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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-904339-00-7Nick GoldenRational Reinsurance Buying
2003978-1-904339-06-9Bernd SchererAsset and Liability Management Tools
  ''978-1-904339-08-3Michael GordyCredit Risk Modelling: The Cutting-edge Collection - Technical Papers Published in Risk 1999-2003
  ''978-1-904339-10-6Nigel ScottAgribusiness and Commodity Risk: Strategies and Management
  ''978-1-904339-12-0Jon GregoryCredit Derivatives: The Definitive Guide
  ''978-1-904339-15-1Michael K. OngThe Basel Handbook: A Guide for Financial Practitioners
2003978-1-904339-17-5Hai XinCurrency Overlay: A Practical Guide
  ''978-1-904339-18-2Jessica JamesCurrency Management: Overlay and Alpha Trading
2004978-1-904339-19-9Vincent KaminskiManaging Energy Price Risk: The New Challenges and Solutions (Third Edition)
  ''978-1-904339-20-5Eugene N. GurenkoCatastrophe Risk and Reinsurance: A Country Risk Management Perspective
  ''978-1-904339-21-2David ShimkoCredit Risk: Models and Management
  ''978-1-904339-23-6Cyriel de Jong · Kasper WaletA Guide to Emissions Trading: Risk Management and Business Implications
2004978-1-904339-26-7William PerraudinStructured Credit Products: Pricing, Rating, Risk Management and Basel II
  ''978-1-904339-30-4Bernd SchererPortfolio Construction and Risk Budgeting
  ''978-1-904339-31-1Sam WilkinCountry and Political Risk: Practical Insights for Global Finance
  ''978-1-904339-32-8Robert BensonWealth Manager's Guide to Structured Products
  ''978-1-904339-34-2Marcelo G. CruzOperational Risk Modelling and Analysis: Theory and Practice
2004978-1-904339-36-6Ashish DevEconomic Capital: A Practitioner Guide
2006978-1-904339-39-7Iman Van LelyveldEconomic Capital Modelling: Concepts, Measurement and Implementation
2005978-1-904339-40-3Virginia Reynolds ParkerManaging Hedge Fund Risk: Strategies and Insights from Investors, Counterparties, Hedge Funds and Regulators
  ''978-1-904339-42-7Vincent KaminskiEnergy Modelling: Advances in the Management of Uncertainty
2006978-1-904339-43-4Mohan BhatiaCredit Risk Management and Basel: An Implementation Guide
  ''978-1-904339-45-8Jorn RankCopulas: From Theory to Application in Finance
2005978-1-904339-46-5Ellen Leander DavisOperational Risk: Practical Approaches to Implementation
  ''978-1-904339-50-2Edward Altman · Andrea Resti · Andrea SironiRecovery Risk: The Next Challenge in Credit Risk Management
2006978-1-904339-51-9Thomas KaiserAn Introduction to Operational Risk: A Practitioner Guide
  ''978-1-904339-55-7Michael K. OngThe Basel Handbook: A Guide for Financial Practitioners
2010978-1-904339-56-4Alex KrutovInvesting in Insurance Risk: Insurance-Linked Securities - A Practitioner's Perspective
2005978-1-904339-60-1Brice BenabenInflation-linked Products: A Guide for Investors and Asset and Liability Managers
2005978-1-904339-62-5Kenny TangThe Finance of Climate Change: A Guide for Governments, Corporations and Investors
  ''978-1-904339-66-3Bernd SchererLiability Hedging and Portfolio Choice
2007978-1-904339-69-4   ''Portfolio Construction and Risk Budgeting (3rd ed)
2005978-1-904339-70-0Tim GoughANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING
2006978-1-904339-72-4Dev Ashish · Rao VandanaPerformance Measurement in Financial Institutions in an ERM Framework: A Practitioner Guide
2005978-1-904339-76-2Michael PykhtinCounterparty Credit Risk Modelling: Risk Management Pricing and Regulation
2007978-1-904339-79-3Rene DoffRisk Management for Insurers: Risk Control, Economic Capital and Solvency II
2006978-1-904339-82-3Timothy P. RyanPortfolio Analysis: Advanced Topics in Performance Measurement, Risk and Attribution
  ''978-1-904339-88-5Ellen F. DavisThe Advanced Measurement Approach to Operational Risk
  ''978-1-904339-90-8Mark BermanHedge Funds and Prime Brokers
  ''978-1-904339-92-2Pablo TrianaCorporate Derivatives: Practical Insights for Real-Life Understanding: A Practitioners Guide
2007978-1-904339-93-9Carl R. BaconAdvanced Portfolio Attribution Analysis
2006978-1-904339-94-6James ToddInterest Rate Derivatives: A Practical Guide to Applications, Pricing and Modelling
2006978-1-904339-96-0Akkizidis Ioannis · Kalyvas Lampros · Zourka Ioanna · Bouchereau VivianneIntegrating Market, Credit and Operational Risk: A Complete Guide for Bankers and Risk Professionals
2010978-1-904339-99-1Mark BermanHedge Funds and Prime Brokers - 2nd Edition