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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-904301-00-4Vincent BanvilleAn End to Flight
  ''978-1-904301-01-1Robert NicholsonThe Ulysses Guide: Tours Through Joyce's Dublin
  ''978-1-904301-04-2Christopher Fitz-SimonBoys, The: A Biography of Micheal Mac Liammoir and Hilton Edwards
  ''978-1-904301-05-9Kevin RafterMartin Mansergh: A Biography
  ''978-1-904301-06-6Fiona O'BrienCharity
2002978-1-904301-07-3Linda NaughtonHow to Mow the Lawn: Gardening for Beginners: Gardening for Idiots
  ''978-1-904301-08-0Patrick GalvinThe Raggy Boy Trilogy
2004978-1-904301-10-3Galvin TomThe Little Book of Dublin
2002978-1-904301-11-0Evelyn Conlon · Hans Christian OeserCutting the Night in Two: Short Stories by Irish Women Writers
2005978-1-904301-12-7Ladies Night at Finbar's Hotel
978-1-904301-14-1Lindie NaughtonHow to Mow the Lawn
2002978-1-904301-16-5Unknown FanThe Little Book of Roy Keane
2004978-1-904301-18-9Dermot BolgerThe Chosen Moment
  ''978-1-904301-21-9Sebastian BarryThe Pinkening Boy
2003978-1-904301-23-3Peter WoodsHard Shoulder
  ''978-1-904301-24-0Flavia AlayaUnder the Rose: A Memoir
  ''978-1-904301-28-8Fiona O'BrienCharity
2003978-1-904301-29-5Eugene McEldowneyStella's Story
2004978-1-904301-30-1Fiona O'BrienSold
2005978-1-904301-32-5Nuala Ni DhomhnaillSelected Essays
2003978-1-904301-36-3Aislynn HunterStay
  ''978-1-904301-37-0Anthony CroninNo Laughing Matter: The Life and Times of Flann O'Brien
  ''978-1-904301-38-7Fintan O'TooleAfter the Ball: Ireland After the Boom
  ''978-1-904301-39-4Jennifer JohnstonSelected Plays
  ''978-1-904301-40-0Paul DurcanPaul Durcan's Diary
2003978-1-904301-41-7Michael CroninTime Tracks: Scenes from the Irish Everyday
2004978-1-904301-42-4Maeve BrennanThe Visitor
  ''978-1-904301-43-1Annie HenrickHealing Hands: People Remember Nurses
  ''978-1-904301-44-8Tony O'MalleyTony O'Malley
  ''978-1-904301-45-5Rose DoyleThe Story of Joe Brown (Open Doors)
  ''978-1-904301-46-2Julie ParsonsThe Smoking Room (Open Doors)
2004978-1-904301-47-9Patricia ScanlanFair-weather Friend (Open Doors)
  ''978-1-904301-48-6Niall QuinnWorld Cup Diary (Open Door) (Open Door S.)
  ''978-1-904301-49-3Gareth O'CallaghanStray Dog (Open Doors)
  ''978-1-904301-50-9Michael ScottThe Quiz Master (Open Doors)
  ''978-1-904301-51-6Christine Dwyer HickeyTatty
2004978-1-904301-52-3Mark LittleZulu Time: When Ireland Went to War
  ''978-1-904301-54-7Dermot BolgerThe Chosen Moment
  ''978-1-904301-55-4Anthony CroninCollected Poems
  ''978-1-904301-56-1Brian LynchNew and Renewed: Poems 1967-2004
  ''978-1-904301-57-8Michael D. HigginsAn Arid Season: New Poems
2004978-1-904301-58-5Anne ChambersAt Arms Length: Aristocracy in the Republic of Ireland
  ''978-1-904301-59-2Mary KennyGermany Calling: A Personal Biography of William Joyce - Lord Haw-Haw
  ''978-1-904301-60-8June ConsidineDeceptions
  ''978-1-904301-61-5Sebastian BarryThe Pinkening Boy: New Poems
  ''978-1-904301-62-2Eoin BradyQuiet Quarter: Original Irish Writing from Rtes Lyric FM
2004978-1-904301-63-9Christopher Fitz-SimonPlayers and Painted Stage: Aspects of the 20th Century Theatre in Ireland
  ''978-1-904301-64-6Sandy FitzgeraldAn Outburst of Frankness: Community Arts in Ireland - A Reader
  ''978-1-904301-65-3Rose DoyleTrade Names: Ships and Shopkeepers of Dublin
  ''978-1-904301-66-0Deirdre PurcellBe Delighted: A Tribute to Maureen Potter
2005978-1-904301-67-7Richard O'RaweBlanketmen: An Untold Story of the H-block Hunger Strike
2004978-1-904301-68-4Paul SweeneySelling Out?: Privatisation in Ireland
2005978-1-904301-69-1Christine Dwyer HickeyThe Dancer
  ''978-1-904301-74-5June ConsidineDeceptions
2005978-1-904301-75-2Fiona O'BrienSold
  ''978-1-904301-86-8Tony Kinsella · Fintan O'ToolePost Washington: Why America Can't Rule the World
2006978-1-904301-97-4Susanne O'LearyFresh Powder
  ''978-1-904301-98-1Adi RocheChernobyl Heart