year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-904392-00-2Gregory Y.H. Lip · W.K. LeeThe Year in Hypertension
  ''978-1-904392-01-9J. Barter · N. HamptonThe Year in Gynaecology 2002
2003978-1-904392-02-6R. GomisThe Year in Diabetes 2002
  ''978-1-904392-03-3K. Ray Chaudhuri · Simon Lovestone · M. Walker · N.S. Ward · M.M. Brown · K.M. WelchThe Year in Neurology 2003
2007978-1-904392-04-0G. ThakerThe Year in Schizophrenia Vol 1 (Year in Schizophrenia S.)
2003978-1-904392-05-7S.T. Holgate · S.H. ArshadThe Year in Allergy 2003
  ''978-1-904392-06-4Paul Abrams · H. Schwaibold · J.D. GrahamThe Year in Urology 2003
  ''978-1-904392-07-1P. Durrington · J.P. Miller · J.A.E. Rees · M.I. MacknessThe Year in Dyslipidaemia
2003978-1-904392-09-5D. Scott · Andrew CopeThe Year in Rheumatic Disorders
  ''978-1-904392-10-1Janet Barter · Naomi HamptonThe Year in Gynaecology
2004978-1-904392-11-8Bernhard MeierInterventional Cardiology - An Atlas of Investigation and Therapy
2003978-1-904392-12-5C.P. ConlonThe Year in Infection 2003
  ''978-1-904392-13-2Gregory Y.H. LipThe Year in Hypertension
  ''978-1-904392-14-9A.P. Banning · Pim J. de FeyterThe Year in Interventional Cardiology
2008978-1-904392-15-6Edward D. Frohlich · Hector O. VenturaHypertension (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2005978-1-904392-16-3Adrian Jones · Michael DohertyOesteoarthritis: An Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis: An Atlas of Investigation and Management
  ''978-1-904392-17-0Sanjay Saini · Lorenzo Bonomo · Evelyn Teasdale · Richard D. WhiteThe Year in Radiology: Advances in MDCT: Special Issue: Advances in Mdct Vol 1
2007978-1-904392-18-7S. JohnstonAsthma: An Atlas of Investigation and Management
2005978-1-904392-19-4A. Hill · W.H.B. Wallace · F.X. EmmanuelPulmonary Infection - An Atlas of Investigation and Management
2004978-1-904392-20-0Simon Page · Anastasios GazisThe Year in Diabetes 2004: 2004
2004978-1-904392-21-7P. Durrington · M.I. Mackness · J.P. Miller · J.A.E. ReesThe Year in Dyslipidaemia 2004
  ''978-1-904392-22-4Edward FaughtThe Year in Neurology 2004
  ''978-1-904392-23-1M. Rees · L.G. KeithThe Year in Post-menopausal Health 2004
2005978-1-904392-24-8S.H. Arshad · S.T. Holgate · N.F. Adkinson Nr · K.S. BabuAllergy - An Atlas of Investigation and Management: An Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis
2004978-1-904392-25-5S.T. HolgateThe Year in Allergy 2004
2008978-1-904392-26-2Anthony D. Woolf · Kristina AkessonOsteoporosis (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2004978-1-904392-27-9A. D. Woolf · Kristina Åkesson · S. AdamiThe Year in Osteoporosis Volume 1
  ''978-1-904392-28-6H. GavrasThe Year in Hypertension 2004
  ''978-1-904392-29-3Rajan Madhok · Hilary CapellYear in Rheumatic Disorders 2004: v.1: Vol 1
2005978-1-904392-30-9Paul Abrams · John L. Probert · Hartwig Schwaibold · J.D. GrahamThe Year in Urology: v. 2
2004978-1-904392-31-6Adam T. Hill · T. Mackay · R. Fergusson · P. Reid · John SimpsonThe Year in Respiratory Medicine 2004
2005978-1-904392-32-3M. WilcoxThe Year in Infection: v. 2
2005978-1-904392-33-0A.P. Banning · C. Di MarioYear in Interventional Cardiology 2004: v. 3
2006978-1-904392-34-7Steen D. Kristensen · R De Caterina · D.J. MoliternoTherapeutic Strategies in Thrombosis
2009978-1-904392-35-4Rajan MadhokRheumatoid Arthritis (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
  ''978-1-904392-36-1A.H. Barnett · R.A. DefronzoDiabetes: An Atlas of Investigation and Management (Atlases)
2007978-1-904392-37-8D. W. McKeel · T. M. Meuser · J. Burns · J.C. MorrisDementia: An Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2005978-1-904392-38-5Ileana Piña · Sidney Goldstein · Mark E. DunlapThe Year in Heart Failure: v.1: Vol 1
  ''978-1-904392-39-2J. LevyThe Year in Renal Medicine: v. 1
2007978-1-904392-40-8C.W. Yancy · J. YoungHeart Failure (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2006978-1-904392-41-5George L. BakrisTherapeutic Strategies in Hypertension
2005978-1-904392-42-2M. Cazzola · B. Celli · R. Dahl · S. RennardTherapeutic Strategies in COPD
2004978-1-904392-43-9M. Cazzola · R. Dahl · B. Celli · S. RennardTherapeutic Strategies in COPD
2007978-1-904392-44-6J. Davignon · R. DufourPrimary Hyperlipidemias: Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2004978-1-904392-46-0John Simpson · Ann MillarAdv in Pulm Fibro
2005978-1-904392-47-7J. Hunter · Tim M. Cook · Hans-Joachim Priebe · Michel M.R.F. StruysThe Year in Anaesthesia and Critical Care: v. 1
  ''978-1-904392-48-4N. Zein · B. LashnerThe Year in Gastroenterology and Hepatology: v. 1
  ''978-1-904392-50-7D. J. Webb · K. R. Paterson · D. A. FlockhartThe Year in Therapeutics: Vol 1
2005978-1-904392-52-1P. Hillmen · T.E. WitzigTherapeutic Strategies in Lymphoid Malignancy: An Immunotherapeutic Approach
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2010978-1-904392-54-5D.R. Nair · R. O'DwyerEpilepsy (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2006978-1-904392-55-2M. VaeziEsophageal Diseases - Atlas of Investigation and Management
  ''978-1-904392-56-9H. BrunnerThe Year in Hypertension v.6
  ''978-1-904392-57-6Rajan Madhok · H. Capell · H.S. LuthraThe Year in Rheumatic Disorders: v.5
  ''978-1-904392-58-3C. W. Ritchie · David Ames · C.L. Masters · J. CummingsTherapeutic Strategies in Dementia
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2006978-1-904392-60-6S.H. Arshad · Stephen T. HolgateThe Year in Allergy v. 3 (Year in Allergy S.)
  ''978-1-904392-61-3L. Kennedy · I. Idris · A. GazisProblem Solving in Diabetes
2006978-1-904392-62-0K. Akesson · J.D. Adachi · A.D. WoolfThe Year in Osteoporosis v.2 (Year in Osteoporosis S.)
2008978-1-904392-63-7P.J. De Feyter · MD FAHA Paul Schoenhagen · Renate Hammerstingl · B. FeragalliRadiology: Advances in MDCT v. 2 (Year in Radiology Special Issue)
  ''978-1-904392-64-4I.M. Graham · Ralph B. D'AgostinoCardiovascular Risk (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
  ''978-1-904392-65-1J.L. ProbertUrology Atlas (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2006978-1-904392-66-8J.M. Hunter · T. Cook · H.J. Priebe · M. StruysThe Year in Anaesthesia and Critical Care v.1
2007978-1-904392-67-5Barbara Bain · Estella MatutesLymphoid Malignancies: v. 1 (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2009978-1-904392-68-2Evelyn Teasdale · L. Walker · S. AitkenMultidetector CT in Neuroimaging (Atlas and Practical Guide)
2007978-1-904392-70-5R. PolosaTherapeutic Strategies in Asthma: Modern Therapeutic Targets
2009978-1-904392-71-2M. Cazzola · S. Sethi · F. Blasi · A. AnzuetoAcute Exacerbations in COPD (Therapeutic Strategies) (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2006978-1-904392-72-9R.A. SalataThe Year in Infection v. 3 (Year in Infection S.)
2007978-1-904392-73-6S Lanham-NewManaging Osteoporosis
2008978-1-904392-75-0Robert A. Salata · David A. BobakEmerging Infections (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2007978-1-904392-76-7J. S. C. EnglishGeneral Dermatology: An Atlas of Diagnosis and Management (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2006978-1-904392-79-8L. Kennedy · A. BasuProblem Solving in Endocrinology and Metabolism
2008978-1-904392-80-4J.A. French · Norman DelantyEpilepsy (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2006978-1-904392-81-1N. Zein · B. LashnerThe Year in Gastroenterology and Hepatology v. 2 (Gastroentology & Hepatology)
  ''978-1-904392-82-8J.L. Probert · H. SchwaiboldThe Year in Urology v. 3 (Year in Urology S.)
2011978-1-904392-83-5S.J. Dancer · A. SeatonProblem Solving in Infection (Problem Solving series)
2007978-1-904392-84-2D. O'Donnell · M. Leahy · M. Marples · A. Protheroe · P. SelbyProblem Solving in Oncology (Problem Solving)
2008978-1-904392-85-9K. Pile · L. KennedyProblem Solving in Rheumatology
2011978-1-904392-86-6R.M. LeachProblem Solving in Respiratory Medicine and Allergy (Problem Solving series)
2009978-1-904392-87-3N. Schaper · C.D.A. StehouwerDiabetes (Therapeutic Strategies) (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2007978-1-904392-88-0Mark Feneley · H PayneProstate Cancer (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2011978-1-904392-89-7J. Holton · D. Vaira · N. FiguraHelicobacter Pylori (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
  ''978-1-904392-90-3A.J. Rodger · T.W. Mahungu · M.A. JohnsonHIV/AIDS (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2007978-1-904392-91-0C.F. Donner · M. CaroneClinical Challenges in COPD
2015978-1-904392-94-1M. Cazzola · E. F. M. Wouters · Robert A. StockleyCOPD as a Systemic Disease (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2008978-1-904392-95-8J.M. Dixon · M D BarberBreast Cancer (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2007978-1-904392-96-5Chris PackardThe Year in Lipid Disorders v. 1
2010978-1-904392-97-2A. Bush · J. DaviesPaediatric Respiratory Disease - Airways and Infection (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2011978-1-904392-98-9M.A. Crook at al.Cardiovascular Risk (Problem Solving)
2008978-1-904392-99-6Vivian A. FonsecaMetabolic Syndrome (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)

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