Nightingale Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-903222-00-3Paul SargeantModern Guide to Hairstyles (Modern Anthropology)
  ''978-1-903222-01-0Steve HarrisModern Guide to Hats (Modern Anthropolgy)
  ''978-1-903222-02-7Paul SargeantModern Guide to Drink (Modern anthropologists series)
  ''978-1-903222-03-4   ''Modern Guide to Spectacles (Modern anthropologists series)
  ''978-1-903222-04-1Gary DexterTourist's Guide to the USA (The modern anthropologist series)
2000978-1-903222-05-8Gary DexterTourist's Guide to Europe (Modern anthropologist series)
  ''978-1-903222-06-5Simon HenryTourist's Guide to the British (The modern anthropologist series)
  ''978-1-903222-07-2Dan GoochThe Face of Desire (The one people series)
  ''978-1-903222-09-6Amy MandevilleRituals of Love (The one people series)
  ''978-1-903222-10-2Charlie WatsonBoobs and Bums (The impish verse series)
2000978-1-903222-11-9Charlie WatsonHugs and Kisses (The impish verse series)
  ''978-1-903222-12-6   ''Burps and Farts (Impish verse series)
  ''978-1-903222-13-3Mark HegartyThe Little Book of Living Green (Pocket Oracle)
  ''978-1-903222-14-0Aroon AjmeraFeng Shui and Your Home (Pocket oracle) (Pocket oracle)
  ''978-1-903222-15-7Dan FielderLittle Book of Long Life (Pocket oracle)
2000978-1-903222-16-4Ashley PomeroyThe Little Book of Living on the Edge (Pocket oracle)
  ''978-1-903222-17-1Richard CombesTao of Modern Living (Pocket oracle series)
  ''978-1-903222-18-8   ''Sugar Free Love (Pocket oracle series)
  ''978-1-903222-19-5Eve VamvasAbout My Best Friend (The whispers series)
  ''978-1-903222-20-1Kate JohnsonAbout My Boyfriend
2000978-1-903222-21-8Kate JohsonAbout My Girlfriend
  ''978-1-903222-22-5Lynn Massey-DavisThis is for You Mum! (The whispers series)
  ''978-1-903222-23-2Lee Millan · Lee MillamThis is for You Dad!
  ''978-1-903222-24-9Simon HenryThe Patient English: An Unconventional Guide to a Conventional People
  ''978-1-903222-25-6Gary Dexter · Chris NutterTrash Test Dummies: A Guide to Modern Culture
2000978-1-903222-26-3Stuart Ryan · Richard LowdellA Book for Dogs: How to Talk to Your Master
  ''978-1-903222-27-0Shelagh NugentHot Tips for the Reluctant Housewife
  ''978-1-903222-28-7S. J. HarrisA Book for Cats: How to Talk to Your Human
2001978-1-903222-29-4Luke De Saintonge · Jim LefevreA Book of Life's Firsts: A Look at Life's Milestones
2000978-1-903222-30-0Ian DicksPresent Imperfect: A Compendium of Useless Presents
2001978-1-903222-31-7Jack BlansheiRussian in Forty Lessons
978-1-903222-32-4ClearyItalian in 40 Lessons
978-1-903222-33-1HIGHGerman in 40 Lessons
2000978-1-903222-34-8Freda NewmanThe Little Book of Nutritional Widsom
  ''978-1-903222-35-5Charlotte GormanThe Little Book of Living Frugal
2001978-1-903222-36-2Richard CombesI Love Her When....
  ''978-1-903222-37-9Sally FranzI Love Him When....
2001978-1-903222-38-6Sally FranzBaby Boomer's Mini Field Guide to Menopause
  ''978-1-903222-39-3   ''Baby Boomer's Mini Field Guide to Co-dependency
2001978-1-903222-40-9Sally FranzBaby Boomer's Mini Field to Raising Teenagers (Baby Boomers Mini Field Guide)
2020978-1-903222-41-6   ''Baby Boomer's Mini Field Guide to Parents
  ''978-1-903222-42-3   ''Baby Boomer's Mini Field Guide to Ageing
  ''978-1-903222-43-0   ''Baby Boomer's Mini Field Guide to Mid-life Crisis
2001978-1-903222-44-7Counter Pack NightingaleRomance & Relationships
2000978-1-903222-45-4   ''Friends & Family
2000978-1-903222-46-1Counter Pack NightingaleThe World of the Weird,
  ''978-1-903222-47-8   ''Rude & Amusing
  ''978-1-903222-48-5   ''People Watching
2001978-1-903222-49-2   ''Pocket Book Counterpack
  ''978-1-903222-50-8   ''Make Your Own Selection
978-1-903222-51-5Spanish in 40 Lessons
2001978-1-903222-52-2Daniel FielderI Love Mum When...
2001978-1-903222-53-9Daniel FielderI Love Dad When...
978-1-903222-54-6French in 40 Lessons
2001978-1-903222-55-3Helena Owen · Clare WoodcockMen Should Never...
  ''978-1-903222-56-0Helena Owen · Clare WoodcockWomen Should Never...
  ''978-1-903222-57-7Ashley PomeroyWannabes, Geeks and Festival Freaks
2002978-1-903222-58-4Bob BirchHot Tips for Memorable Sex
978-1-903222-59-1E. ChaputThe Little Book of Poo
2001978-1-903222-60-7Counter Pack NightingaleBaby Boomer Counterpack
2002978-1-903222-68-3Philip MossThe Poor Man's Guide to Business Travel