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2002978-1-904048-01-5CookeGerman Expressionist Films (Pocket Essentials)
2006978-1-904048-02-2Ashok BankerTerrorism
2002978-1-904048-03-9Mark CampbellCarry on Films (Pocket Essentials)
2003978-1-904048-04-6Mat CowardClassic Radio Comedy (Pocket Essentials)
2002978-1-904048-06-0Paul CharlesHOW TO SUCCEED IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-07-7Darren ArnoldSpike Lee (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-08-4Andrew M. ButlerFilm Studies (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-09-1Neil NixonCreative Writing (Pocket Essentials)
2003978-1-904048-10-7Mark WhiteheadROGER CORMAN: Almost Everything You Need to Know in One Essential Guide (Pocket Essentials)
2002978-1-904048-11-4John McCartyHammer Films (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-12-1Robin RamsayWHO SHOT JFK? (Pocket Essentials)
2003978-1-904048-14-5Jason WoodHal Hartley (Pocket Essentials)
2002978-1-904048-17-6Jean-Marc Lofficier · Randy LofficierTintin (Pocket Essentials)
2002978-1-904048-18-3Raymond BensonJETHRO TULL (Pocket Essentials (Hardcover))
2003978-1-904048-19-0Paul Charles'Beatles' (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-22-0Chas Newkey-BurdenNuclear Paranoia (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-23-7D K HolmROBERT CRUMB (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-24-4Andrew M. Butler · Bob FordPostmodernism (Pocket Essentials)
2004978-1-904048-28-2Sean MartinThe Knights Templar
  ''978-1-904048-29-9James ClarkeSteven Spielberg - New Ed (Pocket Essentials)
2017978-1-904048-30-5Nick RennisonBohemian London: From Thomas De Quincey to Jeffrey Bernard
2006978-1-904048-31-2John CostelloWRITING A SCREENPLAY - NEW ED (Pocket Essentials)
2004978-1-904048-32-9Paul HardyFILMING ON A MICROBUDGET (Pocket Essentials: Film)
2004978-1-904048-33-6Sean MartinThe Cathars: The Most Successful Heresy of the Middle Ages
2005978-1-904048-34-3Giles MorganThe Holy Grail (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-35-0Nick HardingURBAN LEGENDS (Pocket Essentials)
2004978-1-904048-36-7D K HolmTARANTINO (Pocket Essentials)
2005978-1-904048-37-4John AtkinsonOSCARS, THE (Pocket Essentials: Film)
  ''978-1-904048-38-1Michael PaineCrusades, The - New Ed (The Pocket Essential Series)
  ''978-1-904048-39-8John AshbrookJoel and Ethan Coen (Pocket Essentials Ser)
  ''978-1-904048-40-4Richard ShephardF SCOTT FITZGERALD (The Pocket Essential Series)
2005978-1-904048-41-1Nick HardingSECRET SOCIETIES
  ''978-1-904048-42-8Mark CampbellCARRY ON FILMS (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-43-5Andrew M ButlerFILM STUDIES (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))
  ''978-1-904048-44-2Chris WiegandFrench New Wave (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-45-9Michelle Le Blanc · Colin OdellTim Burton (Pocket Essentials)
2005978-1-904048-46-6M J SimpsonHITCH HIKER'S GUIDE (Pocket Essentials: TV)
  ''978-1-904048-47-3Brian J. RobbRidley Scott (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-48-0Merlin CoverleyLONDON WRITING - POCKET ESSENTIALS (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))
  ''978-1-904048-49-7Sean MartinAndrei Tarkovsky (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-50-3D. K. HolmFilm Soleil - Pocket Essentials (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))
2005978-1-904048-51-0D K HolmROBERT CRUMB (Pocket Essentials)
2018978-1-904048-52-7Adrian WoottenScreening Graham Greene (Pocket Essentials)
2005978-1-904048-53-4Mark CampbellDr. Who (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-54-1Victoria CarolanNELSON - POCKET ESSENTIALS
2006978-1-904048-55-8Barry ForshawItalian Cinema: Arthouse to Exploitation (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-56-5Sean MartinThe Gnostics (Pocket Essentials (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-904048-59-6Don ShiachGREAT BRITISH MOVIES (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))
2005978-1-904048-60-2Mark CampbellAgatha Christie - Pocket Essentials Revised Ed
2006978-1-904048-61-9Merlin CoverleyPsychogeography - Pocket Essential (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-62-6Sean MartinAlchemy And Alchemists (Pocket Essentials: Ideas)
2007978-1-904048-63-3Brian J RobbSilent Cinema (with bonus DVD featuring silent film excerpts)
2006978-1-904048-65-7Robin RamsayConspiracy Theories (Pocket Essentials)
2006978-1-904048-66-4David R CarterLITERARY THEORY (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-67-1Paul DuncanFILM NOIR - POCKET ESSENTIALS
2007978-1-904048-68-8David R CarterEast Asian Cinema (includes East Asian Cinema DVD)
2006978-1-904048-69-5Mark WhiteheadJACK THE RIPPER (Pocket Essentials: History)
2008978-1-904048-70-1D.K. HolmIndependent Cinema (includes DVD of Paul Cronin's Film as a Subversive Art: Amos Vogel and Cinema 16)
2007978-1-904048-71-8Julia ForsterMuses: Revealing the Nature of Inspiration (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-74-9Mark CampbellDoctor Who (Pocket Essentials)
  ''978-1-904048-77-0Lois MartinThe History of Witchcraft (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))
  ''978-1-904048-80-0Andy GlynnDocumentaries: And How to Make Them
2008978-1-904048-81-7Nathan ParkerShort Films to Make and Distribute Them (Creative Essentials)
2007978-1-904048-82-4Richard OsborneThe Universe: New Expanded Edition (Pocket Essentials)
2007978-1-904048-83-1Giles MorganByzantium
  ''978-1-904048-86-2Sean MartinBLACK DEATH, THE
  ''978-1-904048-87-9Giles MorganFREEMASONRY (Pocket Essentials)
2008978-1-904048-88-6Merlin CoverleyOCCULT LONDON
2007978-1-904048-90-9Elliott KingDali, Surrealism & Cinema
2008978-1-904048-91-6Celia BrayfieldArts Reviews: And How to Write Them (Creative Essentials)
2007978-1-904048-92-3Andew M ButlerPHILIP K. DICK (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))

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