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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-904027-04-1David ChartersNo Tears: Tales from the Square Mile
2003978-1-904027-06-5Costas YennarisFrom the East: Conflict and Partition in Cyprus
  ''978-1-904027-07-2Stavros PanteliPlace of Refuge: The History of the Jews in Cyprus
  ''978-1-904027-08-9Simon CourtauldBorder Life: Travels Between Mexico and the USA
  ''978-1-904027-09-6Philip BruttonMaggie's Foundation: Brussel Sprout a New Force
  ''978-1-904027-10-2Khalid KishtainyTomorrow is Another Day: A Tale of Getting by in Baghdad
2004978-1-904027-16-4Alan WatkinsBrief Lives
2004978-1-904027-18-8Barry NormanHave a Nice Day (Spitfire Editions)
  ''978-1-904027-19-5Pamela CullenA Stranger in Blood: The Story of Dr Bodkin Adams
  ''978-1-904027-22-5David ChartersI Love You...and Other Lies
  ''978-1-904027-24-9Marjorie BowenThe Viper of Milan: A Romance of Lombardy (Young Spitfire)
  ''978-1-904027-26-3Geoffrey TreaseBows Against the Barons: A Tale of Robin Hood (Young Spitfire)
2005978-1-904027-27-0Cecil HouraniJordan - The Land and the Table
2004978-1-904027-28-7Tatiana MetternichTatiana: Full Circle in a Shifting Europe
2004978-1-904027-29-4Jane Dorrell · Tom PocockHere is Chelsea: Reflections from The Chelsea Society
2003978-1-904027-30-0Betsy BlairThe Memory of All That
2004978-1-904027-31-7David ChartersAt Bonus Time, No-one Can Hear You Scream
  ''978-1-904027-32-4Leon GarfieldJohn Diamond (Young Spitfire Edition)
  ''978-1-904027-33-1Glendon SwarthoutThe Shootist (Spitfire Editions)
2005978-1-904027-37-9Augustus YoungStorytime
  ''978-1-904027-38-6Stephen SmithZachor: Child Survivors Speak
  ''978-1-904027-41-6Professor Jeremy BlackThere and Back...: The Memoirs of Admiral Sir Jeremy Black GBE, KCB, DSO
2005978-1-904027-45-4Anthony Frewin · Frederick I. Ordway · Arthur C. ClarkeAre We Alone?: The Stanley Kubrick Extraterrestrial Intelligence Interviews
2004978-1-904027-46-1Anthony BlondJew Made in England
2006978-1-904027-49-2Ian NorrieMentors and Friends: Short Lives of Leading Publishers and Booksellers I Have Known
2007978-1-904027-55-3Rod BrammerA Flag on the Abbey
  ''978-1-904027-56-0David ChartersTrust Me, Im a Banker
  ''978-1-904027-65-2   ''The Ego Has Landed
2009978-1-904027-72-0Rod BrammerDismissed Dead: One Man Left Behind in East Berlin (Keith Finlay)
  ''978-1-904027-73-7Steve Gould · D. J. WilkinsonThe Golf Delusion: Why 9 Out of 10 Golfers Make The Same Mistakes
  ''978-1-904027-74-4David ChartersAt Bonus Time, No One Can Hear You Scream
2009978-1-904027-75-1David ChartersTrust Me, I'm a Banker
  ''978-1-904027-76-8   ''The Ego Has Landed
  ''978-1-904027-77-5   ''Where Egos Dare
  ''978-1-904027-78-2Jeremy ArcherAway at Christmas: Historic Tales of Exploration from 1492 to the Present Day
  ''978-1-904027-79-9The Days of the Year
2009978-1-904027-80-5International Wine ChallengeIWC Guide to the World's Best Wines (International Wine Challenge)
  ''978-1-904027-81-2Darren Henley · Tim LihoreauClassic Ephemera: A Musical Miscellany (Classic FM)
2010978-1-904027-82-9Alex BuchananThe Game: How The City Really Works
  ''978-1-904027-86-7David ChartersNo Tears: Tales From The Square Mile
2011978-1-904027-88-1Bart Clarysse · Sabrina KieferThe Smart Entrepreneur: How to Build For a Successful Business
2010978-1-904027-89-8Wildlife Trusts152 Wild Things to Do
  ''978-1-904027-90-4Richard FawkesThe Classical Music Map of Britain
2011978-1-904027-91-1Royal Geographical SocietyHints to Lady Travellers: At Home and Abroad (Royal Geographic Society)
2010978-1-904027-93-5International Wine ChallengeThe IWC Guide to the World's Best Wines 2010-2011 (International Wine Challenge)
  ''978-1-904027-94-2Michael Allen · Sonya Patel EllisNature Tales: Encounters with Britain's Wildlife
2010978-1-904027-96-6XfmThe Xfm Top 1000 Songs of All Time