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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-904263-00-5M WatkinsUseful Math & Physical Formulae (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-01-2Glennie KindredHerbal Healers (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2000978-1-904263-02-9Robin HeathStonehenge (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-03-6Glennie KindredA Hedgerow Cookbook (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2002978-1-904263-04-3Miranda LundySacred Geometry (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-05-0John MartineauA Little Book of Coincidence in the Solar System (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2000978-1-904263-08-1Gerald PontingCallanish and Other Megalithic Sites of the Outer Hebrides
2003978-1-904263-12-8M. TweedEssential Elements: Atoms, Quarks, and the Periodic Table (Mathemagical Ancient Wizdom)
  ''978-1-904263-13-5David WadeLi: Dyanmic Form in Nature (Mathemagical Ancient Wizdom)
2000978-1-904263-15-9Evelyn FrancisAvebury (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2007978-1-904263-19-7George WingfieldGlastonbury: Isle of Avalon
2007978-1-904263-23-4Jay GriffithsAnarchipelago: A Short Story
2005978-1-904263-31-9Hector McDonnellIrish Round Towers (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-32-6Andy ThompsonNative British Trees (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-33-3John Southcliffe MartineauMazes and Labyrinths: In Great Britain (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-34-0Michael GlickmanCrop Circles (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-35-7Carol TibbsFairy Rhymes (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2005978-1-904263-36-4Anthony AshtonHarmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-37-1Moff BettsThe Human Body (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-38-8D.P. SullivanLeys: Secret Spirit Paths in Ancient Britain (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-39-5Daud SuttonPlatonic and Archimedean Solids (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-40-1Paul JohnsonRunic Inscriptions: In Great Britain (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2006978-1-904263-41-8Mark MillsAncient English Cathedrals (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2006978-1-904263-42-5Matt TweedThe Compact Cosmos (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-43-2John MichellEuphonics: A Poet's Dictionary of Sounds (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-44-9Miranda LundySacred Number (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-45-6Christina MartinSacred Springs - Holy Wells in Great Britain (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-46-3Robin HeathSun, Moon and Earth (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2009978-1-904263-47-0Scott OlsenGolden Section: Nature's Greatest Secret (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2006978-1-904263-48-7Joyce HargreavesA Little History of Dragons (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2006978-1-904263-50-0Burkard PolsterQED: Beauty in Mathematical Proof (Q.E.D.) (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-51-7David WadeSymmetry: The Ordering Principle (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-52-4Guy OgilvyAlchemist's Kitchen: Extraordinary Potions and Curious Notions (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2007978-1-904263-53-1Hamish MillerDowsing: A Journey Beyond Our Five Senses (Mathemagical Ancient Wizdom)
  ''978-1-904263-54-8David WadeLi: Dynamic Form in Nature (Mathemagical Ancient Wizdom)
  ''978-1-904263-55-5Christina MartinWeaving: Methods, Patterns and Traditions of an Ancient Art (Mathemagical Ancient Wizdom)
2007978-1-904263-56-2Chris MansellAncient British Rock Art: A Guide to Indigenous Stone Carvings
  ''978-1-904263-58-6M. TweedEssential Elements: Atoms, Quarks, and the Periodic Table (Mathemagical Ancient Wizdom)
  ''978-1-904263-59-3Daud SuttonIslamic Design: A Genius for Geometry
  ''978-1-904263-60-9Geoff StrayThe Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars
  ''978-1-904263-61-6Phoebe McNaughtonPerspective and Other Optical Illusions
2008978-1-904263-64-7Hugh NewmanEarth Grids: The Secret Patterns of Gaia's Sacred Sites (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2008978-1-904263-65-4Simon LillyAncient Celtic Coin Art
2009978-1-904263-66-1Andrew SuttonRuler and Compass: Practical Geometric Constructions (Wooden Books)
  ''978-1-904263-67-8Jonathan HorningSimple Shelters: Tents, Tipis, Yurts, Domes and Other Ancient Homes
2008978-1-904263-69-2"Laugh"Bender Heaven: The UK Traveller's Good Home Guide
  ''978-1-904263-72-2Jason MartineauThe Elements of Music: Melody, Rhythm and Harmony (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-73-9Gordon StrongStanton Drew: and Its Ancient Stone Circles
2011978-1-904263-75-3Paul Whitehead · George WingfieldUFO: Strange Space on Earth
2015978-1-904263-76-0Jason MartineauLove: The Song of the Universe
2008978-1-904263-77-7Steven SaundersMind Tricks: Ancient and Modern (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2012978-1-904263-79-1Olavi HuikariThe Miracle of Trees: Their Life and Biology (Wooden Books Gift Books)
2008978-1-904263-82-1Danu ForestNature Spirits: Wyrd Lore and Wild Fey Magic (Wooden Books Gift Book)
  ''978-1-904263-87-6Fred GillamPoisonous Plants in Great Britain (Wooden Books Gift Book)
2019978-1-904263-98-2Oliver LintonFractals: On The Edge Of Chaos (Wooden Books)