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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2008978-1-903663-17-2Vivienne ClarkStudying Jane Campion's 'The Piano'
2003978-1-903663-24-0Sean RedmondStudying Blade Runner: Instructor's Edition (Studying Films)
2004978-1-903663-28-8Mike KirkupContemporary British Cinema: A Teacher's Guide
  ''978-1-903663-29-5Mike KirkupContemporary British Cinema: Classroom Resources
  ''978-1-903663-30-1Sean RedmondStudying Chungking Express: Instructor's Edition (Studying Films)
2006978-1-903663-68-4Danny PowellStudying Donnie Darko (Studying Films)
2007978-1-903663-73-8Neil CoombsStudying Surrealist and Fantasy Cinema: Instructor's Edition (Studying Films)
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2008978-1-903663-79-0Sean RedmondStudying Blade Runner: Student Edition (Studying Films)
  ''978-1-903663-81-3Stephanie MuirStudying City of God: Student Edition (Studying Films)
2008978-1-903663-82-0Anna DawsonStudying The Matrix: Student Edition (Studying Films)
  ''978-1-903663-84-4Julian McDougall · Wayne O'BrienStudying Videogames
2009978-1-903663-88-2Danny PowellStudying British Cinema: The 1960s (Studying Films)
  ''978-1-903663-90-5John SandersThe Film Genre Book
  ''978-1-903663-92-9Barbara ConnellExploring the Media: Text, Industry, Audience
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2008978-1-903663-96-7Neil CoombsStudying Surrealist and Fantasy Cinema: Student Edition (Studying Films) (Studying (Auteur))
2009978-1-903663-97-4James RoseBeyond Hammer: British Horror Cinema Since 1970
2009978-1-903663-99-8John SandersStudying Disaster Movies