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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-903519-01-1Robert K. GlahStart Your Own Brand New Successful Business
2016978-1-903519-04-2   ''International Law on International Investment Protection and Arbitration
  ''978-1-903519-11-0   ''Income Tax Liabilities and Avoidance Law in the Great African Union
2017978-1-903519-12-7   ''Constitutional Disputes in Company Law
  ''978-1-903519-13-4   ''Corporate Finance and Management in Company Law
2016978-1-903519-14-1Robert K. GlahModern Professional Negligence Law
  ''978-1-903519-17-2   ''Modern Evidence Law
  ''978-1-903519-18-9   ''Employment Protection Law
  ''978-1-903519-26-4   ''Fishing Industry Law
  ''978-1-903519-32-5   ''Local Content Law in Industrial Transformation of Africa
2017978-1-903519-37-0Robert K. GlahConstitutional Law of Ghana
  ''978-1-903519-38-7   ''Land Law of Ghana
  ''978-1-903519-39-4   ''Leaders and Followers in African Countries
  ''978-1-903519-46-2   ''African Court of Justice
  ''978-1-903519-48-6   ''African Common Currency
2017978-1-903519-49-3Robert K. GlahBusiness Finance Law
2017978-1-903519-52-3Robert K. GlahElectoral Commission Law
  ''978-1-903519-53-0   ''Brand Your Small Successful Business
  ''978-1-903519-54-7Robetrt K. GlahModern Law of Trusts