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2010978-1-903734-00-1Shohreh Shahabi · J Richard Smith · Giuseppe Del PrioreFast Facts: Gynecologic Oncology
2008978-1-903734-01-8Christopher J. Price · Rodney SinclairFast Facts: Minor Surgery, second edition (Fast Facts series) (Fast Facts)
  ''978-1-903734-02-5Benavente · Bruce C. BrownFast Facts: Stroke
2009978-1-903734-04-9Colin ForfarPatient Pictures: Cardiology
2002978-1-903734-12-4Quigley EamonnFast Facts: Gastroenterology Highlights: 2001-02 (Fast Facts - Highlights S.)
  ''978-1-903734-16-2John Isaacs · Larry W. MorelandFast Facts: Rheumatoid Arthritis (Fast Facts series)
2009978-1-903734-17-9Lawrence J. Whalley · John C.S. BreitnerFast Facts: Dementia second edition (Fast Facts (Health Press))
2002978-1-903734-18-6Michael Baum · Harvey SchipperFast Facts: Breast Cancer
  ''978-1-903734-24-7Shon W. Lewis · Robert W. BuchananFast Facts: Schizophrenia
2006978-1-903734-25-4Derek Raghavan · Michael BaileyFast Facts: Bladder Cancer, second edition (Fast Facts)
2002978-1-903734-27-8Roger S. Kirby · ProstateThe Prostate: Small Gland, Big Problem: A Guide to the Prostate, Prostate Disorders and Their Treatments
2003978-1-903734-28-5Mohammed Keshtgar · Rob SteinPatient Pictures: Breast Cancer: (Patient Pictures series): Clinical Drawings for Your Patients
2005978-1-903734-30-8Martin Brodie · Steven C. Schachter · Patrick KwanFast Facts: Epilepsy, third edition
2008978-1-903734-31-5DaviesFast Facts: Leg Ulcers
2005978-1-903734-38-4David H. Barlow · Barry G. WrenFast Facts: Menopause, second edition (Fast Facts series)
2003978-1-903734-39-1Amanda Kirby · Bonnie KaplanFast Facts - Specific Learning Difficulties (Fast Facts series)
2006978-1-903734-41-4Malcolm H. Lader · Tom UhdeFast Facts: Anxiety, Panic and Phobias (Fast Facts)
2004978-1-903734-44-5Maxime Dougados · Desiree van der HeijdeFast Facts: Ankylosing Spondylitis (Fast Facts)
  ''978-1-903734-47-6Barbara A. Phillips · Matthew T. NaughtonFast Facts: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Fast Facts series)
2005978-1-903734-48-3David Baldwin · Robert HirschfeldFast Facts: Depression, second edition (Fast Facts)
2004978-1-903734-50-6Guy Goodwin · Gary SachsBipolar Disorders (Fast Facts)
2006978-1-903734-54-4Stephen T. Holgate · Jo DouglassFast Facts: Asthma, second edition (Fast Facts)
2006978-1-903734-55-1David S. Rampton · Fergus ShanahanFast Facts: Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Fast Facts series)
  ''978-1-903734-57-5Cathy Speed · Brian Hazleman · Seamus DaltonFast Facts: Soft Tissue Disorders (Fast Facts series)
2005978-1-903734-62-9Michael Baum · Harvey SchipperFast Facts: Breast Cancer , third edition (Fast Facts)
  ''978-1-903734-63-6Karen L. Agnew · Barbara A. Gilchrest · Christopher B. BunkerFast Facts: Skin Cancer (Fast Facts series)
2006978-1-903734-64-3Anthony Pane · Peter SimcockFast Facts: Ophthalmology (Fast Facts series)
  ''978-1-903734-65-0Gilbert H. Daniels · Colin M. DayanFast Facts: Thyroid Disorders (Fast Facts series)
2004978-1-903734-66-7Juliet E. Dr Compston · Clifford J. RosenFast Facts: Osteoporosis
2006978-1-903734-68-1Jeremy Levy · Charles D. Pusey · Ajay SinghFast Facts: Renal Disorders (Fast Facts series)
  ''978-1-903734-70-4George D. Perkin · Jerry S. WolinskyFast Facts: Multiple Sclerosis (Fast Facts series)
2004978-1-903734-72-8Alun H Davies D.M.Vascular Surgery Highlights 2004-05: Fast Facts
2006978-1-903734-73-5Thomas E. Mahl · John O'GradyFast Facts: Liver Disorders (Fast Facts series)
2006978-1-903734-74-2John Neoptolemos · Manoop S. BhutaniFast Facts: Diseases of the Pancreas and Biliary Tract (Fast Facts)
  ''978-1-903734-77-3Barry CowardSucceeding as a Practice Management Team
978-1-903734-82-7Superficial Fungal Infections
2010978-1-903734-88-9Gerry C. Kaye · Steven S. Furniss · Robert LemeryFast Facts: Cardiac Arrhythmias
2006978-1-903734-89-6Roger S. KirbyProstate-small Gland Big Problem
2008978-1-903734-92-6Alun H. Davies · Adam MitchellFast Facts: Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Highlights 2007-2008
2007978-1-903734-93-3Shon Lewis · Robert W. BuchananFast Facts: Schizophrenia, third edition(Fast Facts series)
2008978-1-903734-94-0Deborah CM Boyle · Men-Jean LeeFast Facts: Religion and Medicine (Fast Facts series)
2007978-1-903734-95-7Anne Edwards · Jackie Sherrard · Jonathan ZenilmanFast Facts: Sexually Transmitted Infections
  ''978-1-903734-98-8Robert West · Saul ShiffmanFast Facts: Smoking Cessation (Fast Facts series)
2008978-1-903734-99-5Chris Hatton · Graham Collins · John W. SweetenhamFast Facts: Lymphoma (Fast Facts series)