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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-904057-00-0Ian MoutterTying Flies the Paraloop Way
2002978-1-904057-01-7Jackie DrakefordRabbit Control
  ''978-1-904057-02-4Lesley CrawfordThe Trout Fisher's Handbook
2003978-1-904057-03-1Rory Putman · Jochen LangbeinThe Deer Manager's Companion
2002978-1-904057-04-8Giles CatchpoleBirds, Boots and Barrels: Game Shooting in the 21st Century
2003978-1-904057-05-5James DouglasThe Complete Gundog Training Manual
2002978-1-904057-07-9Bill RawlingsThe Great Salmon and Sea Trout Loughs of Ireland
2003978-1-904057-08-6Robin Marshall-BallThe Sporting Shotgun: A User's Handbook
2002978-1-904057-09-3Emma Parry · Bryn ParryHome on the Range: Cast Iron Recipes for Success
  ''978-1-904057-10-9Victoria Jardine-Paterson · Colin Laurie McKelvieGood Game: European and British Game Cookery
  ''978-1-904057-11-6Ian MoutterImitative Fly Tying: Techniques and Variations
2003978-1-904057-12-3Michael ClaytonRonnie Wallace: A Manual of Foxhunting
2002978-1-904057-16-1Barbara ThompsonGame & Fish Cookbook:
2003978-1-904057-18-5Keith ErlandsonThe Working Springer Spaniel
  ''978-1-904057-20-8Prince Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh · British Association for Shooting & ConservationBASC Handbook of Shooting: The Sporting Shotgun
2003978-1-904057-23-9David HudsonThe Small Shoot
  ''978-1-904057-24-6Lou StevensThe Small Stream Dry Fly
  ''978-1-904057-26-0Jim MeadsIn Full Cry
  ''978-1-904057-27-740 ExpertsMountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
  ''978-1-904057-28-4Tony HallFalconry Basics: A Handbook for Beginners
2003978-1-904057-29-1Giles Catchpole · Bryn ParryShooting Types
  ''978-1-904057-30-7Swan Hill PressThe Shooting Record Book: an ideal gift for any shooting enthusiast's pocket
  ''978-1-904057-31-4Graham DowningShooting for Beginners
2004978-1-904057-32-1Robin PageThe Fox and the Orchid
2003978-1-904057-33-8Piffa Schroder · Timothy JaquesCocks Only
  ''978-1-904057-34-5Jackie DrakefordThe House Lurcher: Care, Rearing And Training At Home
2005978-1-904057-38-3Peter WadesonTotal Airguns: The Complete Guide to Hunting with Air Rifles
2004978-1-904057-39-0Graham DowningThe Deer Stalking Handbook
  ''978-1-904057-40-6David HudsonWorking Pointers and Setters
2005978-1-904057-43-7Chris BathaBreaking Clays: Target Tactics, Tips and Techniques
2004978-1-904057-44-4Bryn Parry · Giles CatchpoleHorses for Courses
2004978-1-904057-46-8Robert RichardsonThe Story of Surgery: An Historical Commentary
  ''978-1-904057-47-5Nigel BrownBritish Gunmakers: London v. 1: Volume One - London
  ''978-1-904057-49-9Michael ClaytonEndangered Species: Foxhunting - The History, the Passion and the Fight for Survival
2005978-1-904057-50-5Nigel S. BrownBritish Gunmakers: Birmingham, Scotland and the Regions v. 2
2004978-1-904057-51-2John BatleyThe Pigeon Shooter: The Complete Guide to Modern Pigeon Shooting
  ''978-1-904057-52-9Bob WyattTrout Hunting: The Pursuit of Happiness
2006978-1-904057-54-3Brown (Nigel).BRITISH GUNMAKERS VOL I & VOL II.
2004978-1-904057-55-0Joseph NickersonA Shooting Man's Creed
2006978-1-904057-56-7James McKayFerret Breeding
2004978-1-904057-57-4Sean FrainThe Patterdale Terrier
2006978-1-904057-58-1Lesley CrawfordTrout Fishing in the UK and Ireland: Techniques and Tactics
2005978-1-904057-59-8David HudsonPheasant Shooting
2007978-1-904057-60-4Nichola FletcherNichola Fletcher's Ultimate Venison Cookery
2005978-1-904057-61-1Will GarfitWill's Shoot Revisited
  ''978-1-904057-62-8Bill RawlingsThe Great Salmon and Sea Trout Lochs of Scotland
2005978-1-904057-63-5Donald DallasBoss and Co
2006978-1-904057-64-2Michael YardleyGunfitting: The Quest for Perfection for Shotguns and Rifles
2005978-1-904057-66-6Bryn ParrySex in the Country
  ''978-1-904057-67-3Tom QuinnHeaven Upon Earth: The Countryside Remembered
  ''978-1-904057-68-0Jocelyn GalsworthyLords of Cricket: Players, Personalities and Legends
  ''978-1-904057-69-7Sylvia StanierThe Art of Schooling for Dressage: A Classical Approach
  ''978-1-904057-71-0Donald ChilversGood Gardens by Design: The Principles of Classic Planning and Plant Selection
2006978-1-904057-73-4David HudsonGamekeeping
2005978-1-904057-74-1Bryn Parry101 Shooting Excuses: The perfect gift for the imperfect shot
2005978-1-904057-75-8Michael ClaytonThe Glorious Chase: A Celebration of Foxhunting
  ''978-1-904057-76-5Robert Richardson · Hilary S. MorrisHistory of Medicine
2006978-1-904057-78-9Juliette CunliffeSight Hounds: Their History, Management and Care
  ''978-1-904057-80-2Jackie DrakefordThe Working Lurcher: The Traditional Skills
  ''978-1-904057-81-9Sean FrainFox Control
  ''978-1-904057-82-6Tom QuinnBB Remembered: The Life and Times of Denys Watkins-Pitchford
2006978-1-904057-83-3Simon Gudgeon et AlThe Woodcock: Artists' Impressions
  ''978-1-904057-84-0Paul GustafsonHow to Catch Bigger Pike
2007978-1-904057-86-4Brian P. MartinThe Great Shoots: Britain's Best - Past and Present
2006978-1-904057-89-5Richard PriorHumble Pie: A Roe Stalker's Bedside Book
  ''978-1-904057-90-1Joe IrvingProfessional Gundog Training: The Trade Secrets
  ''978-1-904057-91-8Bill HardingEley Cartridges: A History of the Silversmiths and Ammunition Manufacturers
  ''978-1-904057-93-2Bryn ParryDog Training with Mr Perks
2007978-1-904057-94-9Michael CrumplinMen of Steel: Surgery in the Napoleonic Wars
2007978-1-904057-95-6Angela F. Rawson · Nikki Rowan-KedgeSeasonal Country Kitchen
  ''978-1-904057-97-0Michael YardleyB.A.S.C. Guide to Shooting Game (Basc)