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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-903366-00-4Irene GrimwoodLand Girls at the Old Rectory
2000978-1-903366-03-5Hugh BarrettA Good Living
1901978-1-903366-04-2David Kindred · Roger George SmithIn a Long Day: The Titshall Photographs of Farm and Village Life
  ''978-1-903366-08-0Stuart GibbardThe Ferguson Tractor Story
2001978-1-903366-12-7Anthony ClareRansomes and Their Tractor Share Ploughs
  ''978-1-903366-14-1Paul HeineyArt of Ploughing with Horses (Unknown-Desc)
1901978-1-903366-15-8Brian BellRansomes Sims & Jefferies: Agricultural Engineers
2001978-1-903366-16-5Hugh BarrettEarly to Rise: A Suffolk Morning
  ''978-1-903366-17-2Stuart GibbardThe Doe Tractor Story
  ''978-1-903366-18-9H.W. FreemanChaffinch's
2002978-1-903366-21-9John WinterFarming Day by Day: The 1960s
2002978-1-903366-23-3Dylan WinterRocky Mountain Cowboys [VHS]
  ''978-1-903366-24-0Dick JoiceBygones: The Horsemen [VHS] [1975]
  ''978-1-903366-25-7Bygones [VHS]
1901978-1-903366-26-4H.W. FreemanJoseph and His Brethren
1987978-1-903366-27-1Barbara C. Collins · H.Glyn JonesA Way of Life: Sheepdog Training, Handling and Trialling
2003978-1-903366-28-8Peter DunnThe Goatkeeper's Veterinary Book
2002978-1-903366-29-5N. LampkinOrganic Farming
  ''978-1-903366-30-1David C. HendersonThe Veterinary Book for Sheep Farmers
978-1-903366-32-5An Introduction to Beekeeping
2009978-1-903366-33-2Acres of Change [VHS]
2003978-1-903366-36-3Transporting Exceptional Loads [VHS]
1991978-1-903366-37-0H.Glyn Jones · Eric HalsallCome Bye and Away! [DVD]
2003978-1-903366-38-7Brian BellVintage Garden Tractors [VHS]
1901978-1-903366-39-4Stuart GibbardThe David Brown Tractor Story: 1936-1948 Pt. 1
  ''978-1-903366-40-0David PullenThe Pocket Guide to Britain's Model Tractors 1948-1998
2003978-1-903366-42-4Stuart GibbardFord Tractor Conversions: The Story of County, DOE, Chaseside, Northrop, Muir-hill, Matbro & Bray: The Story of County Doe, Chaseside, Northrop, Muir-Hill, Matro and Bray
1901978-1-903366-43-1Henry BrewisLast Round-up
2003978-1-903366-44-8Paul HeineyA Victorian Summer [VHS]
2003978-1-903366-46-2Bygones - Gone to Burton [VHS]
  ''978-1-903366-47-9J. Allen RansomeThe Implements of Agriculture
  ''978-1-903366-48-6East Anglian Film ArchiveFarmers' Films [VHS]
  ''978-1-903366-50-9Stuart GibbardGiants of the Field [VHS]
2008978-1-903366-51-6Henry BrewisMagic Peasant
2003978-1-903366-52-3Hillary MatthewsGoat Breeding and Kid Rearing [VHS]
  ''978-1-903366-53-0   ''Goat Husbandry and Health [VHS]
2003978-1-903366-54-7Big Earthmovers [VHS]
978-1-903366-55-4Keeping Ducks
2004978-1-903366-56-1Peter TyeOllie the Collie [VHS]
978-1-903366-57-8Ollie the Collie
1993978-1-903366-58-5Roger Clark · Cheryl Clark · Paul HeineyHarnessed to the Plough - DVD - Region 2
2004978-1-903366-59-2Stuart GibbardCounty Tractor Working Days [VHS]
  ''978-1-903366-60-8   ''County Tractor Working Days With Ford Conversions [DVD]
  ''978-1-903366-61-5Paul HeineyThe Traditional Farming Year
  ''978-1-903366-62-2Harold Beer · Stuart GibbardFerguson on the Farm [VHS]
978-1-903366-63-9Ferguson on the Farm Part 3
2004978-1-903366-64-6Murray MacLeanFarming and Forestry on the Western Front
  ''978-1-903366-65-3Stephen Foster · David KindredFrom Buddy to the Beatles
2004978-1-903366-67-7Joan Mary SnellingA Land Girl's War
2005978-1-903366-68-4Brian BellFarm Machinery
2004978-1-903366-69-1   ''The Tractor Ploughing Manual
  ''978-1-903366-70-7Henry BrewisFunnywayt 'Mek' Alivin
  ''978-1-903366-71-4Paul HeineyVictorian Winter and Spring [VHS]
978-1-903366-72-1A VICTORIAN WINTER & SPRING Paul Heiney
1901978-1-903366-73-8ITVVictorian Summer
2005978-1-903366-85-1Anthony ClareThe Nuffield Tractor Story: v. 1
2015978-1-903366-86-8Michael HawkerFarmer's Boy
2005978-1-903366-92-9H.W. FreemanDown in the Valley
1901978-1-903366-97-4Henry BrewisDon't Laugh Till He's Out of Sight
978-1-903366-98-1Vintage Match Ploughing Skills