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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-904153-00-9Helen SmithGrave-robbers, Cut-throats and Poisoners of London (Of London Series)
  ''978-1-904153-01-6Natasha NarayanThe Black Death and Other Putrid Plagues of London (Of London Series)
  ''978-1-904153-02-3Travis ElboroughGhosts, Ghouls and Phantoms of London (Of London Series)
  ''978-1-904153-03-0Travis ElboroughDungeons, Gallows and Severed Heads of London (Of London Series)
2005978-1-904153-04-7Ian MarchantCrypts, Caves and Tunnels of London (Of London Series)
2004978-1-904153-06-1Olivia GoodrichThe Timetraveller's Guide to Roman London
  ''978-1-904153-07-8Joshua DoderThe Timetraveller's Guide to Saxon and Viking London
2004978-1-904153-08-5Christine KidneyThe Timetraveller's Guide to Medieval London (Timetraveller's Guide)
  ''978-1-904153-09-2Natasha NarayanThe Timetraveller's Guide to Tudor London
  ''978-1-904153-10-8Joshua DoderThe Timetraveller's Guide to Shakespeare's London
  ''978-1-904153-11-5Natasha NarayanThe Timetraveller's Guide to Victorian London
  ''978-1-904153-13-9Travis ElboroughHighwaymen, Outlaws and Bandits of London
2004978-1-904153-14-6Natasha NarayanSpies, Secret Agents and Spooks of London
  ''978-1-904153-15-3Travis ElboroughRebels, Traitors Amd Turncoats of London (Of London Series)
  ''978-1-904153-17-7Helen SmithPirates, Swashbucklers and Buccaneers of London (Of London Series)
  ''978-1-904153-19-1Travis ElboroughChepe, Dogs and Rotten Row: London Names Explored
  ''978-1-904153-20-7   ''Oranges and Lemons: Poems About London