year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-904421-02-3   ''Spelling Made Easy: Level 2 Textbook: The Adventures of Augustus
  ''978-1-904421-03-0   ''Spelling Made Easy: Level 3 Textbook
1987978-1-904421-04-7   ''Spelling Made Easy: Introductory Level Photocopiable Worksheets
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1988978-1-904421-06-1Violet BrandSpelling Made Easy: Level 2 Photocopiable Worksheets
1989978-1-904421-07-8   ''Spelling Made Easy: Level 3 Worksheets
1996978-1-904421-08-5   ''Spelling Made Easy: be the Teacher: Proofreading Activities, Photocopiable Masters Book 1: Corresponding to "Spelling Made Easy" Introductory Level and Level 1
  ''978-1-904421-09-2   ''Spelling Made Easy: be the Teacher: Proof Reading Activities, Photocopiable Masters Book 2: Corresponding to "Spelling Made Easy" Level 2 and Level 3
1986978-1-904421-10-8   ''Remedial Spelling (Spelling Made Easy)
1990978-1-904421-11-5Violet BrandPut it Right: Proofreading Activities, Photocopiable Masters: Proof-Reading Passages to Assess Specific Spelling Difficulties in Teenagers and Adults (Spelling Made Easy)
2005978-1-904421-14-6Violet Brand · Katy BrandFun with Phonics: Worksheets Introductory level (Spelling Made Easy)
  ''978-1-904421-15-3   ''Fun with Phonics: Worksheets Level 1 (Spelling Made Easy)
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  ''978-1-904421-17-7   ''Fun with Phonics: Worksheets Level 3 (Spelling Made Easy)