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2003978-1-904332-08-4Tony WorobiecGHOSTS IN THE WILDERNESS: Abandoned America
  ''978-1-904332-09-1Tony Worobiec · Eva WorobiecVerlassenes Amerika
  ''978-1-904332-10-7John Grant · Elizabeth Humphrey · Pamela D. ScovilleChesley Awards For Science Fiction & Fantasy Art,: A Retrospective
2004978-1-904332-13-8David HardyFUTURES: 50 YEARS IN SPACE
  ''978-1-904332-17-6Cameron BrownThe Landscape of London: 50 Years of Space Art
  ''978-1-904332-18-3John GrantDIGITAL ART FOR THE 21ST CENTURY: Renderosity
2003978-1-904332-19-0AAPPLGHOSTS OF THE WILDERNESS - COLLECTORS EDITION: Abandoned America
2005978-1-904332-22-0Cameron BrownWIMBLEDON: Facts, Figures and Fun (Facts, Figures & Fun)
2005978-1-904332-24-4Maxine GaddFaeries and Other Fantastical Folk: The Faery Paintings of Maxine Gadd
2006978-1-904332-33-6Eve DevereuxLove and Romance: Facts, Figures & Fun
  ''978-1-904332-34-3Paul BarnettBeer: Facts, Figures and Fun (Facts Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-38-1Mike EvansMUSICALS: Facts, Figures and Fun (Facts Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-39-8John GrantNoir Movies: Facts Figures and Fun (Facts Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-40-4Liam McCannThe Olympics (Facts Figures & Fun)
2007978-1-904332-41-1Patrick MooreOUR UNIVERSE: Facts, Figures and Fun (Facts Figures & Fun)
2006978-1-904332-43-5Cameron BrownThe Landscape of London
2006978-1-904332-46-6Nigel SucklingWerewolves (Facts Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-47-3Nigel SucklingWITCHES (Facts Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-48-0   ''VAMPIRES (Facts Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-49-7John GrantDiscarded Science: Ideas That Seemed Good at the Time
  ''978-1-904332-52-7   ''Animated Movies: Facts, Figures and Fun (Facts, Figures & Fun)
2006978-1-904332-53-4Mike EvansCountry Music: Facts, Figures and Fun (Facts, Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-54-1Liam McCannRUGBY (Facts Figures & Fun)
2007978-1-904332-56-5Anne SudworthGothic Fantasies: The Paintings of Anne Sudworth
2006978-1-904332-60-2Patrick Moore50 YEARS IN SPACE: What We Thought Then What We Know Now...
  ''978-1-904332-62-6Rudy A. SwaleOVER 1000 JOKES YOU COULD NEVER TELL YOUR MOTHER
  ''978-1-904332-64-0Liam McCannThe Sledger's Handbook: How to Deliver the Perfect Cricketing Insult
2007978-1-904332-65-7Ed HarrisGOLF: Facts, Figures and Fun (Facts, Figures & Fun)
2007978-1-904332-66-4Liam McCannCRICKET: Facts, Figures and Fun (Facts Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-69-5Gavin SmithWHISKY: A BRIEF HISTORY (Facts Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-72-5Ed HicksTHROUGH A FAERY STONE: The Secret World of Faerie
  ''978-1-904332-73-2John GrantCORRUPTED SCIENCE: Fraud, Ideology and Politics in Science
  ''978-1-904332-76-3Liam McCannBORN TO DRIBBLE (Facts Figures & Fun)
2008978-1-904332-78-7Tony Worobiec · Eva WorobiecIcons of the Highway: A Celebration of Small-town America
2008978-1-904332-79-4Cameron Brown · Sampson LloydScottish Castles
  ''978-1-904332-80-0John TicknerCHINA-LAST STEAM RAILWAY: The World's Last Steam Railway
  ''978-1-904332-82-4Nigel SucklingBook of the Vampire
  ''978-1-904332-83-1J.C. BrownCarnival Masks of Venice: A Photographic Essay
2009978-1-904332-87-9John GrantBogus Science: Ideas That Fool Some of the People All of the Time (Facts Figures & Fun)
  ''978-1-904332-88-6Linda RavenscroftEnchanted: The Faery and Fantasy Art of Linda Ravenscroft
2009978-1-904332-90-9Ian PayLondon's Bridges: The Bridges of the Royal River

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