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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-903933-02-2Jean-Francois ChampollionEgyptian Diaries: How One Man Solved the Mysteries of the Nile
2019978-1-903933-04-6Thomas Coryate · Tim MooreCoryate's Crudities: Backpacking Through Seventeenth-century Europe (Adventurers & Explorers S.)
2001978-1-903933-05-3Duncan FallowellTo Noto, Or, London to Sicily in a Ford
2002978-1-903933-09-1Fridtjof Nansen · Fergus FlemingFarthest North: The Incredible Expedition to the Frozen Latitudes of the North
2005978-1-903933-10-7Kenneth MurphyUnquiet Vietnam: A Journey to the Vanishing World of Indochina
2003978-1-903933-11-4Diana MosleyA Life of Contrasts: The Autobiography of Diana Mosley
2019978-1-903933-12-1Toby LittNotes of a Son and a Brother: Adolescent Memoirs
2002978-1-903933-14-5Frederick William RolfeThe Desire and Pursuit of the Whole: A Romance of Modern Venice
  ''978-1-903933-16-9Brian SewellSouth from Ephesus: Travels in Turkey
2011978-1-903933-17-6Edward WhymperAscent of the Matterhorn
2002978-1-903933-18-3George Walden · Jules BarbeyWho's a Dandy: Dandyism and George Brummell
2003978-1-903933-19-0John PringSilent Victims: The Continuing Failure to Protect Society's Most Vulnerable: The Longcare Scandal
  ''978-1-903933-20-6Diana MitfordA Life of Contrasts: The Autobiography of Diana Mosley
2002978-1-903933-21-3Angus RoxburghPreachers of Hate: The Rise of the Far Right
2007978-1-903933-22-0Tsvia PeresFrom the Heart: Life in a Nation Under Siege
2004978-1-903933-24-4Putzi HanfstaenglThe Unknown Hitler: Notes from the Young Nazi Party
2019978-1-903933-25-1Flann O'BrienKing of Ireland
2003978-1-903933-26-8Charles DarwinThe Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex
  ''978-1-903933-27-5David NasawThe Chief: The Life of William Randolph Hearst - The Rise and Fall of the Real Citizen Kane
  ''978-1-903933-28-2Sarah WaldenWhistler and His Mother: An Extraordinary Relationship
2019978-1-903933-29-9Jean-Francois ChampollionEgyptian Diaries: A Voyage to the Mysteries of Egypt
2010978-1-903933-30-5George Leigh MalloryClimbing Everest: George Mallory's Writings on Mountaineering
2019978-1-903933-31-2Tenzing Norgay · James Ramsey UllmanMan of Everest: The Story of Tenzing Norgay, Sir Edmund Hillary's Sherpa
2004978-1-903933-32-9A. N. WilsonHilaire Belloc: A Biography
2003978-1-903933-33-6Tony Jackson · Clarissa Dickson WrightWilliam Evans Good Shoot Guide
2004978-1-903933-34-3Harold Acton · Diana MosleyNancy Mitford: A Biography
2002978-1-903933-36-7George WaldenWho is a Dandy?: Dandyism and George Brummell
2003978-1-903933-37-4Stephen Bayley · Gustave FlaubertA Dictionary of Idiocy: And Other Matters of Opinion
2005978-1-903933-39-8George EnglundMarlon Brando: The Naked Actor
2003978-1-903933-40-4Diana MitfordThe Duchess of Windsor and Other Friends: An Illustrated Biography
2019978-1-903933-42-8Lord Ralf DahrendorfThe Crisis of Democracy: In Conversation with Antonio Polito
2019978-1-903933-43-5Charlotte MosleyTalent to Annoy: Selected Journalism
  ''978-1-903933-44-2Rab HatfieldThe Riches of Michelangelo: How a Great Artist Deceived the Papacy
  ''978-1-903933-45-9Josef R. ReichholfCassandras?: The Ecology Movement's Lust for Disaster
2006978-1-903933-46-6Anthony O'HearPlato's Children: The State We are in
2008978-1-903933-47-3Diana MosleyCollected Diana Mosley
2019978-1-903933-48-0Traudl Junge · Pierre Galante · Eugene SilianoffVoices from the Bunker: The True Account of Hitler's Last Days
  ''978-1-903933-50-3Sarah WaldenWhistler and His Mother: A Story of Bankruptcy, London's Bohemia, and America's Most Famous Painting
  ''978-1-903933-51-0Charlotte Mosley · Nancy MitfordA Talent to Annoy: Selected Journalism
2019978-1-903933-53-4Jonathan AitkenNixon: A Life
2004978-1-903933-54-1Kevin RuaneTo Kill a Priest: The Murder of Father Popieluszko and the Fall of Communism
2005978-1-903933-55-8Ian MucklejohnAnd Then There Were Three: The Exceptional Story of a Remarkable Surrogacy Family
2004978-1-903933-56-5Helena Frith PowellMore France Please, We're British!: 15 Lessons on Life in France
2005978-1-903933-57-2Naomi KleinNo War: America's Real Business in Iraq
2004978-1-903933-58-9Craig UngerHouse of Bush, House of Saud: The Hidden Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties
2019978-1-903933-59-6Lawrence OsborneCorks and Screws: An Irreverent Journey to the World's Most Famous Vineyards
  ''978-1-903933-60-2Lord Philip Dormer Stanhope ChesterfieldUNTITLED: Words of Advice from Lord Chesterfield
2004978-1-903933-61-9Arthur SchopenhauerThe Art of Always Being Right: Thirty Eight Ways to Win When You Are Defeated
2019978-1-903933-63-3Nicholas PageUntitled by Nicholas Page
  ''978-1-903933-64-0Frits BolkesteinThe Limits of Europe
2004978-1-903933-65-7Stephen BayleyA Dictionary of Idiocy
2005978-1-903933-66-4Christopher MasonLords and Liars: The Inside Story of the Sotheby's-Christie's Conspiracy
2006978-1-903933-67-1Helena Frith PowellTwo Lipsticks and a Lover
  ''978-1-903933-68-8   ''Two Lipsticks and a Lover: A Year in Suspenders
2005978-1-903933-71-8Crispin Black7 - 7: The London Bombings: What Went Wrong?
2009978-1-903933-72-5Christopher MasonLords and Liars
2011978-1-903933-75-6George EnglundThe Naked Brando: An Intimate Friendship
2006978-1-903933-76-3Melanie PhillipsLondonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State within
2007978-1-903933-77-0Helena Frith-PowellMore More France Please: The Little Lusts and Secrets of Life in France [NEW UPDATED EDITION 100 NEW PAGES]
2006978-1-903933-78-7Robert A. PapeDying to Win: Why Suicide Terrorists Do It
  ''978-1-903933-79-4George WaldenGod Won't Save America: Psychosis of a Nation
2019978-1-903933-80-0A. C. GraylingArt of Always Being Right: 38 Ways of Winning When You are Defeated
2006978-1-903933-81-7Helena Frith-PowellCiao Bella. In Search Of My Italian Father
2009978-1-903933-83-1Jean-Francois Champollion · Joyce Tyldesley · Martin RynjaThe Code-breaker's Secret Diaries: Rediscovering Ancient Egypt
2006978-1-903933-85-5George WaldenNew Elites: A Career in the Masses
2006978-1-903933-87-9Bernard-Henri LevyAmerican Vertigo: On the Road from Newport to Guantanamo
  ''978-1-903933-88-6Diana MitfordLife of Contrasts: The Autobiography
2007978-1-903933-89-3Craig UngerHouse of Bush House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties
  ''978-1-903933-90-9Melanie PhillipsLondonistan: How Britain Is Creating a Terror State Within
  ''978-1-903933-92-3Richard HalvorsenThe Truth About Vaccines: How We Are Used as Guinea Pigs Without Knowing It
2006978-1-903933-93-0Robert Solent · George WaldenTime to Emigrate?
2009978-1-903933-94-7Helena Frith PowellCiao Bella: Sex, Dante & how to find your father in Italy [NEW EDITION]: In Search of My Italian Father
2007978-1-903933-95-4Yuri Felshtinsky · Alexander LitvinenkoBlowing Up Russia
  ''978-1-903933-96-1Alexander Litvinenko · Yuri FelshtinskyBlowing Up Russia
2007978-1-903933-97-8Yuri Felshtinsky · Alexander LitvinenkoBlowing Up Russia: The Return of the KGB