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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-903511-00-8A.J. DuraiVagrant Story: The Official Strategy Guide (Authorised Collection S.)
2007978-1-903511-03-9Mathieu Daujam · James PriceHalo 3: The Official Guide
978-1-903511-04-6Halo 3 (Lösungsbuch)
2000978-1-903511-05-3Piggyback · SquaresoftParasite Eve II: Official Strategy Guide: The Official Strategy Guide (Authorised Collection S.)
2001978-1-903511-10-7PiggybackFinal Fantasy IX: Official Strategy Guide (Strategies & Secrets S.)
978-1-903511-12-1Lösungsbuch Final Fantasy 9 franz. - Lösungsbuch
978-1-903511-13-8Guide de Soluce Halo 3: Guide de Soluce , FR
2001978-1-903511-15-2PiggybackThe Bouncer: The Official Strategy Guide (Authorised Collection S.)
978-1-903511-16-9The Bouncer (Lösungsbuch)
2001978-1-903511-18-3PiggybackGran Turismo 3 A-spec: The Official Winners' Guide (Authorised Collection S.)
978-1-903511-19-0Gran Turismo 3 - Lösungsbuch
2007978-1-903511-22-0Nicolas Decerf · James PricePES 2008: Official Guide and Coaching DVD (Official Guide & Coaching DVD)
2001978-1-903511-23-7PiggybackSilent Hill 2: The Official Strategy Guide (Authorised Collection S.)
978-1-903511-24-4Silent Hill 2 - Lösungsbuch
2007978-1-903511-27-5PES 2008 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - Lösungsbuch
2002978-1-903511-28-2Michael MartinMetal Gear Solid 2: The Official Strategy Guide (Authorised Collection S.)
978-1-903511-29-9Metal Gear Solid 2 (Lösungsbuch)
2002978-1-903511-33-6PiggybackFinal Fantasy X: The Official Strategy Guide
978-1-903511-34-3FINAL FANTASY X
2002978-1-903511-36-7PiggybackKingdom Hearts: Official Strategy Guide
978-1-903511-37-4SOS TITLE UNKNOWN
2003978-1-903511-40-4PiggybackThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Official Strategy Guide (Authorised Collection S.)
  ''978-1-903511-41-1The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker (Lösungsbuch)
978-1-903511-42-8Zelda the Windwaker - Guide officiel Piggyback
2003978-1-903511-45-9PiggybackJAK II Renegade: The Complete Official Guide
  ''978-1-903511-46-6Jak 2 (Lösungsbuch)
2007978-1-903511-48-0PiggybackFinal Fantasy XII: The Complete Guide
  ''978-1-903511-49-7Daujam Mathieu · PiggybackFinal Fantasy XII (Limited Edition): The Complete Guide
2003978-1-903511-50-3PiggybackSoul Calibur: v.2: The Complete Official Guide: Vol 2 (Authorised Collection S.)
978-1-903511-51-0Soul Calibur 2 (Lösungsbuch) [German Version]
2004978-1-903511-53-4PiggybackFinal Fantasy X-2: The Official Guide (Official Strategy Guide)
978-1-903511-54-1Final Fantasy X-2 - Offizielles Lösungsbuch [German Version]
978-1-903511-55-8Final Fantasy X-2 - Le Guide officiel Complet - French
978-1-903511-56-5Final fantasy XII, le guide de jeu
978-1-903511-57-2Final Fantasy XII - Guide officiel édition limitée
2004978-1-903511-58-9Mathieu DaujamFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Official Guide
978-1-903511-59-6Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Lösungsbuch [German Version]
978-1-903511-60-2Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Lösungsbuch [FR Import]
2004978-1-903511-61-9Liam BeattySilent Hill 4: The Room: The Official Guide
978-1-903511-62-6Silent Hill 4 - The Room (Lösungsbuch)
978-1-903511-64-0Final Fantasy 12 - Offizielles Lösungsbuch [German Version]
2007978-1-903511-65-7VariousFinal Fantasy XII (Lösungsbuch Limited Edition)
2004978-1-903511-68-8Klaus-Dieter HartwigHALO 2 the Official Guide
978-1-903511-69-5Halo 2: Das Offizielle Buch (Lösungsbuch) (The Official Game Guide)
978-1-903511-70-1Halo 2 - Le Guide officiel - Xbox
2005978-1-903511-71-8Klaus-Dieter Hartwig · Maura Sutton · James PriceMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - The Official Guide
  ''978-1-903511-72-5Metal Gear Solid 3 (Lösungsbuch)
978-1-903511-73-2Guide Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
2005978-1-903511-74-9Daujam Mathieu · Klaus-Dieter HartwigGran Turismo 4: The Official Guide
2005978-1-903511-75-6Gran Turismo 4 (Lösungsbuch)
978-1-903511-76-3Gran Turismo 4, guide du jeu
2005978-1-903511-77-0James Price · Daujam MathieuPro Evolution Soccer: The Official Guide
978-1-903511-78-7Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PES5)
2006978-1-903511-81-7Daujam MathieuTomb Raider Legend: The Complete Official Guide
978-1-903511-82-4Lara Croft - Tomb Raider: Legend (Lösungsbuch)
978-1-903511-83-1Tomb Raider Legend - Guide
2006978-1-903511-85-5Klaus-Dieter HartwigDragon Quest - The Journey of the Cursed King: The Complete Official Guide
978-1-903511-86-2Dragon Quest 8 - Offizielles Lösungsbuch (Piggyback) [German Version]
2006978-1-903511-87-9Lösungsbuch franzoes. Dragon Quest - Lösungsbuch
  ''978-1-903511-89-3Klaus-Dieter HartwigKingdom Hearts II: the Complete Guide: v. 2: The Complete Official Guide
978-1-903511-90-9Kingdom Hearts II: Das Offizielle Buch
2006978-1-903511-94-7James PricePro Evolution Soccer 6: The Official Guide (Official Strategy Guide)
978-1-903511-95-4Pro Evolution Soccer 6 - Offizielles Lösungsbuch + DVD [German Version]