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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-903155-00-4Florence WhiteGood Things in England: A Practical Cookery Book for Everyday Use (Persephone book)
  ''978-1-903155-01-1Judith ViorstIt's Hard to Be Hip Over Thirty ... and Other Tragedies of Married Life (1968)
2000978-1-903155-02-8E.M. Delafield · Nicola BeaumanConsequences
  ''978-1-903155-03-5Betty MillerFarewell Leicester Square
  ''978-1-903155-04-2Elizabeth BerridgeTell It to a Stranger
  ''978-1-903155-05-9Noel StreatfeildSaplings
2000978-1-903155-06-6Isobel EnglishEvery Eye
  ''978-1-903155-07-3Oriel MaletMarjory Fleming
  ''978-1-903155-08-0Dorothy WhippleThey Knew Mr.Knight
  ''978-1-903155-09-7Ruth AdamA Woman's Place: 1910-1975
  ''978-1-903155-10-3Winifred WatsonMiss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
2000978-1-903155-11-0Virginia GrahamConsider the Years 1938-1946
2001978-1-903155-12-7Amy LevyReuben Sachs
  ''978-1-903155-13-4Richmal CromptonFamily Roundabout
  ''978-1-903155-14-1Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Making of a Marchioness
  ''978-1-903155-15-8Katherine MansfieldThe Montana Stories (Persephone book)
  ''978-1-903155-16-5Susan GlaspellBrook Evans (Persephone book)
2001978-1-903155-17-2Marghanita LaskiLittle Boy Lost
  ''978-1-903155-18-9Agnes JekyllKitchen Essays: With Recipes and Their Occasions (Persephone book)
  ''978-1-903155-19-6Eleanor GrahamThe Children Who Lived in a Barn
2002978-1-903155-20-2Jocelyn PlayfairA House in the Country
  ''978-1-903155-22-6Thea HolmeThe Carlyles at Home
  ''978-1-903155-23-3Emma SmithThe Far Cry
2002978-1-903155-24-0Mollie Panter-DownesMinnie's Room: The Peacetime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes
  ''978-1-903155-25-7Denis MackailGreenery Street (Persephone book)
  ''978-1-903155-26-4Elizabeth Anna HartThe Runaway
2009978-1-903155-27-1Julia StracheyCheerful Weather for the Wedding
2002978-1-903155-28-8Julia StracheyCheerful Weather for the Wedding
2003978-1-903155-29-5Anna GmeynerManja: The Story of Five Children
  ''978-1-903155-30-1Dorothy WhippleThe Priory
  ''978-1-903155-31-8Elizabeth CambridgeHostages to Fortune
2003978-1-903155-32-5Elisabeth Sanxay HoldingThe Blank Wall
  ''978-1-903155-33-2Leonard WoolfThe Wise Virgins: A Story of Words, Opinions and a Few Emotions
  ''978-1-903155-35-6Ambrose HeathGood Food on the Aga
  ''978-1-903155-36-3Barbara Euphan Todd · Wendy PollardMiss Ranskill Comes Home
2004978-1-903155-37-0Lettice Cooper · Jilly CooperThe New House
  ''978-1-903155-38-7Margaret Bonham · Cary BazalgetteThe Casino
2004978-1-903155-39-4Helen AshtonBricks and Mortar
  ''978-1-903155-40-0Hilda BernsteinThe World That Was Ours (Persephone Classics)
  ''978-1-903155-41-7Duff CooperOperation Heartbreak
  ''978-1-903155-42-4Marghanita LaskiThe Village
  ''978-1-903155-43-1Ruby FergusonLady Rose and Mrs Memmary
2005978-1-903155-46-2Dorothy WhippleThey Were Sisters
2005978-1-903155-47-9Ethel WilsonHetty Dorval
  ''978-1-903155-48-6RC SherriffThe Hopkins Manuscript
  ''978-1-903155-51-6Mary Vivian HughesA London Child of the 1870s
  ''978-1-903155-52-3Kay Smallshaw · Christina HardymentHow to Run Your Home without Help
2006978-1-903155-54-7Diana GardnerThe Woman Novelist and Other Stories
  ''978-1-903155-57-8R. C. SherriffThe Fortnight in September
2006978-1-903155-58-5Dorothy B. HughesThe Expendable Man
  ''978-1-903155-59-2Katherine MansfieldJournal
  ''978-1-903155-60-8Patience Gray · Primrose BoydPlats du Jour
2007978-1-903155-61-5Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Shuttle
  ''978-1-903155-62-2Winifred PeckHouse-Bound
  ''978-1-903155-63-9Edith Henrietta FowlerThe Young Pretenders
2007978-1-903155-64-6Dorothy WhippleThe Closed Door and Other Stories
  ''978-1-903155-65-3Mathilde Wolff-MonckebergOn the Other Side: Letters to My Children from Germany 1940 -46
2008978-1-903155-66-0Winifred HoltbyThe Crowded Street
  ''978-1-903155-67-7Penelope MortimerDaddy's Gone A-Hunting
  ''978-1-903155-68-4Nicola BeaumanA Very Great Profession: The Woman's Novel 1914-39
  ''978-1-903155-69-1Maud Pember ReevesRound About a Pound a Week
2008978-1-903155-71-4D.E. StevensonMiss Buncle's Book
2009978-1-903155-73-8Christine LongfordMaking Conversation
  ''978-1-903155-75-2Dorothy Whipple · Jane BrocketHigh Wages
  ''978-1-903155-76-9Marghanita Laski · Juliet GardinerTo Bed with Grand Music
2010978-1-903155-77-6Irene NemirovskyDimanche and Other Stories
  ''978-1-903155-78-3Beth GutcheonStill Missing
  ''978-1-903155-79-0Merryn WilliamsThe Mystery of Mrs Blencarrow: Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamund
2010978-1-903155-80-6Monica Dickens · A. S. ByattThe Winds of Heaven
2011978-1-903155-81-3D. E. StevensonMiss Buncle Married
  ''978-1-903155-82-0Diana AthillMidsummer Night in the Workhouse
  ''978-1-903155-84-4Constance Maud · Lydia FellgettNo Surrender
  ''978-1-903155-85-1Dorothy Whipple · Charles LockGreenbanks
2012978-1-903155-87-5Elizabeth Jenkins · Rachel CookeHarriet
2013978-1-903155-92-9Elisabeth de Waal · Edmund De WaalThe Exiles Return
2014978-1-903155-96-7Eugenia Ginzburg · Rodric BraithwaiteInto the Whirlwind
  ''978-1-903155-98-1Rosalind Murray · Charlotte MitchellThe Happy Tree