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2004978-1-904435-00-6Michael van StratenThe Superfood Pocketbook: 100 Top Foods for Health
2003978-1-904435-02-0Thomas StuttafordWhat's up Doc? Understanding your Common Symptoms: Health Matters
  ''978-1-904435-03-7Rose ElliotForget the Lentils - Just Spoil Yourself: Veg Matters
  ''978-1-904435-05-1Joseph ConnollyChristmas and How to Survive it: Laughter Matters
  ''978-1-904435-06-8Celia HaddonHow to Read Your Cat's Mind: Purring Matters
  ''978-1-904435-07-5Salvatore CalabreseHow to Cure a Hangover: Hair of the Dog (Little Book Matters)
2003978-1-904435-08-2Antony Worrall ThompsonHow to Buy and Cook Real Meat: Well-bred, Well-fed, Well-hung (Little Book Matters)
2004978-1-904435-09-9Tom StuttafordStress and How to Avoid it
2003978-1-904435-10-5Lois BourneSpells to Change Your Life: Magic Matters (Little Book Matters)
2004978-1-904435-19-8Rose ElliotThe Pasta Pocketbook: 100 Fast, Fresh and Fabulous Suppers
  ''978-1-904435-23-5Charles MacLeanMacLean's Miscellany of Whisky
  ''978-1-904435-28-0Desmond MorrisThe Nature of Happiness (Little Book Matters)
  ''978-1-904435-30-3Bruce Fogle · Gray JolliffeDialogues with dogs: Why Dogs Behave the Way They Do
  ''978-1-904435-31-0Celia HaddonChats with Cats: How to Read Your Cat's Mind
2005978-1-904435-32-7G SohMen Are from Earth. Women Are from Earth: Deal with It
2004978-1-904435-33-4Rose ElliotRose Elliot's Mediterranean Feasts
2004978-1-904435-34-1Denise RobertsonThe Beloved People (Beloved People Trilogy)
  ''978-1-904435-35-8Denise RobertsonStrength for the Morning (Beloved People Trilogy)
2005978-1-904435-36-5Ben TidsallDispatches from the Heart: Love Letters from the Front Line
  ''978-1-904435-37-2Denise RobertsonTowards Jerusalem (Belgate Trilogy 3)
  ''978-1-904435-38-9Valerie MartinLove
  ''978-1-904435-41-9Michael van StratenSuperfeast: Foods and Juices for Health and Healing
2005978-1-904435-42-6Denise RobertsonThe Bad Sister
  ''978-1-904435-43-3T. E. LawrenceLawrence of Arabia: The Selected Letters
  ''978-1-904435-46-4Denise RobertsonRelax It's Only a Baby: The No-Fuss Guide to Parenting
  ''978-1-904435-47-1   ''The Bad Sister
  ''978-1-904435-48-8Madeline SwanA Curious History of Cats
2006978-1-904435-52-5Allen PatersonA History of the Fragrant Rose
2006978-1-904435-53-2Peter GayFreud: A Life for Our Time
  ''978-1-904435-54-9Desmond MorrisWatching: Encounters with Humans and Other Animals
  ''978-1-904435-55-6Denise RobertsonWait for the Day
  ''978-1-904435-57-0Desmond MorrisThe Nature of Happiness
  ''978-1-904435-58-7Celia HaddonChats with Cats: How to Read Your Cats Mind
2006978-1-904435-59-4Bruce FogleDialogues with Dogs: Why Dogs Behave the Way They Do
  ''978-1-904435-60-0Malcolm BrownThe Wipers Times: The Complete Series of the Famous Wartime Trench Newspaper
  ''978-1-904435-61-7Myriam AnissimovPrimo Levi: Tragedy of an Optimist
  ''978-1-904435-63-1Charles MacleanCharles MacLean's Whisky Tales
2007978-1-904435-66-2Malcolm BrownSuffering from Cheerfulness: Poems and Parodies from "The Wipers Times"
  ''978-1-904435-69-3Bookey PeekAll the Way Home: Stories from an African Wildlife Sanctuary
2007978-1-904435-73-0Jane AustenPride and Prejudice (Max Literary Classics S.)
  ''978-1-904435-74-7Malcolm BrownLawrence of Arabia: The Selected Letters
  ''978-1-904435-75-4Allen PatersonA History of the Fragrant Rose
  ''978-1-904435-79-2Madeline SwanA Curious History of Cats
  ''978-1-904435-80-8Rudyard KiplingO Beloved Kids: Rudyard Kipling's Letters to His Children
2007978-1-904435-84-6Denise RobertsonAgony? Don't Get Me Started.
  ''978-1-904435-85-3   ''A Relative Freedom
  ''978-1-904435-88-4Charles ElliottGardener's Cuttings
  ''978-1-904435-89-1Anthony HoldenOlivier
  ''978-1-904435-92-1Charles MacLeanMacLean's Miscellany of Whisky
2008978-1-904435-93-8Michael Van StratenSuperfood Pocketbook: 100 Top Foods for Health
2008978-1-904435-95-2Denise RobertsonThe Second Wife
  ''978-1-904435-97-6   ''The Promise
  ''978-1-904435-99-0Matthew ParrisScorn