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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-903269-00-8Geoff Pelham · Jenny StaceyCounselling Skills for Creative Arts Therapists
2000978-1-903269-01-5Robert TylerLittle Venice, London: An Illustrated Guide
2003978-1-903269-02-2Noelle BlackmanLoss and Learning Disability
2002978-1-903269-03-9Andrea PerryIsn't it About Time?: How to Overcome Procrastination and Get on with Your Life
2001978-1-903269-04-6Veronica SherborneDevelopmental Movement for Children
2002978-1-903269-05-3Charlotte Sills · Helena HargadenEgo States (Key Concepts in Transactional Analysis)
2003978-1-903269-06-0Andrea PerryThe Little Book of Procrastination
  ''978-1-903269-07-7Robert TylerMoney Matters for Therapists: A Financial Guide for Self-Employed Therapists and Counsellors
2006978-1-903269-08-4Heather GeddesAttachment in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Schools
2007978-1-903269-09-1Andrea PerryClaustrophobia: finding your way out. Hope and help for people who fear and avoid confined spaces
2006978-1-903269-10-7Howard Glasser · Jennifer EasleyTransforming the Difficult Child: the Nurtured Heart Approach
2007978-1-903269-11-4Louise BomberInside I'm Hurting: Practical Strategies for Supporting Children with Attachment Difficulties in Schools
2008978-1-903269-12-1Marie DelaneyTeaching the Unteachable: Practical ideas to give teachers hope and help when behaviour management strategies fail: What Teachers Can Do When All Else Fails
2009978-1-903269-13-8Daniel A Hughes · Karl Heinz Brisch · Louise Bomber · Camila Batmanghelidjh · Marie Delaney · Ann Heyno · Barbara Earl · Sue AmeyTeenagers and Attachment: Helping Adolescents Engage with Life and Learning
2010978-1-903269-14-5Marie DelaneyWhat Can I Do About The Kid Who..?: A Teachers' Quick Guide to Dealing with Disruptive Pupils (and their parents)
2012978-1-903269-15-2Neil Dawson · Brenda McHugh · Serena PotterWe're All in This Together: How to Set Up and Run Multi-family Therapy Groups for Children at Risk of Exclusion: The Marlborough Model
2011978-1-903269-16-9David TaransaudYou Think I'm Evil: Practical Strategies for Working with Rebellious and Aggressive Adolescents
2005978-1-903269-17-6Noelle Blackman · Stuart ToddCare for Dying People with Learning Disabilities: A Practical Guide for Carers
2011978-1-903269-18-3Louise Michelle BombèrWhat About Me?: Inclusive Strategies to Support Pupils with Attachment Difficulties Make it Through the School Day
2010978-1-903269-19-0Norman SilverTemper Temper!
2011978-1-903269-20-6Virginia DunnDunn's Law Guides - Civil Litigation: Be Civil !
  ''978-1-903269-21-3Daniel A HughesIt Was That One Moment...: Dan Hughes' Poetry and Reflections on a Life of Making Relationships with Children and Young People
2013978-1-903269-22-0Louise Michelle Bomber · Daniel A. HughesSettling Troubled Pupils to Learn: Why Relationships Matter in School
2014978-1-903269-23-7Kevin StreetSchool as a Secure Base: How Peaceful Teachers Can Create Peaceful Schools
2015978-1-903269-24-4Margot SunderlandConversations That Matter: Talking with Children and Teenagers in Ways That Help
2013978-1-903269-25-1Virginia DunnDunn's Law Guides - Criminal Litigation: It's Criminal !: A Guide to Learning Criminal Litigation, Evidence and Sentencing
2016978-1-903269-26-8Alison WoolfBetter Play: Practical Strategies for Supporting Play in Schools for Children of All Ages
2015978-1-903269-28-2Louise BomberThe Attachment Aware School Series: Bridging the Gap for Troubled Pupils. Book 1: The Key Adult in School
  ''978-1-903269-29-9   ''The Attachment Aware School Series: Getting Started - Book 3: The Key Teacher in School: Bridging the Gap for Troubled Pupils
  ''978-1-903269-30-5   ''The Attachment Aware School Series: Book 2 :Getting Started - The Senior Manager -INCO/SENCO/Assistant Head:
2016978-1-903269-31-2   ''The Attachment Aware School Series: Bridging the Gap for Troubled Pupils: Getting Started - Book 4: Team Pupil in School
2016978-1-903269-32-9Louise BomberThe Attachment Aware School Series:: Book 5. The Parent and Carer in School: Bridging the Gap for Troubled Pupils
2014978-1-903269-33-6Virginia DunnDunn's Law Guides: Civil Litigation: Be Civil! A Guide to Learning Civil Litigation and Evidence 2nd Edition
2016978-1-903269-34-3Ann DixLittle Mouse Finds a Safe Place
  ''978-1-903269-35-0Virginia DunnDunn's Law Guides: Civil Litigation
2017978-1-903269-37-4Marie DelaneyAttachment for Teachers: The Essential Handbook for Trainee teachers and NQTs