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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-903670-00-2Ros Bayley · Lynn BroadbentThe Children of Coronation Gardens: Stories for Citizenship Education
  ''978-1-903670-04-0Ros Bayley · Lynn BroadbentHelping Young Children to Listen
  ''978-1-903670-07-1   ''50 Exciting Things to Do Outside
  ''978-1-903670-10-1   ''Let's Write: 50 Exciting Starting Points for Writing Experiences (50 Exciting Things to Do)
2002978-1-903670-14-9   ''Helping Young Children Think Creatively
  ''978-1-903670-15-6Helen Bromley50 Exciting Ways to Use a Builder's Tray (50 Exciting Things to Do)
2003978-1-903670-26-2Ros Bayley · Lynn BroadbentHelping Young Children with Steady Beat
2004978-1-903670-38-5Ros BayleyAnimal Raps
2004978-1-903670-39-2Helen Bromley50 Exciting Ideas for Small World Play (50 Exciting Things to Do)
  ''978-1-903670-41-5Ros Bayley · Lynn BroadbentLittle Baby Beat Baby and Little Baby Beat Baby Book of Ideas
  ''978-1-903670-42-2Ros BayleyAction Raps
2005978-1-903670-43-9   ''Beanbag Raps
2005978-1-903670-44-6Ros BayleyNoisy Raps
  ''978-1-903670-46-0Helen Bromley50 Exciting Ideas for Developing Maths Through Stories: Content and Objectives (50 Exciting Things to Do)
  ''978-1-903670-50-7Ros BayleyIt's the Beat Babies - Wiggle, Jiggle, Count: Content and Objectives
2006978-1-903670-53-8Ros Bayley · Helen Bromley · Lynn BroadbentLiteracy Outdoors
2007978-1-903670-61-3Marcia Lee · Helen YorkeMaths Outdoors: 50 Starting Points for Outdoor Maths Experiences (50 Exciting Things to Do)
  ''978-1-903670-62-0Ros Bayley · Lynn BroadbentTake Home Beat Baby Pack (Book, CD & Soft Toy Resource)
  ''978-1-903670-65-1Ros BayleyRos Bayley's Beat Baby Raps
2007978-1-903670-67-5Christine CreamerScience Outdoors
2010978-1-903670-83-5Ros BayleyPlaying with Nursery Rhymes: Innovations by Ros Bayley and Friends
  ''978-1-903670-84-2   ''Making the Most of Your Beat Baby: Ideas and Provocations for Using Your Beat Baby Across the EY Curriculum