus DunningtonGambling Online
  ''978-1-904468-14-1Sally BrockConcise Bridge: The Compact Guide for Beginners
2005978-1-904468-15-8Byron Jacobs · Jim BrierHow Good is Your Limit Hold'em?
  ''978-1-904468-16-5Stewart ReubenPoker 24/7: 35 Years as a Poker Pro
  ''978-1-904468-17-2Tony Buzan · Ray KeeneBuzan's Book of Mental World Records
2005978-1-904468-18-9Philip J. CarterBoost Your Interview Test Performance: Increase Your Chances of Climbing the Corporate Ladder
  ''978-1-904468-21-9Byron JacobsBeginners Guide to Limit Hold'em
  ''978-1-904468-23-3Rolf Slotboom · Drew MasonHold'em on the Come: Limit Hold'em Strategy for Drawing Hands
2006978-1-904468-25-7Alan Ross250 Kakuro Puzzles
2008978-1-904468-29-5Carl SampsonSecrets of Professional Limit Hold'em: Learn How the Pros Think
2006978-1-904468-30-1Rolf SlotboomSecrets of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha: How to Win Big, Both Live and Online
  ''978-1-904468-34-9Carl SampsonPrinces of Darkness: The World of High Stakes Blackjack
2008978-1-904468-35-6Byron JacobsHow Good Is Your Limit Hold'em? 2
2007978-1-904468-36-3Barry TanenbaumAdvanced Limit Hold'em Strategy
  ''978-1-904468-37-0Terry Borer · Lawrence Mak · Barry TanenbaumLimit Hold'em: Winning Short-handed Strategies - Techniques for Limit Hold'em Games with Six Players or Less
2008978-1-904468-38-7Carl SampsonKiller Roulette: How to Beat the Unbeatable (D&B Poker)
2008978-1-904468-39-4Philip J. Carter · Ken Russell1000 IQ Puzzles
  ''978-1-904468-40-0Rolf SlotboomSecrets of Professional Poker , Volume 1: Winning Strategies for Limit Hold em, No-Limit Hold’em and Omaha
2009978-1-904468-41-7Danny AshmanSecrets of Short-handed No-limit Hold'em: Winning Strategies for Short-handed and Heads Up Play (D&B Poker)
2008978-1-904468-42-4Carolyn NichollsBody, Breath and Being: A New Guide to the Alexander Technique
  ''978-1-904468-43-1Phil ShawSecrets of Sit'n'gos: winning strategies for single-table poker tournaments
2009978-1-904468-44-8Rolf Slotboom · Rob HollinkSecrets of Short-handed Pot-limit Omaha: How to Beat PLO Games with Six or Fewer Players (D&B Poker)
2010978-1-904468-52-3Phil ShawSecrets of Non-standard Sit 'n' Gos (D & B Poker)
2011978-1-904468-55-4Byron JacobsThink Like a Poker Pro: How to Study, Plan and Play Like a Professional (D&B Poker Series)
  ''978-1-904468-56-1Jonathan LittleSecrets of Professional Tournament Poker: v. 1: Fundamentals and How to Handle Varying Stack Sizes (D&B Poker Series)
  ''978-1-904468-57-8Danny AshmanDominate No-limit Hold'em: A Guide to the Math and Psychology of NLHE (D&B Poker Series)
2012978-1-904468-58-5Jonathan LittleSecrets of Professional Tournament Poker: v. 2 (D&B Poker)
2012978-1-904468-79-0Carolyn NichollsThe Posture Workbook: Free Yourself from Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain with the Alexander Technique
  ''978-1-904468-94-3Will TiptonExpert Heads Up No Limit Hold'em: v. 1 (D&B Poker)