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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-904242-00-0Jonathan M. AllenThirty Five Years of NIR 1967-2002
2002978-1-904242-01-7Stephen CameronDeath in the North Channel: The Loss of the "Princess Victoria", January 1953: The Loss of the "Princess Victoria", January 1953
  ''978-1-904242-02-4Robert Robotham · Joseph A. CurranThe 'Wee Donegal' Revisited: More Views of the County Donegal Railways in Colour
2003978-1-904242-03-1Donal MacCarronLandfall Ireland: The story of Allied and German aircraft which came down in Eire in World War Two
2002978-1-904242-04-8Johnston McMaster · Cathy HigginsCommunities of Reconciliation: Living Faith in the Public Place
2003978-1-904242-08-6Colm FlanaganDiesel Dawn: Ireland's Contribution to the Development of the DMU 1931-1967
2004978-1-904242-12-3Mary Reid · Stephen RoulstonSkills,Techniques and Decision Making: For Advanced Level Geography
2003978-1-904242-13-0Norman JohnstonThe Irish Narrow Gauge in Colour
  ''978-1-904242-15-4E. M. Patterson · Norman JohnstonThe Clogher Valley Railway
2004978-1-904242-16-1Kay Clarke · Simone MonteithEveryday ICT for GCSE
  ''978-1-904242-19-2Evelyn ShawTalking and Listening: GCSE English
  ''978-1-904242-21-5Freddy Clifford · Pat McGuckianReading and Writing: GCSE English
2004978-1-904242-22-2Clarke Rice · Keith RedfernReal World ICT: for AS/A2
  ''978-1-904242-26-0Joe Cassells · Charles FrielForty Shades of Steam: The Story of the RPSI(Railway Preservation Society of Ireland)
  ''978-1-904242-27-7Guy Warner · Alex BoydArmy Aviation in Ulster
  ''978-1-904242-33-8Guy WarnerNo 230 Squadron Royal Air Force: Kita Chari Jauh - We Search Far
  ''978-1-904242-35-2Lord O'NeillSteam Age in Ireland: A Collection of Railway Art
2005978-1-904242-38-3Neil HamiltonMotor Vehicle Studies: for GCSE: Key Stage 3: Bk.3
2005978-1-904242-42-0David HumeFar from the Green Fields of Erin: Ulster Emigrants and Their Stories
  ''978-1-904242-48-2Neil HamiltonMaths to Go! Book 3 Answers: Bk.3: Key Stage 3
2006978-1-904242-49-9E. M. PattersonThe Ballycastle Railway
2005978-1-904242-50-5Alfie MartinBale Out!: Escaping Occupied France with the Resistance
  ''978-1-904242-51-2Anthony BurgesChasing the Flying Snail (Irish Railway Photographers)
2006978-1-904242-54-3Audrey M. HodgeThe Norman Impact on the Medieval World: Workbook 2
  ''978-1-904242-55-0Audrey M. HodgeThe Race to Rule: Workbook 1: Ireland and Europe 1570-1700
  ''978-1-904242-56-7   ''The Race to Rule: Workbook 2: Ireland and Europe 1570-1700
2006978-1-904242-58-1Audrey M. HodgeUnion to Partition: Workbook 2: Ireland, 1800-1921
  ''978-1-904242-59-8Derek PrenticePhysical Education: For Ccea GCSE
  ''978-1-904242-62-8Anthony BurgesSmoke Amidst the Drumlins (Irish Railway Photographers S.)
  ''978-1-904242-63-5   ''The Swilly and the Wee Donegal (Irish Railway Photographers S.)
  ''978-1-904242-64-2Sam SomervilleRail Runabout: A Look at Northern Ireland Railways from 1975-2005: Northern Ireland Railways from 1976-2002 (Irish Railway Photographers S.)
2006978-1-904242-66-6Derek YoungThe Ulster Transport Authority in Colour
  ''978-1-904242-69-7Jack PatienceCIE, 1958 to 1962 (Irish Railway Photographers S.)
2007978-1-904242-70-3E. M. PattersonThe Mid-Antrim Narrow Gauge: Revision of the Ballymena Lines with Additional Material by Norman Johnston
  ''978-1-904242-73-4Eddie McKeeExternal Influences on the Business Enterprise: As Unit 3 Ccea Applied Business: Applied Business Studies
  ''978-1-904242-74-1Ian BickerstaffFinance: Applied Business Studies
  ''978-1-904242-75-8Wendy B. Faris · Heather HamiltonChristianity in Close-Up: The Revelation of God: CCEA KS3 Religious Education Book 1: Bk. 1
2007978-1-904242-76-5Wendy B. Faris · Heather HamiltonChristianity in Close-Up Book 2: The Christian Church: Ccea KS3: Bk. 2 (Christianity in Close-Up Book 2 - The Christian Church: CCEA KS3 Religious Education)
  ''978-1-904242-78-9Gordon GillespieTroubled Images: The Northern Ireland Troubles and Peace Process, 1968-2007
2009978-1-904242-79-6Geography for CCEA AS Level: Resource CD
2007978-1-904242-80-2Anthony BurgesOffshore on the Southern: The Isle of Wight Railways in the 1950s and 60's (English Railway Photographers S.)
2008978-1-904242-84-0William T. ScottLocomotives of the LMS NCC and Its Predecessors
2007978-1-904242-85-7Wendy B. Faris · Heather HamiltonChristianity in Close-Up Book 1: The Revelation of God: Ccea KS3: Bk. 1
  ''978-1-904242-86-4   ''Christianity in Close-Up Book 2 CD: The Christian Church: Ccea KS3: Bk. 2 (Christianity in Close-Up Book 2 - The Christian Church: CCEA KS3 Religious Education)
2008978-1-904242-95-6Margery McMahonGovernment and Politics of Northern Ireland
  ''978-1-904242-96-3Russell Rees · S. T. JohnstonHistory in Close-Up: The Medieval World: Medieval World Bk. 1